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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Teddy Atlas Says UFC Isn’t “a Pimple on the Ass of Boxing”

(Calmly explaining the Atlas philosophy: Life is generally bullshit.)Michael David Smith talked to legendary boxing trainer and analyst [...]

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Videos: Greg Jackson Contemplates “The Beauty of The Truth” + More

In this clip from “Inside MMA” trainer Greg Jackson is asked about comments from Dana [...]

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Jared Shaw Googles Himself, Doesn’t Like What He Sees

(Props: CageToday and "Juggo") Our bro Ariel Helwani has landed his first big "get" [...]

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Kiril Sidelnikov, Of All People, Tests Positive for Steroids

(Yeah, the doughy dude on the left. Crazy. Photo courtesy of Esther Lin.)Bad news via MMA [...]

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Here It Is, Your Moment of Zen…

(Props: "Card" on the UG. Lots more robo-scraps here.)Are you sitting down? Good — prepare [...]

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It Is All Over! Your Fight Magazine/Cage Potato VIP Party Contest Winners Are…

It wasn’t easy, but we’ve poured through your entries and selected the two we liked best to join [...]

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Nicht Schlect: Franklin vs. Silva Ist Der Main Event at UFC 99

(Sometimes Wanderlei uses Lil’ Wanderlei to say things he can’t, such as ‘I’m sorry,’ and ‘I love you,’ and ‘What’s [...]

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Videos: Danavlog 96.1, “From Russia With Love”

"Here we go. Bloggin’ again." So says Dana White after he and Lorenzo sell some snake oil to a [...]

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It’s Official: Lesnar vs. Mir 2 @ UFC 98 on May 23rd

(Image courtesy of the UFC.)From a new bulletin on Vegas, NV (USA) – Long considered [...]

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Oh Hell No: Ken Shamrock to Face Bobby Lashley in Epic Squash Match?

(This must be what Bizarro World Ross Clifton looks like.)Forget about the Ken Shamrock-Tank Abbott bout [...]

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Warning: Fight Magazine/Cage Potato Party Essay Contest Ends Tomorrow!

Many of you have already submitted your entries to the Fight! Magazine/Cage Potato Pre-UFC 96 VIP party contest.  [...]

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Shinya Aoki: Ugly Schoolgirl

(Photos courtesy of DreamOfficial via BloodyElbow)How does one say "no homo" in Japanese? Shinya Read More

Videos: Werdum Wants Kimbo, Galvao’s Off-Camera Seizure + More

(Props: World of MMA)File under: Things that would be kind of amazing, but don’t have the slightest chance [...]

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Look Who’s Employed Again

  When Ariel Helwani informed us that he was leaving MMA Rated – once the [...]

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Betting Post-Mortem: WEC 39

(There’s my boy.  Photo courtesy of some of you have noted in the comments to our Read More

Dana White to Boston: “Jump Around, F*ckers”

(Dee-Dubs hangs out at Wasted Space with House of Pain’s DJ Lethal [top] and Everlast [in hat]. [...]

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Brown Smokes Garcia, Aldo and McCullough Score Wins at WEC 39

(Brown vs. Garcia) If you didn’t believe it after he pulled out a first-round TKO over Urijah [...]

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Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Wilson @ UFC 98 in May

Josh Koscheck isn’t letting a shocking upset slow down his brisk competition schedule. MMA [...]

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If You’re Interested: War Machine vs. Guillaume De Lorenzi @ XMMA 7

(Props: Bloody Elbow)As mentioned yesterday, War Machine won his bout against the previously-undefeated Guillaume [...]

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Kimbo Goes to Gitmo

("Say ‘Seth Petruzelli’ again. I dare you. I double-dare you, motherfucker." Props: The Garv. Click for [...]

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Weekend Quick Hits: War Machine Wins, Swick Gets an Opponent, Rahman Is Screwing With Us

(War Machine slips into a brief trance.  This is why we say no flash photography around him, people.)- Competing at [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(Video game Cheick Kongo is terrifying. Maybe even more so than actual Cheick Kongo. Image courtesy of [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: WEC 39

(Mike Brown prays to Krom for victory.  But if Krom does not help, then to hell with him, Brown will [...]

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Videos: Shamrock vs. Trejo, Dollaway vs. Bader + More

(Props: "hubris" on the UG)What you’re about to see is a highlight-reel of sorts from a 1998 flick [...]

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CagePotato Comments of the Week

(Arianny Celeste, pre-airbrushing.)LAS on "How’s Taste My Clay-Pee-Pee?": This will be the best toy ever for [...]

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Free Jiu-Jitsu For the Unemployed

(‘Crank my neck all you want…I still say…a strategy that involves nationalizing banks…is untenable…over a long period of time.’)Now here’s [...]

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Rude Boy, We Hardly Knew Ye

(Unfortunately the beating wasn’t the worst thing to come out of UFC 95 for Mandaloniz.  Photo courtesy of Read More

War Watch: Machine Fights “Il Toro” Tonight in Montreal

(Image courtesy of at least there’s one brave, honest MMA organization left in the world that’s willing [...]

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Hasim Rahman Wants to Follow In Kimbo’s Footsteps

(Rahman snatches the WBC/IBF/IBO heavyweight boxing titles with his fifth-round KO of Lennox Lewis in April [...]

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Videos: GSP’s Breathing Technique, “MMA Live,” + More

Georges St. Pierre’s Breathing Technique – Watch more free videos This is the "video [...]

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