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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Golden Boy Puts Mosley-Margarito in L.A.; “Day of Reckoning” Kind of Screwed

(Will Andrei Arlovski be the man to beat Fedor Emelianenko? Will anybody actually get to see it?)Let’s get this out [...]

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Videos: K-1 World GP Ends in Disqualification Fiasco

Badr Hari VS Remy Bonjasky K1 World GP 2008 by kalash67 Despite getting [...]

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Friday Link Dump

(One of several great WEC action shots from NBC Sports.)- California’s drug-testing system is fixed already. ( Read More

Exclusive Video Interview: ‘TUF 8′ Finalist Phillipe Nover

This afternoon I got a chance to meet up with The Ultimate Fighter 8 lightweight finalist [...]

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Videos: Dave Kaplan Still Kind of Unlikeable, Wanderlei Barely Tolerates FHM, and More


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Meet Kimbo’s K-1 Broadcast Buddy: “The Voice”

(What a range of honest facial expressions.)When I first heard that Kimbo Slice would be helping with commentating [...]

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WEC 37 Payouts Are Not Too Shabby

(‘Yeah, we’re buds now.  So can I borrow $10,000?’ Photo courtesy of Combat Lifestyle’s WEC 37 Aftermath gallery.) Read More

CagePotato Comments of the Week

(A fist-medallion-less Kimbo Slice arrives in Japan for his guest-commentator gig at tomorrow’s K-1 event in Yokohama. Props to Read More

Koscheck’s “Fight for the Troops” May Be His Last in the UFC?

On the latest episode of MMA Live, the always clued-in Franklin McNeil passes on an interesting tidbit regarding [...]

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Lyoto Machida Reinvents Himself as a Trash-Talker, Kind of Freaks Us Out

(Photo courtesy of ESPN.)The other day, Dana White called out Lyoto Machida as possibly the [...]

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Efrain Escudero’s TUF 8 Blog: The Grand Finale

(Junie would never accept a "Hertz donut" from Efrain ever again.) During the entire season of The Ultimate [...]

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Must See: Patrick Smith 2-Second K.O.

Before he scored three consecutive knockouts at UFC 2 — and way before he [...]

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Junie Browning Exclusive: “People Are Going to See That I Was the Best One There”

People have been kicked off The Ultimate Fighter for less than what we saw Junie Browning do this season, but [...]

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Exclusive Interview: Krzysztof Soszynski

(I love to see a man so bald and yet so happy.)The Ultimate Fighter’s Krzysztof Soszynski (known around these parts [...]

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Chuck Liddell Says He Isn’t Fighting Silva or Couture, But Will Fight…Someone. In the Spring.

In this video interview with Fighters Only, Chuck Liddell shoots down rumors that he may face [...]

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“You Can Dress Up Mother Nature, But You Can’t Fool Father Time”: Stankie and Efrain Go Toe-to-Toe

(You can bet that one of these two men went to bed reeking of Bengay and whiskey after [...]

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Escudero, Nover, Bader, Magalhaes Advance to TUF 8 Finals

("Okay, my turn next," said Stankie, taking off his pants.) Efrain‘s guest blog is going to be [...]

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WEC 37 Quick Results, Bonuses + Analysis

(Props to smoogy; Tapia somehow felt this was an early-stoppage.)Due to the lengthy main card fights [...]

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WEC 37 Liveblog: Small But Mighty

("No, I hate you more!" Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)Miguel Torres aims to make his second bantamweight belt defense [...]

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Dear Mr. Shamrock: An Open Letter

(‘Sup.  Can we talk?)Hey Ken.  Do you mind if I call you Ken?  Awesome.  Look, Ken, it’s about Read More

Chael Sonnen Declaring War on Anderson Silva

It’s going to be nice to have Chael Sonnen back in the UFC.  He’s a certain type of [...]

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UFC Quick Hits: TUF 8 Semis, UFN 17 Bookings, ‘Undisputed’ Delay?

Reminder: Bounce to Spike TV directly after WEC 37 tonight for the final two episodes of The Ultimate [...]

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Videos: Strikeforce’s 10 Greatest Knockouts

(Props: NBCSports via BloodyElbow) Saturday’s episode of Strikeforce on NBC presented a countdown [...]

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Say What?! Gina Carano Falls Somewhere Between Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama on Yahoo! List

(A snapshot of a culture with confused priorities.)Yahoo! Buzz has an article on the top ten most influential [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: WEC 37

(Aww, just wait till you get older and can grow a real mustache!)Depending on how you look at it, betting [...]

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M-1 Announces Barnett vs. Yvel for “Day of Reckoning”

(Photo courtesy of, it looks like Brett Rogers is getting shafted again. From a press [...]

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All Fighters Make Weight for WEC 37; Liveblog Tonight

(Fabiano and Tamura get serious. Photo courtesy of Yesterday’s weigh-ins for tonight’s WEC 37 event [...]

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Pro Elite Close to a Sale? Would-Be Free Agents Screwed?

(You didn’t buy that plane ticket for Japan yet, did you?)Five Ounces of Pain reports that Pro Elite [...]

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Read This Now: “Rampage”

The December issue of The Atlantic includes David Samuels’ profile of "Rampage" Jackson leading up to [...]

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Aoki, Alvarez to Settle Their Score on NYE?

(Shinya Aoki: Always prepared for a chilly afternoon.)Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki were supposed to have their showdown in [...]

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