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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Tim Hague: UFC 98′s New Guy

Unlike recent UFC events that have featured a horde of fresh talent, there’s only going to be one [...]

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Videos: DREAM ‘Super Hulk Tournament’ Promo, The Serravlog Takes Manhattan + More

(Props: BloodyElbow) At least DREAM knows that their "Super Hulk Tournament" is [...]

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Soto Upsets Reis, Reyes KTFO’s Payan in Bellator Featherweight Semis

(Another Bellator show, another epic finish. Yahir Reyes FTW. Video courtesy of Fighting Championships‘ sixth [...]

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The Santino Defranco ‘TUF 9′ Blog #5: Booze-Lag

In which Santino calls B.S. on Michael Bisping‘s jet-lag excuse, shares some insight on Frank Lester [...]

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Video: A Little Taste of Dana White on ESPN “E:60″

Here’s a preview of the segment ESPN’s "E:60" program put together on UFC president Dana White.  DW told Steve Cofield [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(KingAtRock gives us another awesome highlight vid. No one really knows what his weaknesses are.)- Excited about the [...]

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Tom Atencio Got Mad Squabbles, Kid

(Check out the high kick from Tom at the end.  It sure freaked the cameraman [...]

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Gomi, Ishida, Sato, Fujii In Action This Weekend at ‘Shooto Tradition Final’

(Megumi Fujii: 52 kilos of walking death.) Yeah, we pretty much slept on this card since Read More

Heads Up, Potato Nation: Commenter Registration Starts Now!

(Can’t we all just get along?)Ah, fighting. When it’s done by highly-skilled mixed martial artists in a regulated environment (or [...]

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Is Bob Reilly a Liar, On Top Of Everything Else?

(When this charming bastard speaks to a group of women, that sound you hear after he’s done ain’t nothing but [...]

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UFC President Dana White Calls John Hackleman A Scumbag, In So Many Words

So remember that “war” that UFC president Dana White promised to wage if Chuck Liddell opted [...]

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Matt Serra UFC 98 Vlog #2: The Terra’s Trip to the Bahba

(Props: BloodyElbow)Matt Serra gives us even more Long Island flava with this lastest installment of his [...]

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Randleman Accepts Whitehead Fight at “Lawler vs. Shields”

(By the way, it’s perfectly natural to have thighs like that. Diet and exercise, people.)After announcing that he would Read More

Quick Hits: MMA and Dr. Phil, Wolff Talks Beatdown, + More

(Did you know that "MMA Fix" from is on actual TV in Canada [...]

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The UFC Announces a Chuck Liddell Clearance Sale

(15% off that creepy Chuck cut-out?  Why, I’d be losing money if I didn’t buy it!)Subtlety has never been something [...]

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UFC Highlight Videos: “Life in Technicolor,” “Lyoto Machida: The World Warrior”

(Props: CRE)The best UFC highlight-reel of the week comes from BH, who [...]

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UFC Hall of Fame to Induct Two New Members in July

(Hint: It’s these guys.)MMA Fanhouse tips us that two new names will be added to the Read More

Shaq Is Not Going to Fight Chuck Liddell, ESPN Lady

ESPN "First Take" brought Shaquille O’Neal’s personal trainer on so he could talk about the Diesel’s MMA training [...]

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Photo Evidence: Anderson Silva Trains Rich Franklin to Beat Wanderlei’s Pretentious Ass

(Props: these guys, who should really look into a less obnoxious watermark for their photos. Just saying.)Well, Read More

The Ultimate Fighter 9.6 Recap: Isn’t It Ironic?

The Ultimate Fighter 9 – Episode 6 Submissions – Watch more Funny Videos When Michael [...]

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Pics: Gina Carano Cleans Up Nice, Arianny Celeste’s Personal Stash

(Photos courtesy of YRB via MMAFightGirls. Click all pics for larger versions.)“I fought [...]

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Video Break: The Grappling Hour

Man, all this talk about boxers doing MMA is almost enough to make [...]

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Rumor of the Day: Rampage to Sleep Through Another Season as TUF Coach?

(And still…the undisputed king…of the pre-fight mean-mug!)Here’s some good news for those of you who can’t get enough of Read More

Strikeforce Will Take That Boxing Champ If You’re Not Gonna Use Him

(Hey look, Roy Jones Jr. set his Wikipedia page to music! Props to Sagiv Lapkin)The UFC [...]

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UFC Video Blogs: Matt Serra Got That Breast Milk, BJ Penn Endorses the San Clemente Inn

(Props: MMA Fanhouse) With Dana slowly transitioning out of his web [...]

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Is Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anderson Silva Really Bad For MMA, Or Just Bad For The UFC?

(Always bringing his cock out at the most inappropriate moments.)Here’s how badly Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight UFC middleweight [...]

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Howard Davis Jr.: Chuck Liddell Should Take a Year Off, Retirement Decision Should Be His to Make

ATT boxing coach Howard Davis Jr. talks Chuck Liddells retireme – Watch more Funny VideosAmerican Top Team boxing [...]

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The 7 Biggest UFC Busts of All Time


(Photo via Paul Thacker.)

A five-time King of the Cage lightweight champion with appearances in PRIDE [...]

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Villasenor, Santos, Gurgel Booked for June Strikeforce ‘Challengers’ Card

(This Cyborg, not this one. Photo courtesy of Strikeforce‘s roster isn’t [...]

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Exclusive: Benji Radach Explains Why He’s Appealing His TKO Loss to Scott Smith

(Fence grab is at 10:18, the alleged illegal blow comes at 17:25. Props: MMA Share.) Benji Radach has [...]

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