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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


The Nine Least Intimidating Fighters in MMA

Sure, it’s a hacky concept that you’ve probably seen before on an MMA forum, but we haven’t weighed in on [...]

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Ben vs. Ben: The Elite XC Argument


Remember when you were a kid and your parents would argue and it was really loud [...]

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Gary Shaw With More Wacky Kimbo Comparisons

(Shaw gazes upon the wonder that is Kimbo.)

Apparently it’s not enough to make the erroneous Kimbo Slice-Mike [...]

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WEC 34: Faber vs. Pulver — Fight Card Rundown

(Urijah Faber: Never a dull moment.)

Though EliteXC’s CBS show is grabbing most of the attention for this weekend, WEC is [...]

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“Ill Will” Medical Suspensions Released

(Yeah, you should probably get that looked at.)

The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that six fighters have received [...]

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Baroni, Villasenor Fight For Piece of the Hype Pie

(That’s the hype pie right there. It tastes like cherries and forgotten dreams.)

It’s not easy to get your [...]

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Sokoudjou Explains Why He Called Out ‘Shogun’ Rua

(“The African Assassin” in a quiet moment of shirtless reflection.)

In case you missed it, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou had [...]

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Videos: James Thompson vs. Butterbean, Ross Geller + More

Just a little something to whet your appetites for Saturday. James Thompson has suffered some quick [...]

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Tito Ortiz: Gone Fishin’

(Oh my God that looks fun!)

Despite being offered a four-fight contract extension before his bout with Lyoto Machida last Saturday, [...]

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The Gambling Man’s Guide To Elite XC

(Oddsmakers say, don’t blink.)

If betting odds are any indication of how a fight will go, then the question [...]

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Busta Rhymes In The Place To Be (Elite XC)

(Whoo-ha, bitches. Whoo-ha indeed.)

This morning I woke up, drank my coffee, checked my email, and became suddenly concerned [...]

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Great Moments in MMA Product Endorsement

I guess you could call this CagePotato’s first original highlight reel. We rounded up the most insane TV commercials starring [...]

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Gerald Harris’s ‘TUF 7′ Blog: A Rock and a Hard Face

(Jesse Taylor pisses his shorts on national television.)

Every Thursday morning, Team Rampage member Gerald Harris blogs his reactions to each [...]

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L.A. Times Takes Aim at UFC Media Policies

(They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.)

It’s no secret that the UFC loves controlling stuff, especially if that [...]

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Gina Carano Has No Idea Where You’re Getting This ‘Sex Symbol’ Stuff

(Gina pretends not to realize how hot she is.)

Over at Yahoo! Kevin Iole is doing his [...]

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Changes to UFC 85, Additions to UFC 87

(Carneiro and Chonan during a DEEP match in 2005, which ended in a controversial TKO loss for Carneiro due to [...]

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10 Questions With Kaitlin Young

(“I’m not a little girl by any means.”)

The hordes of screaming Gina “Crush” Carano fans who [...]

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Dana White “The White Don King”? No Way.

Las Vegas Review Journal columnist Ed Graney took a swipe at Dana White last week in a column [...]

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UFC Gets Serious With Washington Lobbyists

(You’re headed for a serious beatdown, democracy.)

You may recall that some weeks ago the UFC’s push to get [...]

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Videos: Forrest Griffin Interview, UFC 85 Promo + More

Our friend and content partner Ariel Helwani at MMARated just put up a great interview with Forrest Griffin, [...]

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Rothwell Confirms Affliction Bout With Arlovski

The source for this one is a bit shaky, but Fightline is passing along [...]

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Phil Baroni Doesn’t Need Your Adoration

(Not interested in being a celebrity. Nope. Not one bit.)

You might think Phil Baroni would be [...]

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WEC Promises “Greatest Cagefight In History”

Watching this promo video for the WEC’s Urijah Faber-Jens Pulver bout on Sunday, I was all set to praise the [...]

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Puke Another Day: The Ipecac Bet Rematch

As many of you were disappointed to learn, my UFC 84 ipecac pick-off against Read More

King of the Cage Double K.O.

Well, one more of these and it’s a full-blown epidemic. At King of the Cage “Opposing Force” on May 15th [...]

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UFC 84: Full Payout Figures

($225,000: Enough to buy a new pickup truck and a healthy white baby.)

Official salary and bonus numbers for UFC 84′s [...]

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The Thin Line Between “Elusive” And Boring


In case you missed it somehow on Saturday night, Joe Rogan wants you to know that Lyoto Machida [...]

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Greg Jackson Takes The Blame For Jardine’s Loss

(Jackson’s post-fight mea culpa to

In a way, it’s nice of trainer Greg Jackson to say that Keith Jardine’s [...]

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BJ Penn Loves His Malt Liquor

(After a long, hard day in the courtroom, a wide-mouthed Mickey’s really takes the edge off.)

As if being the undisputed [...]

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The Best Photos of UFC 84

(Wandy’s triumph; courtesy of

(Penn outboxes Sherk; courtesy of Sherdog)

(Tito Ortiz comes within a ball-hair of [...]

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