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21 Incredible Minimalist Movie Posters



Renaming ‘The Four Horsewomen’: Six Pro-Wrestling Stables...

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‘Nemesis’ Viewing Party: A First-Hand Report!

Answering yesterday’s call for first-hand stories about the UFC 79 viewing party at Madison Square Garden, a CagePotato [...]

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Knockout of the Day: Anthony Johnson vs. Chad Reiner

Okay, so Tommy Speer’s next opponent isn’t a total can. In fact, Anthony Johnson looked pretty damn promising [...]

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CagePotato Exclusive Interview: Roy “Big Country” Nelson

We may have missed it at the live show, but home viewers who kept HDNet on after Ryan [...]

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Tommy Speer to Return at UFC Fight Night?

Building on an already impressive card that includes fights between Stephan Bonnar and Matt Hamill, as well as Kenny Florian [...]

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Jet Li = Old and Busted / Cung Le = New Hotness has a new interview with Cung Le in which the undefeated Strikeforce star reveals that his [...]

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Houston Alexander/James Irvin Fight Booked for UFC 83

MMAJunkie has learned that UFC 83 — likely to go down March 8th in London — will feature [...]

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Parisyan Wants “An Easier Fight”

On the card of the first event in Canada for the UFC, it looks like we could be seeing Karo [...]

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Saddest/Truest Quote of the Day

Dana White, during a UFC 80 press conference today:

“Look at the NFL. There’s nothing bigger in this country [...]

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MMA Forum Thread of the Week: The Audacity of Hope

From via Bloody Elbow:

Date: 01/06/08 03:59 AM
Member Since: 10/24/2002
787 Total Posts Ignore User

I [...]

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‘Most Significant Fight Card in the History of MMA…’

EliteXC sent out a press release yesterday announcing that tickets to their February 16th event featuring Kimbo Slice and Tank [...]

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Put or Shut Up for BJ Penn

Today on the UFC’s website is a lengthy article about BJ Penn. The Prodigy was apparently in a [...]

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Rich Franklin, ‘Shogun’ Rua Could Return to UFC in April; Sherk Also Rumored

(Rich Franklin, not overcompensating.)

The Fight Network reports that Rich Franklin is looking to make his Octagon return at [...]

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Snake Training with Hollywood

Former PRIDE muay thai specialist Cyrille “Snake” Diabate has confirmed he is heading to the Land of the [...]

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Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona

Apologies for the lack of updates this morning — CP was experiencing major server eff-ups. But we’re back in business [...]

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Hughes to Keep Fighting; Won’t Win Pulitzer

Matt Hughes was on Cincinnati’s 700 WLW with Jim Scott yesterday and Hughes has confimed he will keep [...]

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Tim Sylvia Inspired Metallica Album

Metallica’s “Jump in the Fire” album cover.

And the cover’s inspiration, Tim Sylvia.

(Props to CagePotato reader [...]

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UFC Betting Roundup: From Now Until April

Since not many sites are giving good run-downs on the betting odds for upcoming MMA events, we thought we’d give [...]

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You don’t tug on Superman’s cape / You don’t spit into the wind…

You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger / And you don’t mess around with Joe Rogan:

(Joe repeatedly [...]

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Boring But Important: UFC Edition

(Jeremy Horn, giving Chael Sonnen the business.)

— Middleweight veteran Jeremy Horn will be returning to the UFC at [...]

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Fights of the Day: Shawn Tompkins Gets Knocked Out Four Times

I don’t know much about Shawn Tompkins, besides the fact that he briefly replaced Bas Rutten as coach of the [...]

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CagePotato Exclusive Interview: Kendall “Da Spyder” Grove

After battling to a unanimous decision win over Ed Herman to take the middleweight contract on The Ultimate Fighter 3, [...]

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“No he did *not* just put his nuts on my neck.”

(Dana White, checking out Melvin Guillard’s junk.)

With this new interview for the Baltimore Sun‘s MMA Insider [...]

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Joe Stevenson Jr. Is a Child Prodigy

Interviewer: “Is son following in dad’s footsteps?”
Joe Daddy: “No, no, no, he’s much smarter than me. He’ll probably get a [...]

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Five Most Kickass Entrance Songs — EVER!

Because some of you asked for it during our recent roundup of the lamest, here are our picks for the best. Please post your opinions in the comments, but keep in mind that nu-metal is for fairies, and French rap music will absolutely not be tolerated. 5. Shonie Carter (UFC 53) — "Superfly," Curtis Mayfield Shonie Carter is only 35 years old, but he acts like he's goddamn Ossie Davis in Do the Right Thing, always trying to tell the youngin’s bout the way things oughta be (and occasionally getting dropped from contracts as a result). No, "Superfly" doesn't get a crowd riled up to see blood — Mr. International would rather use his entrance to showcase his taste in '70s soul hits. In other words, fuck y'all. 4. Forrest Griffin (UFC 72) — "I'm Shipping Up to Boston," Dropkick Murphys True, it doesn't take much to get Irish people in the mood for drinking and fighting, but in a room full of Celtics fans, playing this song is like throwing chum into shark-filled water. When you're actually in Belfast public broadcast of the Dropkick Murphys is irresponsibly dangerous — but then again, "Irresponsibly Dangerous" is Forrest Griffin's middle name. The only thing that could have made his entrance at UFC 72 better is if Griffin convinced Mark Wahlberg to walk out to the cage with him.

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Fisher/Aurelio Set to Battle at UFC Fight Night 13

UFC Fight Night 13 - tentatively scheduled for April 2 – will now also feature a lightweight showdown between Spencer Fisher [...]

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Quinton Jackson: Incredibly Well-Qualified

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No Rest for the Weary: Three IFL Champs to Defend Belts on 2/29

(Matt Horwich, celebrating or something.)

Some of the IFL’s new champions could have a seriously short reign at the top if [...]

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Fights of the Day: Matt Hughes vs. Dennis Hallman 1 + 2

Matt Hughes only experienced defeat twice in his first 23 fights — a stat that’s even more remarkable when you [...]

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Brother on Brother Action: Shamrock Fight Site Goes Live

According to this official-looking website, a date has been set for the fight between adoptive brothers Ken Shamrock [...]

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Thales Leites Breaks Hand; UFC 81 Fight With Marquardt Called Off

The middleweight fight between Thales Leites and Nate Marquardt at UFC 81 is now a no go. Leites has broken [...]

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