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Iconic Album Covers Replaced With Sloths


edgar v swandad

Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson: Legit Full-Fight Video Highlights

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Hot Potatoes: Bodog Girls “Toe Hold”

BodogFight‘s latest Bodog Girls photoset features two lovely models sort-of-but-not-really demonstrating a toe hold. Read More

IFL Payouts: How the Other Half Lives

(Josh Haynes picked up six grand for “bringing the pain.”)

Since we spent so much time yesterday looking at the generally [...]

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Smoker? Damn Near *Killed* Her!

Here’s the video of Kim Couture’s amateur kickboxing debut, which went down at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas [...]

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UFC 82: Coffee Enemas & 150 Days of Suspensions

(I like my ‘chino enemas with extra foam.)

For those of you unaware, the UFC had an event on Saturday – [...]

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Rampage/Griffin Battle Set For July 5th

So UFC 82 has rightfully dominated not only CagePotato the past 50-odd hours, but much of the MMA world as [...]

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Chuck Liddell Wannabe #3

Taken outside of the Nationwide Arena after UFC 82 was over. This dude was actually on crutches, which took some [...]

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Blast Your Core With Matt Hughes

Even though it lacked late-night room service, the Holiday Inn where I slept after UFC 82 had free [...]

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Full Payout Info for UFC 82

(The Crippler was rewarded handsomely for his blood-loss.)

The UFC paid out a chunky $932,000 in official salaries and bonuses on [...]

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UFC 82 Videos: Koscheck/Hazelett, Arlovski/O’Brien, and More

Josh Koscheck vs. Dustin Hazelett, the best fight of the undercard. Awesome exchanges in the beginning, explosive finish at the [...]

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Chuck Liddell Wannabe #2

Again, at the Arnold Classic, marveling at the power-lifters and their bloated legs. Nearby, Read More

Josh Barnett Not Chasing Fedor Fight

(…and the card holders for Barnett’s next fight.)

When Josh “The Babyface Assassin” Barnett fights for World Victory Road [...]

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More UFC 82 Notes: Arlovski Snubbed, Fitch Earns Title Shot

— Further support for the “Andrei Arlovski is leaving the UFC” theory: Though he got a rapturous response from the [...]

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Lesnar vs. Coleman: Can We Talk?

At “Pride of a Champion,” newly inducted Hall of Famer Mark Coleman announced that he would be returning [...]

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Chuck Liddell Wannabe #1

Here’s one of the dudes waiting in line to meet Houston Alexander, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Sam Stout [...]

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Silva, Henderson, Leben Pocket UFC 82 Fight Bonuses

Anderson Silva left the Nationwide Arena on Saturday night with the bank account of a champion, pulling in $120,000 in [...]

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Video: Anderson vs. Henderson

Take a look before it’s pulled…

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“Tappin’ Out’s for *Whores*”: Matt Serra at the 7/11

Oh this? It's just me hangin' out at a 7/11 on the OSU campus in Columbus with my buddy, UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra. Pretty average Saturday night, really.

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UFC 82 Undercard Quick Results

(Arlovski climbs the cage after vanquishing the evil forces of Lay ‘n Pray. Photo courtesy of my Canon [...]

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UFC 82: Liveblog of a Champion

Guest Liveblogger Ben Fowlkes of The Fighting Life here, all set and ready to go for UFC 82. [...]

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Ringside Analysis: “New Blood, New Battles”

(Easy come, easy go: Horwich and McGivern)

You’ve already read our blow-by-blow results of IFL’s rock ‘em sock ‘em [...]

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IFL Recap: A Title Switcheroo

(Ryan “The Lion” Schultz G-n-P’s John Gunderson.)

Last night at the Orleans Arena in Vegas, 3,931 fans watched the IFL kick [...]

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Separated at Birth: Triplet Edition

Strikeforce lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez

…American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini

…and Sideshow Bob.

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Week in Review: Time to Go to Work

(Rampage, Randy, Hendo, and Trigg at the day job.)

— On the BetUS Radio show, Damon and I debated [...]

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CagePotato Talks Out of Own Ass on BetUS Radio; UFC 82 Liveblog Tomorrow Night

EliteXC signs with CBS. The UFC signs with Budwesier. And makes its first appearance on Read More

“Sometimes You Have to Hit People”: An Exclusive IFL Report

The IFL’s “New Blood – New Battles” season opener goes down tonight at the Orleans Arena [...]

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The Nine Worst Fighting Get-Ups Ever

9. Don Frye

Full pints of 40-year-old ball-sweat have passed through the Predator’s Old Glory nut-huggers. Just seems a little disrespectful, [...]

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There Will Be Cash: UFC 82 Bonus Predictions

(Andrei Arlovski could be one paid motherfucker tomorrow.)

Our monthly roundup in which we express fight predictions via the UFC’s customary [...]

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IFL Drops ‘Xtreme Couture’ Name From Tonight’s Event

(Tompkins at work.)

The first round of the UFC/Randy Couture legal dust-up was scored 10-9 for the UFC, as Xtreme Couture [...]

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Tito Ortiz: Fired

All things must pass. And so it went with Tito Ortiz, who found himself on the business end of a [...]

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Eddie Alvarez Signs For DREAM’s LWGP

(Alvarez vs. Derrick Noble in ’06.)

Although Eddie Alvarez signed a multi-fight deal with the EliteXC last month, he [...]

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