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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Question of the Day: Can “Shogun” Rua Seize His Last Chance to Show Up In Shape?

(ESPN talks redemption with "Shogun" Rua.) While much has been made about Read More

UFC 97: The New Guys

(Foupa-Pokam’s most recent fight, against Kyacey Uscola at PFC 12 in January. The KO comes at the video’s 8:12 [...]

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“Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz” Was One Big Hate-Fest

(From Sherdog via MMA Scraps) Renato Sobral — possibly [...]

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Affliction Not Going Out On The Divine Wind After All

(When you want to get rid of a bunch of cash in a hurry, but don’t want to deal with [...]

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Commoners Priced Out of UFC 100

As you may have heard already, UFC 100 sold out in record time with all the tickets being [...]

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“Simply Believe” Memorial Service: Tomorrow in Garden Grove, CA

From memorial service, “’Simply Believe’: A Celebration of Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Jr.,” is set for [...]

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Wilson Reis, Lymon Good Stay Undefeated at Bellator II; Semi-Final Brackets Taking Shape

(Wilson Reis vs. Henry Martinez)If you’re one of the proud, multi-lingual subscribers of ESPN Deportes, this is old [...]

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The Potato Index: Strikeforce Aftermath

(Alas, Shamrock’s pleas for Diaz to "mellow out" were all in vain.  Photo courtesy of’s first offering [...]

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MMA and Porn: The Perfect Marriage

(Step 1: Lock in armbar. Step 2: Give camera sultry look. Step 3: Call parents and tell them community college [...]

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Videos: Chuck Liddell Does One of Those Video-Blog Things, Dan Quinn Proves Himself to Be the Angel Maitreya

(Props: MMA Scraps) With Dana White laying low for a while, [...]

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‘angry little feet’ Kicks All Our Asses in the No Fear/Strikeforce Pick ‘Em Contest

(If only you had some of that No Fear Bloodshot energy drink in your corner, Frank. The second round would [...]

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Video Interviews: Nick Diaz, Tito Ortiz, Royce Gracie

Nick Diaz Interview – Watch more Funny Videos Our good buddy Ariel Helwani [...]

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“Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz” Main Card Fight Videos

(Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock, round 1) (Nick Diaz vs. Frank Shamrock, [...]

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“Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz” — The Aftermath

("Y’know, I used to box a little myself. Say, do you party?" Photo courtesy of this great [...]

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Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz – Blow by Blow

(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin at You might also want to check out "Cyborg" Santos’s [...]

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Cage Potato Is Officially Too Gangsta For the HP Pavilion

Our friend Ariel Helwani is at San Jose’s HP Pavilion to cover tonight’s Strikeforce event for, and [...]

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Cyborg/Girlfight Monster Bout Back On Thanks to Late-Night Negotiations

Josh Barnett Interview – Watch more Funny VideosAfter all the drama at yesterday’s weigh-in and the madness that [...]

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Videos: Alistair Overeem Talks Next Title Defense, Hints at Affliction Fighters Coming to Strikeforce

Alistair Overeem Interview – Watch more Funny Videos Our friend Ariel Helwani [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(You think you know where this is going, but the end may surprise you.)- "Cyborg" Santos having trouble at Strikeforce [...]

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The No Fear/Strikeforce Pick ‘Em Contest: Our Turn

If you haven’t already, you best hurry up and get your picks in for our No Fear/Strikeforce pick [...]

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Cesar Gracie Has a Message For All the Kids Out There, Re: Nick Diaz’s Pot Smoking

(Will fight for munchies.)Eager to get a sane perspective on Nick Diaz’s unapologetic love of weed, Read More

Videos: Jake Shields Beats Down a Bully, Chuck Liddell Bullies a Bag

On this Sunday’s episode of Bully Beatdown (MTV, 9:30pm ET/PT) Jake [...]

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Even More Strikeforce Notes: Galvao, Couture, Shamrock + More

(Frank Shamrock and Mauro Ranallo trade places. Ranallo is chubby. Frank has braces. Hilarity *almost* ensues.)— After jiu-jitsu badass [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: Strikeforce – Diaz vs. Shamrock Edition

(Someone should tell Nick that in some cultures they consider that an insult.)As Strikeforce’s Showtime debut closes in on us [...]

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Frank Shamrock Exclusive: Nick Diaz Is Scared, I’ll Knock Him Out in the First Round

(‘Can’t let a day go by without me being fly, fresh to death.’)If there’s one thing Read More

Kid Yamamoto to Return (Finally) at DREAM.9; ‘Superdreadnought’ Matches Also Featured

(Kid Yamamoto highlight reel, y’all. Bounce ta dis.) As previously rumored, former K-1 HERO’s champ and Read More

UFC 100 Lineup Nearly Complete

(Photo courtesy of UFC has officially announced five bouts for the supporting card of their [...]

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Why Does Forrest Griffin Have a Book Coming Out?

Nothing against Forrest Griffin here.  He seems like a genuinely good guy and hard-working fighter.  But he is [...]

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The Don Frye YAMMA Promos You Never Saw

As The Fight Nerd reminds us, this weekend marks one year since the [...]

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The Santino Defranco ‘TUF 9′ Blog #1: “Don’t Give Up! FIGHT MAN!”

Like Gerald Harris and Efrain Escudero before him, Team USA lightweight Santino Defranco has [...]

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