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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



Fight Night 89 Results/Highlights: Thompson Outguns MacDonald, Cerrone...

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Georges St. Pierre Also Has the Pound-for-Pound Best Paycheck at UFC 94

(Photo courtesy of MMAWeekly.)The UFC paid out a hearty $1,252,000 in disclosed salaries and bonuses for Read More

UFC 94 Aftermath: Bonuses, Title Shots + More

    (GSP’s brilliant Superman-jab, and Jon Jones’ spinning elbow to the back of Stephan Bonnar’s head, which caused Joe Silva [...]

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B.J. Penn’s Camp Files Formal Complaint Over Vaseline on St. Pierre’s Back Between Rounds

B.J. Penn’s camp has filed a formal complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission over Vaseline that was allegedly rubbed [...]

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UFC 94: Livebloggin’ to the Death, and We Are Not Joking About This

(Gono‘s Afro wig gives Fitch much happiness.  Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)The MGM Grand [...]

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Wait a Minute, The “Buffer Turn” Was Created by Accident?

Watch BRUCE BUFFER Talks UFC 94 BJ PENN VS GSP on RawVegas.tvUpon first hearing this story of the genesis [...]

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Video: Gina Carano is to Bruce Lee as is to Bob Dylan

This is a Pepsi commercial that will air during the Super Bowl.  From the looks of it, the [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(ESPN‘s "MMA Live" previews UFC 94.)- Ben Goldstein’s picks for the UFC 94 Betstravaganza. ( Matt [...]

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UFC 94 Weigh-In Report

(Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)The MGM Grand Garden Arena was a packed house for this afternoon’s UFC 94 [...]

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CagePotato Comments of the Week

(Gegard Mousasi accidentally interrupts Tito Ortiz’s brilliance at "Day of Reckoning" last Saturday. No, this has [...]

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Exclusive Interview: Joe Rogan

(Photo courtesy of We called up Joe Rogan earlier this week hoping to shoot the [...]

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(Mis)Adventures in Vegas: UFC 94 Scene Report

(Just try and ignore it, passing motorists.)Today is my lucky day, Potato Nation.  Here I am in Vegas for UFC [...]

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UFC Not So Sure Karo Parisyan Will Show Up

(Karo suddenly remembers that "Overboard" is on TNT tonight, and immediately wishes he had stayed home. Oh, that Goldie Hawn.)When [...]

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Helio Gracie Buried in Petropolis

(Rolker and Royce Gracie pay their last respects to their father. Photos courtesy of Sherdog.)Less than 10 hours [...]

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Atenicio Denies Rumors That Affliction MMA Is Finished

(Props: CombatLifestyle) BloodyElbow kicked up a lot of dust last night when they published [...]

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UFC 94 Afterparty…IN HELL!!!

(Props: UFC‘s e-mail newsletter)If you’ll be in Las Vegas for tomorrow night’s fights, don’t forget to [...]

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UFC 94 Danablog #4, + the Return of the Pick-em Contest

You know, it’s nice that even as hard as Dana White works he still finds time for a [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 94

(‘Hope you got that camera turned on, ’cause I ain’t doing this shit again.’)Looks like “running the rock” wasn’t enough [...]

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Videos: GSP vs. BJ in ‘Undisputed,’ Diaz and Guida Exchange Words + More

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Ben vs. Ben: UFC 94 Edition

(And his tailor’s better, too. Photo courtesy of, and welcome to another installment of "Ben vs. Ben." With [...]

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MacDonald/Quarry, Cane/Cantwell and More Added to UFC 97

(Nate Quarry [left] shows off the move that made him famous. Photo courtesy of The UFC [...]

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BJJ Co-Founder Helio Gracie, 95, Passes Away in Rio

(Rest in peace.)Sad, sad news for students and fans of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From master Helio Gracie died [...]

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Faking Or Not, Jamie Varner Was Pretty Effed Up

(F*ckin’ boo him.)WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner may have won a grueling title defense against Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone [...]

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‘UFC Primetime’ Episode 3: Just the Important Stuff

The Penn/St. Pierre chapter of UFC Primetime came to an end last night, with both fighters wrapping up their training camps [...]

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Oh Yeah, Jon Fitch is on the UFC 94 Undercard

Watch Jon Fitch On His UFC 94 Bout on This video from MMA Fix relates [...]

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Videos: UFC 94 Danablog #3, Jerry Millen Cries Out for Attention, + More

Dana White’s UFC 94 video blog, episode 3 – Watch more free videos Dana [...]

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Video: Lyoto Machida’s Spirit Is Ready (And He Will Not Be Touched)

(Courtesy of anybody else feel sorry for Thiago Silva after watching this video of Read More

Vote to Legalize MMA in New York Postponed

(Think of it this way, New York legislators: Every time you stall on the vote, you’re robbing Mandy Moore of [...]

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My God, This MMA Romance Novel

Perhaps this is a sign that MMA has truly hit the mainstream, although it’s enough to make you wish it [...]

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Larry Merchant Attempts to Explain $5 Million Claim, Makes Himself Seem Kind of Pathetic

(‘Lying is such a negative word.  I prefer to call it efficient storytelling.’)By all accounts, HBO boxing commentator Larry Merchant’s [...]

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Jeff Monson Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Vandalism

(Photo courtesy of damning visual evidence, Jeff Monson pled not guilty yesterday to [...]

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