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summer girls beach bikini photos
Goodbye, Girls of Summer... (47 Pics)


UFC Fight Night: Maia v Shields Open Workouts

The UFC Is Making the Same Mistakes The NFL Has Made Regarding Domestic...

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The 10 Best Street Fight Videos of All Time

When you're going to attempt the classic "slap a random woman in the face" prank, be sure she's not walking with her bare-knuckle boxing champ boyfriend, or something unfortunate might happen.

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Kimbo Slice/Tank Abbott Conference Call Today: Now Accepting Your Questions

(Tank Abbott, after eating 200 deviled eggs.)

Heads up, Potato Nation: EliteXC is holding a media conference call today at [...]

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Three Championship Belts on the Line at “WEC: Condit vs. Prater”

(Carlos Condit: “You’ll never grow old, and you’ll never die…but you must feed!”)

The WEC has announced the full [...]

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Killing Deals Dana-Style

We all know the negotiations between CBS and the UFC have gone the way of the Hollywood writer’s strike: nowhere. [...]

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The Goat: Just Too Ugly, Claims Eddie Alvarez

(Eddie Alvarez)

Today over at CBS Sportsline, there’s an interview with former Bodog welterweight champ Eddie Alverez [...]

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Meet the Irish Hand Grenade

(We know what you’re thinking, and yes, Marcus is standing on a box.)

Known as the “Bonus Kid” for the way [...]

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Kimbo Slice: “When It’s Time Come to Bump, You Gonna Bump.”

ProElite has put together a new promo video to hype the Kimbo Slice/Tank Abbott fight on February 16. Two [...]

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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Future of MMA

Fightlinker found a picture of Ryan Shamrock. This is what he looks like.

That is all.

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Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Another classic Rampage jam from PRIDE, this one against Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa at Shockwave 2003 (12/31/03). I’d argue that [...]

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The Science of Kicking Ass

Need a little science to explain why guys like Rampage and Chuck seem a little educationally-challenged at times? Well, now [...]

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And So It Begins: UFC Files First Lawsuit Against Randy Couture

(Couture and a pre-Headblade Dana White.)

The Las Vegas Review Journal has reported that lawyers for Read More

Elite: Where Freaks Meet to Compete

(*No*, Quan, I do *not* need a *spotter* in the *bathroom*!)

I’m starting to get the feeling that EliteXC doesn’t want [...]

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No ‘Roids, Weed, or Other Banned Shit in 2008…Yet.

For those of you still holding your breath since UFC 79, you can finally take that breath of cigarette smoke-filled [...]

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$100 Fights Now to Happen in Canada?

(David “The Crow” Loiseau)

Maybe some of the cancelled WCO bouts will live on in another organization – and for more [...]

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Gina Carano — We Hope It Was Worth It

Late last year, the lure of Hollywood came calling for Gina Carano. Though she was one of the brightest rising [...]

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Next UFC Fights Booked for Thiago Silva, Rashad Evans, Mac Danzig?

(Remember this? Because Houston Alexander doesn’t…)

According to an interview on (translated into English here), undefeated light heavyweight [...]

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Fight of the Day: Kid Yamamoto vs. Genki Sudo (12/31/05)

This was the 10th fight of Kid Yamamoto’s current 14-fight win streak, and ended, as most of Kid’s fights do, [...]

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Matt Hughes in Los Angeles

Literary giant Matt Hughes is in Los Angeles this week hawking his autobiography “Matt Hughes – [...]

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UFC Cuts More Fighters

Over at ProElite there’s a list of additional fighters on the losing end of the “TUF 6” stick [...]

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Exclusive Video Interview With Joanne of the MMA Girls

If you’re a regular CagePotato reader, you probably know about our savage crush on Joanne of the MMA [...]

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Randy Couture, Fedor Emelianenko to Hang Out in Los Angeles

An appropriately mysterious post was published yesterday on M-1 Mixfight, the Russian propaganda arm of M-1 Global. [...]

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Bas Rutten Is the Next Jerry Seinfeld, Jay-Z

Following up their beloved “Dear Don” feature, has given Bas Rutten his own column called Read More

This Bud’s For UFC

(It was either this or a picture of a beer bottle.)

Just two weeks after the UFC debuted its first big-name [...]

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Update: The Frazier to BJ Penn’s Ali

Many of you have weighed in on who BJ Penn might have been talking about when he said [...]

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WCO Has Five Hour Weigh-in, Axes Two Fights (UPDATE: Event Canceled Due to Lack of $$$)

We already dished out our thoughts on the World Cagefighting Organization’s event set to enter the cage tonight [...]

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Go Balls Deep This Weekend

You may have been following the Trekkie-style dork – with socks even Tinker Bell wouldn’t wear – in [...]

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Week in Review: Don’t Like the ‘Roids, but the ‘Roids Like Me

— The UFC went on a frantic fight-booking spree.

— We [...]

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‘Nemesis’ Viewing Party: A First-Hand Report!

Answering yesterday’s call for first-hand stories about the UFC 79 viewing party at Madison Square Garden, a CagePotato [...]

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Knockout of the Day: Anthony Johnson vs. Chad Reiner

Okay, so Tommy Speer’s next opponent isn’t a total can. In fact, Anthony Johnson looked pretty damn promising [...]

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CagePotato Exclusive Interview: Roy “Big Country” Nelson

We may have missed it at the live show, but home viewers who kept HDNet on after Ryan [...]

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