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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Exclusive Interview: UFC Octagon Girl Logan Stanton

          (Images courtesy of IZON ModelsFightlinker, and MMAFightGirls.) [...]

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“UFC Primetime” Ratings May Justify Expense

(‘To the death, Georges.  To the death.  Right after I get back from vacation.’)As if you couldn’t tell from the [...]

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Videos: Danablog #4, Inside MMA Preview

Dana White’s UFC 93 video blog, episode 4 – Watch more free videos We [...]

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UFC Quick Hits: Koscheck, Penn, Guillard, + More

(Photo courtesy of FightNewsExtra.)— Josh Koscheck, who faces Paulo Thiago at UFC 95 on [...]

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Video: Fedor vs. Andrei In-Depth

According to our current poll, about 75% of you think Fedor Emelianenko is [...]

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Exclusive: Chris Lytle Just Wants You to Know He’s Worth Your Pay-Per-View Dollar

(‘Stand and bang, you say?  Why not.’)With all the talk from Marcus Davis about gentleman’s agreements [...]

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Exclusive: Marcus Davis Discusses His Plan for an Epic War with Chris Lytle at UFC 93

(Demonstrating one half of his stand-and-bang plan.)If you’re an MMA fan with access to the internet (and the fact that [...]

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Jeff Monson Faces 10 Years for “First-Degree Malicious Mischief”

 (Photo courtesy of ESPN The Magazine via Fightlinker.)According to The Olympian, a warrant has [...]

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‘UFC Primetime’ Episode 1 Recap

(Hilo dogs are broke-ass.)We open with the hair-raising voice of punk-legend/TV host Henry Rollins:"They are bitter [...]

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Look Out World, Cro Cop Has Been Repaired

(‘You think I read book, but really in here is nudie magazine.’)Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic has [...]

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UFC 94 Sold Out, GSP on Men’s Fitness Cover

(Props: MMA Payout)According to a press release sent out earlier this afternoon, UFC 94 in Las Vegas on [...]

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Evans vs. Jackson Possible for UFC 96

(Rashad’s match with Rampage won’t be nearly this friendly.)We’re less than two months out from UFC 96 (March 7th, Columbus), [...]

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Videos: Danablog #3, Belcher-Kang, + More Affliction Hype

Dana White’s UFC 93 video blog, episode 3 – Watch more free videos Dana [...]

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N.Y. Assemblyman Explains Opposition to MMA, Reveals Himself to Be Uncommonly Stupid

(A man who never lets the facts influence how he thinks.)New York State Assemblyman Bob Reilly is doing his best [...]

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UFC 94 Poster: Pure Win

(Even more badass than AVP. Props: TheGARV)It’s good to see the UFC stepping up their poster-game. The [...]

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Quote of the Day: Anthony Johnson Isn’t the World’s Biggest Matt Hughes Fan

(Rumble celebrates his ferocious Speer-ownage at UFC Fight Night 13 last April. Photo courtesy of NBC [...]

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EliteXC Fighters Threaten to File Formal Complaint If Not Released From Contracts

(‘Let my people go!’)EliteXC fighters have apparently had enough of waiting around to see what becomes of their contracts, and [...]

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Compared to This, MMA Fighters Have It Easy

(If you really wanted him dead, couldn’t you just wait for the inevitable heart attack?  Probably won’t be long now…)You [...]

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Rumor of the Day: Antonio Silva vs. Aleksander Emelianenko @ Sengoku?

(Eric Pele gets ready to hand Antonio Silva his only career loss at a Bodog Fight event in December 2006. [...]

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Kyra Gracie in VIP Magazine (pics)

Mad props to Kronk on the UG for pointing out these amazing pics of [...]

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A Fix For TUF 9 Is Right Under the UFC’s Nose

(High on the list of the last places you want to see Demian Maia: mounted on top of you.  Photo [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 93

(Anyone else feeling suddenly very uncomfortable?)Odds for the five televised bouts at UFC 93 are out on all the big [...]

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Forrest Griffin Out for Most of ’09 With Hand Injury

(Not his finest moment. Photo courtesy of UFC 92, deposed light-heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin Read More

Affliction Video Hype: Arlovski’s Entourage, Barnett vs. Yvel Preview

If the purpose of Arlovski 360 is to get fans to relate to Read More

Book Review: Blood in the Cage, by L. Jon Wertheim

(Photo courtesy of is both a very good and very difficult time to write a book about [...]

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Affliction Loses Hominick, Defends Yvel as DoR Draws Near

(Running around shirtless like that, it’s no wonder he got sick.  A little chicken soup will fix you right up, [...]

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Fight of the Day: Razor vs. Cowboy

Even though it never made it onto the broadcast of WEC 36 — [...]

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Bader Draws Former UFC Heavyweight for First Post-TUF Appearance

(Carmelo Marrero winds up to club Rafael Real at a WCO event in November 2007. Photo courtesy of Read More

Videos: UFC Primetime Preview, Dana White Vlog #2

UFC Primetime on Spike If you’re watching this preview of "UFC Primetime" — the [...]

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The Great Cage Potato UFC 93 Pick-em Contest

(You’re never too old for toys. Courtesy of the good people at Round 5.)Okay, we’ve heard just about [...]

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