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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



Fight Night 79 Results/Highlights: Bendo Bendo’s, Sexyama Falls,...

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Sexiest MMA WAGs Prompts Some Soul Searching

(Joana Prado, Vitor Belfort’s lady.)

While perusing the internet for interesting MMA stories today, Ariel Helwani at [...]

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Elite XC Shows Off For The Press

(If I had a face like that, I’d want to protect it while I kicked. Just saying.)

With UFC [...]

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Epic Fail: Dokonjonosuke Mishima

On Monday, Masakazu Imanari lost his DEEP featherweight title to Dokonjonosuke Mishima, who had dropped his last two [...]

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UFC 84: ‘Ill Will’ — BG’s Official Picks

(Listen, buddy: win first, skanks later.)

As promised yesterday — here are the final picks I’m making [...]

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Matt Lindland Wins Republican Primary

(Lindland’s campaign promise of a chicken in every pot and a pinch of Skoal in every lip seems [...]

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Affliction Is Signing Deals, Selling Tickets

(Photo courtesy of

Yesterday’s Affliction press conference in Los Angeles had plenty of big news and [...]

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Apologies and Condolences: Anderson Silva

On Monday, we mentioned that Anderson Silva pulled out of a scheduled two-day seminar [...]

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UFC 85 Curse Claims James Irvin

(His tattoo is watching even when he’s not. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Yesterday evening, [...]

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The Unpopular Opinion: Why Sean Sherk Will Beat B.J. Penn

(‘You’re getting to be such a big boy. Pretty soon I won’t be able to do this [...]

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Gina Carano Loves Cute Hats, Training…Not So Much

Another day, another Gina Carano video interview where she wears a funny little hat to accentuate how attractive she is. [...]

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The CagePotato/Fightlinker UFC 84 Pick-Off: Holy Christ, What Was I Thinking?

Three weeks ago, I entered a devil’s wager with, in which Ryan Harkness and [...]

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Frank Trigg: The World’s Toughest Salesman

(Photo courtesy of

Frank Trigg is a one-man industry. How many other fighters [...]

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IFL Makes More Cuts, and These Are Going to Hurt

(Firing ring girls is one thing, but experienced executives aren’t just hanging out at the local Hooters.)

It’s no [...]

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Chris Leben Out Of Jail, On To ‘Home Detention’

(Look out society.)

UFC middleweight Chris Leben has been sprung from the pokey, according to a blog entry on [...]

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Fight of the Day: Ricardo Arona vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

From PRIDE Critical Countdown 2005 (6/26/2005). Because not much is going on this morning and I’ve been wanting to [...]

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Court Win Puts Couture One Step Closer to Fedor

(Randy Couture: Even his cauliflower ear is smiling.)

Yesterday, the District Court of Dallas County, Texas, Read More

Wanderlei Talks Jardine, Jardine Talks Wanderlei

by InsideFighting
So Wanderlei Silva’s English isn’t the best, but he’s improving. The necessity of a win in [...]

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Redefining Success For The Ultimate Fighter

(They’ve given you everything they had, and still you’d rather watch Top Chef.)

Adam Swift over at [...]

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Must See: C.B. Dollaway Pwns Rampage

I wish I could embed this — but you’ll have to click the picture above to see a [...]

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FIGHT! Magazine Exclusive: ‘Brave New World’

FIGHT! Magazine’s June issue hits newsstands this week, containing articles on Jens [...]

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Has B.J. Penn Crossed Over to the Other Side?

(“The Prodigy” prepares himself to reenter civilized society)

Sometimes B.J. Penn says things that make me a little uncomfortable. [...]

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CagePotato Ban: Kimbo Slice – Mike Tyson Comparisons

Let’s get something straight: Kimbo Slice is not Mike Tyson. He’s not a Tyson-like figure. There’s [...]

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Videos: Double K.O., Iron Ring Slam K.O. + More

(Shaun Parker vs Tyler Bryan @ LFC 25. You can’t make this stuff up. Props to MMAScraps)

(From The [...]

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Monday Morning Hangover: UFC Edition

(Anderson Silva: Pound-for-pound the worst liar in the world.)

— Chuck Liddell’s hamstring injury, which [...]

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Brock Lesnar to Officially Headline ‘Seek and Destroy’

(Lesnar socks Frank Mir with one of his XXXXL gloves at UFC 81.)

The [...]

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Sengoku II Results + Videos

(Babyface Barnett sticks it to the Snowman.)

World Victory Road’s “Sengoku II: Second Battle” event was held today in Tokyo, with [...]

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“Big Country” KO’s Imes, Rubs Belly in Triumph

(If Taco Bell is looking for a fighter to sponsor, they may have found their man.)

There’s no getting [...]

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Kimbo Slice Is Doing What?

(Kenny Chesney, come get your motherfucking award, man.)

Quick, what awards show is Kimbo Slice least qualified to be [...]

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Carina Damm Proves That Steroid Controversies Aren’t Just For Men Anymore

Damm just etched her name in the record books by becoming the first female MMA figher to test positive for steroids. That is not the clubhouse you want to be hanging out in. Not unless you love powerlifting and back acne.

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Caption Contest Results: Heavy E and the Boyz

(“FU2,” available only at Triumph United.)

Good goddamn work, people: With over 150 entries, this week’s caption [...]

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