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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


UFC Fight Night: Maia v LaFlare

Fight Night 62 Aftermath/Results: Maia Dominates LaFlare, Koscheck &...

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Sean Sherk, B.J. Penn Both Staying On Message

(“The Muscle Shark” finds your rhetoric weak and your platform disingenuous. He also thinks you’re a pussy.)

Considering their recent verbal [...]

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Quote of the Day: Jay Larkin Suicide Watch

From 411Mania via BloodyElbow. Behold, the lament of a broken man:

“The question it all comes down [...]

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Videos: DREAM.2 Highlights

We’ll kick things off with Kiyoshi Tamura’s quick demolition of Masakatsu Funaki, which turned out to be the night’s only [...]

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Exclusive: Dean Lister’s Next Challenge

by Ben Fowlkes

Dean Lister is in a tough spot. He’s a world class grappler, an Abu Dhabi champion, and [...]

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CagePotato vs. Fightlinker: The Devil’s Wager

As mentioned on Saturday, I’ve agreed to put my dignity where my mouth is and accept Read More

Aoki Beats JZ in DREAM.2 Rematch; Kang + Minowaman Bounced Out of Middleweight GP

(Shinya Aoki, man of steel.)

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Huerta/Florian Booked for UFC 87

We’ve called it “a Fight of the Year waiting to happen” — and luckily, it’s happening. Read More

Chuck Liddell Has More To Say About Kimbo Slice

(But does he love them?)

So you thought the war of words between Chuck Liddell and Kimbo Slice was over. [...]

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Quote Stew: Bisping, Quarry, Hunt + More

(James Irvin: Fighting his way off of the C-list.)

“He’s lost his last two fights now, against Franklin and Anderson Silva, [...]

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Video: Nick Serra, The Mad Monkey

MMA Mania reports that welterweight Nick “The Mad Monkey” Serra — Matt’s brother — will be competing on [...]

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Epic Fail: Hong Man Choi

A couple of weeks ago, we lamented the fact that Hong Man Choi’s mandatory army service would take [...]

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Monte Cox With Strong Words For Ken Pavia

(Guess which one of these men works on the business side of the fight game. Go on, guess.)

MMA supermanager Monte [...]

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Gerald Harris Blogs ‘TUF 7′ for CagePotato!

(Harris [right] rocks Fabio Leopoldo during their IFL match last April.)

Gerald “Hurricane” Harris, who fought in the IFL (as a [...]

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Travis Lutter Gets Starnes’d By the UFC

(He’s the one getting his ass kicked.)

Looks like the UFC was serious about that whole shedding dead weight [...]

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Videos: MMA’s Nastiest Knee-Strikes, Kimbo’s ESPN Cover-Shoot

(“MMA Evolution: Using the Knee.” Randlemonster @ 1:18-1:32 FTW. Props to BloodyElbow.)

(Kimbo Slice will become the second MMA [...]

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CagePotato vs. Fightlinker: The Squaretable Podcast!

On Friday, Damon D of invited me back on his little radio show [...]

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Dream Loses One TV Deal, But Gains Another

(You haven’t really experienced the tights until you’ve seen them in High Definition)

Japan’s Dream organization seemed to be in trouble [...]

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Unlikely Friends: Jay Hieron and Ron Paul?

(‘Personal liberty and solid ground-and-pound, these are the principles this country was founded on.’)

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Hughes/Alves to Headline UFC 85

Matt Hughes and Thiago Alves have confirmed that they will fight in a headlining match at UFC 85. [...]

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Triumph United Comment Contest, Week 1: Victory!

(“Death Squad”: One of the designs available at Triumph United.)

Between Chuck Liddell’s leg injury and “Starnesgate,” it was [...]

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Zuffa Is Saving, Affliction Is Spending

(‘The bad news is, you’re fired. The good news is, now you’ll have plenty of time to work on that [...]

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Matthew Riddle on the ‘TUF 7′ Finale and More

(“Chipper” and his infectious war-grin.)

In the latest installment of MMAJunkie’s “Ten TUF Questions” feature, freshly eliminated Ultimate Fighter [...]

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‘Sensual Seduction’, Starring Dana, Chuck, and Joe

Just…wow. Did anybody else involuntarily dry-heave at the 0:45-0:48 mark?

(For the pimpin’ original, click here.)

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‘EliteXC: Primetime’ — Tix Now on Sale

Tickets for CBS/EliteXC’s first “Saturday Night Fights” card (May 31st; Newark, NJ) are now available at Ticketmaster and [...]

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On Kimbo Slice: Bas Rutten For The Defense

(“El Guapo” reminds you: don’t hate the player, hate the game.)

by Ben Fowlkes

Arguing over Kimbo Slice has been a favorite [...]

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Mir/Nogueira Rumor Returns, in Mutated Form

(“Aim for the one in the middle.”)

Earlier today, we reminded you that a fight between heavyweights Frank Mir [...]

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New ‘Gladiator’ Loses Shit, Beats Husband

(Erin Toughill, limbering up before a pill-induced rage.)

In a development that will set female American Gladiators back ten years, Read More

NSAC Tests BJ Penn and Your Sense of Irony, All in One Day

(Just look at how good it feels to be drug-free.)

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has officially begun their off-competition drug-testing [...]

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Video: Paulo Filho on Rehab, Sonnen

From Sherdog — for the first time since checking into a Brazilian rehab facility last month, undefeated WEC [...]

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Bookings a Poppin’: Barnett, Monson, Koscheck + More

(“Hey, my name’s Josh and I’m a sex addict.”)

— A heavyweight superfight between Josh Barnett and Jeff Monson Read More