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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


UFC Fight Night: Maia v LaFlare

Fight Night 62 Aftermath/Results: Maia Dominates LaFlare, Koscheck &...

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Frank Trigg Booked for DREAM Middleweight GP; Nick Diaz Rumored for Lightweight Feature?

DREAM has updated the official card for their second event (April 29th; Saitama, Japan), with seven fights of [...]

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IFL and Bodog on Brink of Extinction; UFC Keeps Stacking That Paper

(The Fertitta brothers, preparing to order something expensive.)

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Matt Lindland Talks Politics, And He’s Serious

(“The Law” could be headed to the Oregon Statehouse)

As you may have heard, Matt Lindland is running for public office. [...]

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Oscar Buzz: Quinton Jackson

When we reported that Quinton Jackson had scored a part in the upcoming horror flick Midnight [...]

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Mr. Herpes Lands on His Feet

(Yep, this again.)

A few weeks ago, FiveOuncesofPain reported that a former All-American wrestler named Paul Bradley — who [...]

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GSP vs. Hieron, Menjivar, and Strasser

As we approach the big showdown on Saturday night, here’s some lesser-known Georges St. Pierre fights to get [...]

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Anderson Silva Is Listening to Dana White, But Is He Hearing Him?

(Who could say no to that face?)

Anderson Silva must not hear the word ‘no’ very often. Just because Dana [...]

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EliteXC on CBS: Eggs, Meet Basket

(Kimbo and “Crush”: And then what? Slice photo courtesy of Esther Lin.)

CBS recently announced that they’ve [...]

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Quote of the Week: Serra on Sylvia


Complex: Tim Sylvia caught a lot of flack during his heavyweight reign. Do you think you guys [...]

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“The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze”: TUF 7.3 Recap

(Should’ve worn a neck-condom.)

With their elimination matches behind them, the 16 middleweight finalists moved into the TUF house on [...]

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Rumor: Nogueira, Mir To Coach Next Season of TUF

(Big Nog insists on riding this gentleman everywhere, and it is his privilege to serve the champ in such a [...]

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Fightmetric Wants To Know, Would You Like Some Math With Your MMA?

(If MMA were like this, Fightmetric would be perfect.)

Fightmetric wants to change the way you think, watch, and talk [...]

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If You’re Still Deciding Whether to Root for GSP or Serra…

For us, it really comes down to which goofy accent you find less annoying:

(Scene from The Pink Panther)


(Scene from Casualties [...]

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The 10 Hottest Ring Girls in MMA

Though CagePotato launched in October 2007 with the tagline “MMA News, Gossip, and Girls,” lately our site has become “MMA [...]

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What Do Ricardo Almeida And Howie Long’s Son Have In Common? This Guy.

(Can this man make you into a world champion? Okay, maybe not you)

When Ricardo Almeida was preparing for his return [...]

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Randy Couture: “There Are Circumstances Where Things Could Change But…”

By Ariel Helwani, courtesy of our new content partners at MMARated.

Whether it’s his legal issues with the UFC [...]

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Denis Kang UFC Deal Sunk Over Exclusivity

Just as the UFC couldn’t come to terms with Fedor Emelianenko partly because they wouldn’t allow him to compete in [...]

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Ringside With the Killer Vegan

While other TUF 6 castmembers were content to put holes through walls and defecate in unauthorized areas of [...]

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Charles McCarthy Hates (Other People’s) Arrogance

(‘Hey bro, if your pecs were this smooth and shiny, you’d be full of yourself too’.)

Charles McCarthy thinks Michael Bisping [...]

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“The Interim Belt Doesn’t Mean Nothing to Me”

The UFC sent out an e-mail today reminding us all to watch Countdown to UFC 83, which premieres tonight at [...]

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Hong Man Choi: Korean Superweapon?

(HMC: Sexual Napalm.)

Hey, how’s your news?

— Hong Man Choi is scheduled to report for mandatory Korean army [...]

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The Betting Man’s Guide to UFC 83

(GSP is not impressed with your decision to bet against him, but he respects you anyway)

So, that tax refund is [...]

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Daily Downer: A Final Look at YAMMA

We promise, no more Pit Fighting-related posts after this, but we wanted to officially drive the nail through the bowl-shaped [...]

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Matt Serra: The Underdog…Again


By CagePotato Guest Contributor Brian Knapp

Matt Serra had never finished a fight with his fists until April 7, 2007. Talk [...]

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EliteXC Re-Signs Kimbo Slice, Gina Carano

Yesterday’s Quote of the Day involving Dana White’s guarded interest in Kimbo Slice had us wondering if the [...]

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Staph Infection: A Pictorial

We’ve all seen the lovely staph infection of Kevin Randleman.

Now behold…

…the equally heinous staph of Drew [...]

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Media Mash: Gina, TUF 8, & TV Premieres

(Gina Carano poses for her Glamour Shot.)

Slow-ass news day, people. But help is on the way. Here are [...]

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Quote of the Day: Dana on Kimbo

(Phil Baroni works to take down Kimbo Slice at Xtreme Couture.)

Dana White on a match between Kimbo Slice [...]

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Video: Anderson Silva vs. Daiju Takase

Devoted fans of Anderson Silva know that his pro record is 21-4, with three of his losses coming by way [...]

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Sylvia Kills Bears, Fedor Stills Eats Fido

(Tim Sylvia flashes gang sign to warn the other bear cubs at what’s comin’.)

This pic of Big Tim posing with [...]

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