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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Dear Mr. Shamrock: An Open Letter

(‘Sup.  Can we talk?)Hey Ken.  Do you mind if I call you Ken?  Awesome.  Look, Ken, it’s about Read More

Chael Sonnen Declaring War on Anderson Silva

It’s going to be nice to have Chael Sonnen back in the UFC.  He’s a certain type of [...]

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UFC Quick Hits: TUF 8 Semis, UFN 17 Bookings, ‘Undisputed’ Delay?

Reminder: Bounce to Spike TV directly after WEC 37 tonight for the final two episodes of The Ultimate [...]

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Videos: Strikeforce’s 10 Greatest Knockouts

(Props: NBCSports via BloodyElbow) Saturday’s episode of Strikeforce on NBC presented a countdown [...]

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Say What?! Gina Carano Falls Somewhere Between Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama on Yahoo! List

(A snapshot of a culture with confused priorities.)Yahoo! Buzz has an article on the top ten most influential [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: WEC 37

(Aww, just wait till you get older and can grow a real mustache!)Depending on how you look at it, betting [...]

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M-1 Announces Barnett vs. Yvel for “Day of Reckoning”

(Photo courtesy of, it looks like Brett Rogers is getting shafted again. From a press [...]

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All Fighters Make Weight for WEC 37; Liveblog Tonight

(Fabiano and Tamura get serious. Photo courtesy of Yesterday’s weigh-ins for tonight’s WEC 37 event [...]

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Pro Elite Close to a Sale? Would-Be Free Agents Screwed?

(You didn’t buy that plane ticket for Japan yet, did you?)Five Ounces of Pain reports that Pro Elite [...]

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Read This Now: “Rampage”

The December issue of The Atlantic includes David Samuels’ profile of "Rampage" Jackson leading up to [...]

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Aoki, Alvarez to Settle Their Score on NYE?

(Shinya Aoki: Always prepared for a chilly afternoon.)Eddie Alvarez and Shinya Aoki were supposed to have their showdown in [...]

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Knockout of the Week: Wanderlei Silva vs. Yuki Kondo

From PRIDE Final Conflict (8/15/04), here’s one of Wanderlei Silva‘s nastiest finishes of all time. Soon after the fight’s [...]

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The Show: Episode 1

(Props: MMA Mania)Nothin’ like a good old vanity project. Here’s the first episode of The Show, which [...]

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Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva Taking No Chances Against the Kissing Bandit

(If that’s not a man ready to be kissed, then everything I’ve learned watching "The Pick-Up Artist" is wrong.)Antonio “Bigfoot” [...]

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Strikeforce Payouts Prove You Can Still Get Your Bread Outside of the UFC

(‘Looks like we won’t be eating boiled down wallpaper this year, after all.’)Tanking economy, you say?  Not in San Jose, [...]

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Tim Sylvia Heads to Japan, Still a Crybaby Asshole

(Photo courtesy of Sylvia, who has been laying low since his 36-second humiliation at the hands [...]

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UFC 93 Lineup Close to Complete; Davis/Lytle Stuck on Undercard?

  (Props: MMA Mania) Nine bouts have been officially confirmed for UFC 93 (January 17th; Dublin, [...]

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Yet Another Possible Explanation for Armando Garcia’s Resignation?

(‘Who’s up for killing some hookers after this?  Nah, I’m just joking.  Unless you guys are up for it.’)Now that [...]

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Golden Boy Can’t Be Bothered With Affliction’s Problems

(‘Affliction…nope, sorry, doesn’t ring a bell.’)Remember when Affliction trumpeted a huge announcement, which was mostly a ploy to [...]

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UFC Scores German TV Deal for UFC 99 — But Will Chuck vs. Randy Headline?

(Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly)For the first time since February 2006, an Ultimate Fighting Championship event will be [...]

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“My wife, in so many words, called me a pussy, a failure as a man, and a bad example to my children.”

If you’ve got 9.5 minutes to spare, check out this extended trailer for UFC 92, which [...]

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Add Another Name to Zuffa’s ‘Banned’ List

(The Booyaa Fight Girls: Voted most likely to lie to you about working their way through community college.)Banning clothing brands [...]

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MMA Live Says No Werdum in Affliction

In the most recent episode of ESPN’s MMA Live, Franklin McNeil says there’s no way Fabricio [...]

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Hilarious Rumor of the Day: Kimbo vs. Badr Hari @ K-1?

(Kevin had made many trips to the pawn shop in his life, but this one was by far the saddest.) Read More

Videos: Jackson vs. Silva (Then and Now)

Hey, welcome back! Did you have a nice holiday? Well, you didn’t come here to talk about your [...]

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Do You Wanna Be a F*ckin’ Fighter? Then Please Fill Out, Sign, and Return This Application in a Timely Fashion

— A thousand blessings to TheGarv (via BloodyElbow) [...]

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Notes from Japan: Cro Cop vs. Overeem Off, Antonio Silva to Sengoku

(At ease, boys.)Though the smack talk between Alistair Overeem and Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic has been heating up ever since [...]

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Kimbo vs. Gannon: The Aftermath

Amazing find by Fightlinker: Here’s some footage of Sean Gannon and Kimbo Slice following their Read More

Sokoudjou and Gurgel Get Laid Off + More UFC News

(Photo courtesy of, it looks like the Octagon will be short one dreadlocked Camaroonian. Multiple [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: Thanksgiving Edition

(Somebody kill that motherfucker.)It’s Thanksgiving today, the most gluttonous of all holidays.  So while we play touch football in the [...]

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