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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Anderson Silva Not So Interested in Fighting at UFC 95

Remember Anderson Silva, the UFC middleweight champ, the guy who got so pissed at the reaction to his [...]

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Anthony Johnson Exclusive: “His Confidence is Going to Fuck Around and Get Him Knocked Out”

("Rumble," pre-eye poke.)Anthony Johnson has repeatedly insisted that he doesn’t hold a grudge against Kevin Burns for poking him in [...]

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Exclusive Interview: Kevin Burns Talks Eye-Poke Fiasco and Saturday Night’s Rematch with Anthony Johnson

(Photo courtesy of NBC Sports.)The first meeting between Kevin Burns and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was marred by an [...]

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“The Hater Hurter” Cut by UFC After Loss?

(Hater Hurter, we hardly knew ye.  Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)Johnny “The Hater Hurter” Rees will be released [...]

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Freak Show Alert: Cro Cop vs. Hong Man Choi on NYE

(This should be…memorable. Photo courtesy of Only is passing along a report that Read More

Most Injury-Riddled Card Ever?

(Duuuuuuuude.  No.  Photo courtesy of our friends at Fight! Magazine.)In addition to the nauseating injuries to [...]

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Fight! Magazine Video Caption Contest: The Winners

No matter what Andrei Arlovski was writing down in that video, he’s probably better off taking some of [...]

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$30k Bonuses Doled Out at “Fight for the Troops”

(The grisly submission and the nasty knockout. Props: DW)Broken bones, savage KOs, and Ben Saunders in full-on BEAST [...]

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UFC’s Fight For The Troops: The Lil’ Liveblog That Could

(Don’t ask.  Don’t tell.  Courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.)That’s right, people.  It’s F2T2 time (Fight For the Troops, get [...]

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Joe Calzaghe Sees Decline of Boxing, Rise of MMA

(The duct tape sponsorship proved to be one of Calzaghe’s best career decisions.)Undefeated boxing champ Joe Calzaghe says he’s glad [...]

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Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo Enjoy Marijuana

(And that jackass guidance counselor said they’d never amount to anything.)UFC color man Joe Rogan and rubber guard impressario Eddie [...]

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Ask the Potato

(‘You like what you see, yes?’)It’s time again to raid our forums and answer your deepest questions.  This [...]

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Mir Says No Way Lesnar Could Beat Him, But Sounds Less Optimistic About Nogueira

(‘Poor bastard never stood a chance.’)Frank Mir says it’s important for a fighter to be honest with himself.  [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC Fight For The Troops

(‘Whatever, bro.’ Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle.  Check out the full weigh-in gallery.)So it’s not the [...]

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Thiago Alves to Fight GSP-Penn Winner

(Great fighter, but he’s absolutely terrible at rock-paper-scissors.)During a Q & A session in Fayetteville, N.C. to hype up tonight’s [...]

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Loser-Gets-Fired Match On Tap For “Fight For The Troops”?

  (Look out, "The Manic Hispanic" is off his meds again.) You might not have noticed this – and [...]

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“Fight For The Troops” Weigh-In Results

(Simpler times.)The fighters weighed in for tomorrow night’s “Fight For The Troops” event (I’m really starting to wish there was [...]

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Roger Huerta Inks New UFC Contract

(Top of the freakin’ world.)Good news, Roger Huerta fans.  “El Matador” is out of the doghouse and back [...]

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Total F*cking Nastiness: Genghis Con’s “The Fast Lane Episode 003″

(Props: Bloody Elbow)Drop whatever you’re doing and watch the latest brilliant MMA documentary from our pal Read More

“UFC: Fight for the Troops” — The New Guys

("Boooooooooo!"  Photo courtesy of UFC’s benefit for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund goes down tomorrow [...]

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Videos: More BJ Penn Infomercial, Fitch Talks “Personality Conflict,” Fighters Talk “Fight for the Troops”

(Props: MMA Convert) The second installment in the Show continues to illustrate [...]

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Melvin Manhoef Calling Out Kimbo Slice?

(It was totally worth kicking Bill Cosby’s ass to get that sweater.  Photo courtesy of K-1 Fans.) [...]

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Videos: Wandy’s Insane UFC Workout, and the Reality TV Version

(Props: MMA Scraps) All I can think when I watch this video of one [...]

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Can a Legendary Fight Really Be Planned? Marcus Davis Thinks So

(‘Sup. You chicks party?’)Marcus Davis just won’t quit with this master plan he and Chris Lytle [...]

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Badr Hari Discusses K-1 DQ Loss, Blames Emotions

Badr Hari discusses his DQ loss in K-1 – Watch more free videos Badr Hari doesn’t seem [...]

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Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida Added to “St. Pierre vs. Penn II”

("We could do this shit right here, if you want." Photo courtesy of FiveOuncesofPain.)Though it was originally scheduled [...]

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Great Moments in MMA Broadcasting: Kimbo in the Town of the Rising Sun

(Props: MMA Mania) LOFL, people. Here’s video proof of the verbal gaffe made [...]

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Exclusive Interview: Yoshiyuki Yoshida Talks Koscheck and “Fight for the Troops”

(Photo courtesy of Daniel Herbertson Photography.)Many American fans may only know Yoshiyuki Yoshida as the guy [...]

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Emelianenko Brothers Not Feeling the Love For One Another

(‘Pay no attention to my brother. He is idiot.’ Photo courtesy of and Read More

Pro Elite Resurrection Threat Close to a Reality

(Oh yeah, Cyborg will definitely fall for that one.)Reporting on the possibility of a match (someday, somewhere) between Gina Carano [...]

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