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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Is Cole Miller Underestimating Junie Browning?

Apparently Cole Miller’s mother never told him that if you don’t have something nice to say [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC Fight Night 18

(You didn’t think Martin Kampmann’s eyebrows always looked so perfect by accident, did you?)When last we left the Read More

The 10 Worst Commentary Moments in MMA History

#10: Frank Trigg‘s stunned disbelief Affliction: Banned, 7/19/08 It’s not that Trigg’s reaction when [...]

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The 10 Fastest & Most Furious Knockouts of All Time: Villasenor vs. Weiss

#3: Joey Villasenor vs. Hank Weiss @ King of the Cage: New Mexico (8/28/04), [...]

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Quick Hits: Sanchez/Guida, Cavalcante/Kawajiri, Lashley’s Non-Fight, + More

(Whaddaya know, Josh Barnett owns a suit.) – The rumored Clay Guida/Diego Sanchez [...]

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“Bully Beatdown” Episode 2: The Redistribution of Wealth

Bully BeatdownMTV Shows All [...]

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Videos: Newton vs. Khatib, Manhoef vs. Maeda, Alexander vs. Test Dummy

(Props: Bloody Elbow) MMA pioneer Carlos Newton returned to the ‘W’ [...]

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Sylvia/Mercer Boxing Match Moved to Lawless, Unregulated Wasteland

(Unfortunately, Ray Mercer won’t be this star-struck. Photo courtesy of Land Sharks.)When we reported that the Read More

Matt Hamill and Brandon Vera Will See Who Gets to Celebrate Like a Jerk at UFC 101

(‘Okay, quit messing around now.  Where’s the rest of my paycheck?’)Give the UFC credit, they can spot a nascent, kind-of-but-not-really [...]

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Video: Aleks Emelianenko Eats a Right Hand, Dodges a Bullet

(Props: MMA Fanhouse)As a footnote to his essay about leaving Red Devil and being totally cleared [...]

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‘UFC Fight Night: Condit vs. Kampmann’ — The New Guys

(That pile of bricks used to be a building until Carlos mean-mugged it. Photo courtesy of DeMattos.) [...]

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The 10 Fastest & Most Furious Knockouts of All Time: Gomi vs. Gracie

#4: Takanori Gomi vs. Ralph Gracie @ PRIDE Bushido 3 (5/23/04), 6 seconds Known [...]

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Josh Barnett and Roger Huerta Don’t Know What the Hell Is Going On

(How can Josh be thinking about a fight with Fedor when his loss to Gunma Devil is still unavenged? Photos [...]

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Penn Claims Florian Fight Is On For UFC 101 in Philly

(Time to "kill that master"? Photos courtesy of GrapplingStore and MMASplatter.) According to a [...]

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The 10 Fastest & Most Furious MMA Knockouts of All Time: Goulet vs. Brown

#5: Jonathan Goulet vs Joey Brown @ TKO 17 (9/25/04), 7 seconds He calls [...]

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Source: Demian Maia to Get Next Middleweight Title Shot, Possibly in August

A source close to the camp of UFC middleweight contender Demian Maia has informed Cage Potato that the [...]

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Video: Remy Bonjasky vs. Alistair Overeem

(Round one.  Rounds two and three are after the jump.) A monstrous-looking Alistair Overeem lost [...]

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The 10 Fastest & Most Furious Knockouts of All Time: Irvin vs. Alexander

#6: James Irvin vs. Houston Alexander @ UFC Fight Night 14 (4/2/08), 8 seconds [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(Chuck Liddell puts on gladiator gear and punches stuff.  Props: MMA Fanhouse.)- Jake Shields tosses some [...]

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In Defense of the WAMMA Rankings

(I’m sure it looks great on the wall next to Fedor’s prized "Wizard of Oz" commemorative plates.)As you [...]

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Set Your DVRs: Alistair Overeem vs. Remy Bonjasky at K-1 World GP 2009, Late Tonight

(Alistair Overeem presents Remy Bonjasky with the K-1 Oscar for "Best Acting" at [...]

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FML Alert: ‘Dean of Mean’ Is the 82nd-Ugliest Man in the World

(Yet another sign of’s cultural prevalence: Our name is now being used as a pun to snap on Keith [...]

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Exclusive: Big John McCarthy Talks MMA Evolution, Stand-Ups, + More

This week Sports Illustrated Online is looking at refereeing issues in mixed martial arts (you can read Read More

Correction: This is the Greatest Knockout Ever

Many of you disagreed with our description of yesterday’s cartwheel kick knockout as “the greatest KO [...]

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Fight Booking News: Mousasi/Sokoudjou, Lutter/Lister + More

("Just out of curiosity, what’s up now, bitch?" Mousasi surveys the wreckage of the similarly-named Musashi in their [...]

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The 10 Fastest & Most Furious Knockouts of All Time: Willems vs. Nakila

#7: Chris Willems vs. Akoni Nakila @ Rumble on the Rock Beatdown 4 (7/14/07), [...]

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Barnett Confronts Aleks Re: Shit-Talking, Take Two

(Making mean faces and threatening gestures isn’t just a hobby for Barnett, it’s a lifestyle.) Despite the language barrier [...]

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Videos: “MMA Live,” the Greatest KO Ever

Hey, look who’s on "MMA Live."  Why, it’s Mike Chiapetta, who you might [...]

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Bob Sapp, Start Working on Your Oscar Speech!

(Props: Fightlinker)Bob Sapp has lent his hulking, cartoonish presence to such critically acclaimed films as Read More

DREAM 8′s Lineup Isn’t Looking Too Awesome

("I used to be an AFC like Shinya. Now that I’ve learned the Mystery Method, [...]

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