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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Scott Smith Lands on His Feet

(Smith during his last UFC appearance, against Ed Herman at UFC 72. Photo courtesy of

Though most [...]

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Anderson Silva Superfight with Chuck Liddell at UFC 95 Looking Like a Real Possibility

(Photo courtesy of NBC Sports)

Britain’s The Sun confirmed that the UFC is headed back to London for UFC [...]

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Lesnar Doesn’t Have the Internet, UFC Not Even Close to a Network Deal, and Other UFC 91 Revelations

(Lesnar: title belt, stitches, and all. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Dana White and the cast of fighters from [...]

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Video: Bas and Daryn Settle Their Beef

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Because we could all use at least a momentary break from the aftermath of Brock vs. [...]

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WWE Gets Its Gloat On

(Maybe it’s just the camera angle, but Lesnar does appear to have a slight size advantage. Photo courtesy of Read More


(Props: LifeType1)

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UFC 91 Bonuses + Videos

(Hazelett vs. McCrory. Props to MMAScraps.)

Last night’s UFC 91 transcended its humble lineup and turned out [...]

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Video: Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture

Props to MMAScraps. Get it while it lasts…

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UFC 91: The Only Liveblog That Counts

(You ready for this? Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

We are live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena [...]

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‘Oh, Snap!’ Alert: Chael Sonnen on Couture/Lesnar

(He kids because he loves.)

Chael Sonnen not only has a prediction for the main event of tonight’s UFC 91 [...]

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UFC 91 Weigh-In Report: Strange New World

(Yeah, laugh it up.)

Welcome to MMA’s alternate universe. It looks like the MGM Grand the day before UFC 91, [...]

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Amir Sadollah Is Going to Be Juuuuust Fine…

(Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.)

The TUF 7 winner recoups from his leg infection with the help of some berry-flavored [...]

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Todd Beard Calls Quitsies

(Google Image Search result for “awful Beard.”)

Affliction put out a press release today announcing that Read More

CP Comments of the Week

(This is a totally undoctored photo, we swear.)

Picking up the free t-shirts this week are…

Gunny on [...]

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MMA Live is Actually at a Live MMA Event

Check out MMA Live pretending to be College Gameday here as they preview the Randy Couture-Brock [...]

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Jets Beat the Patriots, Thanks to “Rampage” Jackson

(After a dramatic victory, the Jets returned to the locker room to find nothing but energy drinks and DVD’s [...]

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UFC 91 Video Hype: “Get Up” and Press Conference Intros


The unholy union between the UFC and 50 Cent has spawned its first offspring — [...]

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Showtime Taking Over Production for Affliction; Lindland, Matyushenko, Buentello Confirmed for “Reckoning”

(Image courtesy of

Josh Gross at SI reports that Showtime Sports will be responsible for producing [...]

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Videos: Junie’s Gangster Grip, Dana-Vlog III + More

As if the generous supply of alcohol wasn’t enough to cause drama in the TUF household, somebody thought [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: UFC 91 Edition

(Randy refuses to look Brock in the eyes! BET LESNAR! BET LESNAR! Photo courtesy of Flex Magazine.)

The UFC’s [...]

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Gambling Addiction Enabler: UFC 91

(Odds on that dog doing something adorable: very, very good.)

Though we’ve debated the topic nearly to death over the [...]

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Antonio Silva Could Blow Off Steroid Suspension for Sengoku

(“I used to take steroids. I still do, but I used to, too.” Photo courtesy of MMAonTap.)

Though he’s [...]

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The 10 All-Time Greatest Showboating Moments in MMA

#10: Rashad Evans serves Tom Murphy on TUF 2

Believe it or not, Rashad Evans used to be a cocky son-of-a-bitch. [...]

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Efrain Escudero’s TUF 8 Blog: Episode 9

(Come on now, Antonio, that simply isn’t true.)

Let the drunken debauchery begin again. After Dave Kaplan’s fight, Tom Lawlor decided [...]

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Quick Hits: Sherk Talks CSAC’s Garcia, Goldie Hits 100, and Tonya Evinger Wants to Punch Somebody

(We love a woman who loves to party.)

- One man who won’t be sorry to see California State Athletic [...]

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The Couture-Affliction Situation Actually Can Get Worse, After All

(Nothing says ‘power couple’ like matching shirts and leis.)

Affliction’s Todd Beard really knows how to screw up. First [...]

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UFC 91: The New Guys

(Josh Hendricks steamrolls Rick McChristian at GFS: Caged Vengeance in February 2006; the destruction begins at the 1:47 mark.)

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Sakuraba/Tamura, Hansen/JZ Announced for ‘Dynamite!! 2008′

(Image courtesy of Nightmare of Battle)

Two headlining matchups were announced today for DREAM and K-1′s combined [...]

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Ask the Potato: Talkin’ UFC 91, Brock Lesnar, WEC, and More

(Taking a breather, messing with a footlock. No biggie.)

It’s that time again. Volume two in our Read More

Dana White’s UFC 91 Video Blog, Chapter II: In Which He Plays Video Games and Mocks “Internet Pussies”

In this edition of Dana White‘s video blog he prepares for UFC 91 by going to the THQ headquarters [...]

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