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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



Fight Night 89 Results/Highlights: Thompson Outguns MacDonald, Cerrone...

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Compared to This, MMA Fighters Have It Easy

(If you really wanted him dead, couldn’t you just wait for the inevitable heart attack?  Probably won’t be long now…)You [...]

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Rumor of the Day: Antonio Silva vs. Aleksander Emelianenko @ Sengoku?

(Eric Pele gets ready to hand Antonio Silva his only career loss at a Bodog Fight event in December 2006. [...]

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Kyra Gracie in VIP Magazine (pics)

Mad props to Kronk on the UG for pointing out these amazing pics of [...]

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A Fix For TUF 9 Is Right Under the UFC’s Nose

(High on the list of the last places you want to see Demian Maia: mounted on top of you.  Photo [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 93

(Anyone else feeling suddenly very uncomfortable?)Odds for the five televised bouts at UFC 93 are out on all the big [...]

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Forrest Griffin Out for Most of ’09 With Hand Injury

(Not his finest moment. Photo courtesy of UFC 92, deposed light-heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin Read More

Affliction Video Hype: Arlovski’s Entourage, Barnett vs. Yvel Preview

If the purpose of Arlovski 360 is to get fans to relate to Read More

Book Review: Blood in the Cage, by L. Jon Wertheim

(Photo courtesy of is both a very good and very difficult time to write a book about [...]

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Affliction Loses Hominick, Defends Yvel as DoR Draws Near

(Running around shirtless like that, it’s no wonder he got sick.  A little chicken soup will fix you right up, [...]

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Fight of the Day: Razor vs. Cowboy

Even though it never made it onto the broadcast of WEC 36 — [...]

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Bader Draws Former UFC Heavyweight for First Post-TUF Appearance

(Carmelo Marrero winds up to club Rafael Real at a WCO event in November 2007. Photo courtesy of Read More

Videos: UFC Primetime Preview, Dana White Vlog #2

UFC Primetime on Spike If you’re watching this preview of "UFC Primetime" — the [...]

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The Great Cage Potato UFC 93 Pick-em Contest

(You’re never too old for toys. Courtesy of the good people at Round 5.)Okay, we’ve heard just about [...]

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Affliction Faces Its Own “Day of Reckoning”

(Hey, at least you’ll get to keep those totally sweet t-shirts…)You may have completely forgotten about it because there’s been [...]

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UFC 93: The New Guys

(Denis Kang: There can be only one. Photo courtesy of From international stars to local [...]

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Videos: UFC 93 Countdown + Danablog #1

(Props: BloodyElbow) Though it won’t be televised in the U.S. for some inexplicable [...]

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Matt Hughes and Matt Serra to Settle Personal/Cultural Differences in May

(Is that an Under Armour coat?  Wouldn’t that be more like Outer Armour?  Or just Armour?  I’m confused.)According to Read More

Friday Link Dump

(It was going fine until the 1:57 mark. Then things get really uncomfortable.)- Affliction can’t stop talking about how awesome [...]

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War Machine Found a Job

(Herb Dean applies some tricks he learned in his fraternity days on a choked-out War Machine.  Shhh, it’s okay, sweetie.  [...]

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CagePotato Comments of the Week

(UFC 97: Big Building vs. Lightning Bolt. Tickets now available at, sorry we haven’t done t-shirt giveaways in a [...]

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Junie Browning to Face Cole Miller in April + More UFC Fight Bookings

(Another otherwise-lovely photo ruined by red-eye. Props to 8′s man-you-love-to-hate is close to finalizing his next Octagon [...]

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Ask the Potato

(Respect the tights, or lose the fight.)Man, you people do have inquisitive minds, don’t you?  Not only do you have [...]

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Videos: Rampage Pleads, Shogun Trains

“Who knew that not sleeping and not eating could mess with your mental state?” says “Rampage” [...]

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Exclusive Interview: Mark Coleman Talks UFC Return

(Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)It came as no surprise to MMA fans when Mark Coleman was [...]

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Huerta Turns Down UFC Contract Extension to Pursue Acting and Modeling

(Who could forget Roger’s haunting performance as Edward Wooferhands? Image courtesy of Orion Car Audio.)Shocking news from [...]

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Exclusive: Greg Jackson Talks Nipple Tweaks, GSP-Penn II, and More

(Photo courtesy of Jackson wants to get one thing straight: he did not start the Read More

Fight! Magazine Caption Contest #2: Winners!

Hey, alright! A big thanks to everybody who signed up for our forums to compete in Read More

Rampage Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving/Evading, Gets Community Service

(We know what you’re going to ask, and the answer is "very well, and on a big pile of money.") Read More

Affliction’s Atencio Hints at Gilbert Yvel Backup Plan

(When you absolutely, positively need someone who will poke you repeatedly in the eye, there really is no substitute.)While there [...]

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Keith Jardine vs. Luis Cane: Who Ya Got?

(Cane vs. Sokoudjou, round 2.) According to, UFC light-heavyweight Keith Jardine will take on Brazilian [...]

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