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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Matt Hughes Blogs About Loss, Shares Heart-Warming Fan Mail

Matt Hughes is back home following his loss to Thiago Alves at UFC 85 this weekend, and he’s [...]

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Dana White to Discuss ‘New Deal’ on CNBC Today

(Satan and his minions.)


Dana White and heavyweight sensation Brock Lesnar will appear live on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” [...]

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Must See: Andre Galvao Jiu-Jitsu Pwnage

In his first match at last weekend’s World Jiu-Jitsu Championships, Andre Galvao was paired up against someone who clearly wasn’t [...]

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KJ Noons Blasts Nick Diaz, Expletives Follow

(KJ Noons splits your face open once and he never lets you forget it.)

Hot off the ratings success [...]

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Bisping To Get Pummeled In UK Football Stadium?

(Bisping’s piercing gaze is better than Silva’s. So there’s one thing he’s got.)

Dana White has been floating the [...]

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Mismatch Alert: Bustamante vs. Haynes

(That don’t look healthy. Photo courtesy of

On June 21st, the first “Godz of War” event [...]

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Piledriver Power!

(Nate Marquardt knows he’s been point-deducted out of a victory and decides to have a little WWE-style fun at the [...]

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Nate Diaz T-Shirt Contest Ends In a Decision

(“Chained Fists,” only available at

On Friday, we put two Nate Diaz-related t-shirts up [...]

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UFC 85 Post-Fight Videos: Hughes, Alves, and Bisping

(Props: Five Ounces of Pain)

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Brandon Vera Makes His Case

(Video courtesy of NBC Sports)

Listening to Brandon Vera make the case against the stoppage in his fight with [...]

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UFC 85: Monday Morning Post-Mortem

(“Boom! Another hit is landed…” The Pitbull mauls old-ass Matt Hughes. Photo courtesy of

Now that the adrenaline [...]

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Wiuff, Misaki, “Goat” Win at Sengoku III; Notes on DREAM, K-1

(Kazuo Misaki cracks Logan Clark a good one. Photo courtesy of Sherdog.)

Far less publicized or attended than their [...]

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Video: Tavares-Wiman, Bisping-Day, and Cane-Lambert

Tavares vs. Wiman

(Props: MMA Scraps)

Bisping vs. Day

Cane vs. Lambert after the jump.

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UFC 85 Post-Fight Bonuses Take A Pay Cut

(Bundles of ones. That’s how I’d want my UFC bonus money.)

Bonus money winners for UFC 85 took [...]

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UFC 85: “Bedlam” — Live Results

(Bisping and Day: The love that dare not speak its name. Photo courtesy of

The UFC is having [...]

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Is There a Generation Gap When It Comes to MMA?

Here’s how I know I’m right about certain things: Bill O’Reilly disagrees with me. I know that sounds like [...]

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Don’t Forget: UFC 85 Live Results Tomorrow

(Jason Lambert; is it too late to change my pick? See more UFC 85 weigh-in photos here.)

If you [...]

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Cage Potato Talkin’ Crazy on MMA Rated Radio

(More proof that life was totally bullshit before TV.)

MMA Rated’s “Week’s End Update” got a Cage [...]

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UFC 85 Highlight Reel Hype-Orgy

(Nate Marquardt HL)

(Marcus Davis HL)

(Matt Hughes HL)

Read More Presents: MMA Betting for ‘Tards

(Photo courtesy of

Nothing amps up the drama of watching a sporting event like knowing you have a [...]

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Thiago Alves Fails To Make Weight

(Were it not for his Snickers addiction, he could have been a contender.)

You know what sends a negative [...]

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Dana White Is About To Blow Your Mind

(Big announcement forthcoming? Are the words “love child” involved?)

In a recent interview with ESPN the [...]

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Stockton-Approved Caption Contest

(“Stockton 209,” only available at

Not only is Nate Diaz one of the most exciting lightweights [...]

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Kimbo Slice to Fight Rogers in October?

At least that’s what he said during an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show yesterday. When asked [...]

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Mike Dolce Exposes The Ugly (Drunk) Side of TUF

Mike Dolce has decided to tell it like it is. In a blog entry penned for Read More

Andrei Arlovski Discusses Leaving UFC For Affliction

Affliction: Andrei Arlovski leaves UFC, talks Ben Rothwellby Dragongaze

Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt attempts to make up for Andrei Arlovski’s [...]

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UFC 85 Ipecac Bet: Head-to-Head

(Image courtesy of some homo.)

Ryan “Fightlinker” Harkness has cast his final picks in our UFC 85 [...]

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Video: Quinton Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Whoa…Rampage has the ability to grow hair? And he’s doing it because he has an audition to play B.A. Baracus [...]

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Pic of the Day: Jenna Jameson Boos Ortiz/Machida Decision @ UFC 84

Either that or she’s going over lines for her next movie. Hey-oh!

(Props: MMAFightGirls)

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Ben vs. Ben: The UFC 85 Argument

(Can Swick go from snoozefest to Fight of the Night?)

We’re at it again. In this edition, Cage [...]

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