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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



Rising Up From The Ashes: CagePotato Lives!

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Possibly the Best Argument Yet for MMA Regulation in New York

(Could this tragedy have been avoided?)

“I fought in Canada two weeks ago versus a Canadian. So that big 22,000-people crowd [...]

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Kimbo Slice on ESPN’s ‘E:60′: The Return

Here’s the short follow-up to E:60′s profile on Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson that aired last December. To answer [...]

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What Became of Hermes Franca?

(Ah, the good times)

With Sean Sherk about to make his return to the UFC, it kind of makes [...]

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Dan Henderson Wants Another Shot at Anderson Silva

Here’s the thing about this video. You know when you ask Dan Henderson who he wants to fight that [...]

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Matt Lindland Endures First Smear Campaign

(“The Law” will sue you so fast your head will spin. Believe that.)

You can train to escape a triangle choke, [...]

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Mark Coleman Goes Berzerk

…backstage at PRIDE Total Elimination 2004, directly after being subbed by Fedor Emelianenko via armbar. Lovely bit of behind-the-scenes MMA [...]

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Elite XC Vetoes Nick Diaz’s ‘Dream’ Fight

(To think that such a beautiful marriage could go so wrong.)

It seems like nothing comes easy for Nick [...]

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Chris Leben Adjusting to Life on the Inside

(Leben pauses to rethink the Sesame Street underwear, but the damage is done.)

In case you’ve forgotten, Chris Leben [...]

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Canada Is Officially the UFC’s Bitch

(Photo courtesy of

Breaking into the U.K. is still a battle, and they’re [...]

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Barnett/Rizzo Added to Affliction 1 Card

Another high-profile matchup has been added to Affliction’s July 19th debut card (Location TBA), as Josh Barnett Read More

The Case For Cutting Sean Sherk Just A Little Slack

(Dirty cheater or wrongly accused?)

Sean Sherk doesn’t get much love in the MMA blogosphere. Some of that [...]

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UFC Roster Purge Claims Three More Victims

(It’s good to know that Tommy Speer has other skills to fall back on. Calf-lifting is a [...]

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Aoki Will Continue! Thank Heavens!


With a replacement unable to be found for the injured Shinya Aoki, DREAM officials have decided to allow [...]

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Afternoon Video Block: Torres/Maeda, Bisping the Bully + More

(WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres [33-1] defends his belt against DEEP/Pancrase vet Yoshiro Maeda [23-4-2] at WEC 34 on June [...]

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Tito Ortiz: “I Feel Like a Slave”

(This is what an unhappy millionaire looks like.)

Tito Ortiz has been a vocal critic of both Dana White and the [...]

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UFC Going After Hispanic Audience With “El Octagono”

(Because violence is truly a universal language)

The UFC isn’t just for white guys with mohawks any more. According to [...]

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Affliction Got Problems; ‘Golden Boy’ Out the Game

(As a rabid Dallas Mavericks fan, Fedor’s going to be very, very disappointed.)

Affliction’s first MMA show — previously slated to [...]

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‘Shooto Tradition’ Results + Videos

(Savant Young and Takeshi Inoue: Guess who won the decision? Photo courtesy of MMAWeekly.)

It looks like we’ll be [...]

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Monte Cox Announces Adrenaline 2 in September Featuring Sylvia, Rothwell

(‘Oh, hello there. This? Just some stuff I’m autographing because I’m famous. No big deal’)

He may be [...]

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Sherk Talks Steroid Test, Beats Up Some Poor Schmuck

Sean Sherk gets a very specific type of look on his face whenever anyone mentions his failed steroid test. [...]

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HDNet Has a ‘Dream Weekend’ Lined Up

(Because what else are you going to do this weekend?)

For those of you who didn’t get your fix watching the [...]

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The UFC Is Selling Used Clothing, And Doing Surprisingly Well

(Mother’s Day is coming up, and the champ’s used shorts sure put flowers to shame.)

When I received an email from [...]

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Vrax Wins in a Landslide!

Congratulations, buddy: You’re about to be one shirt-wearin’ motherfucker. By a wide, wide margin, Vrax turned in the most popular [...]

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Did Forrest K.O. Kimbo? No, and You’re a Pussy

(“Oh, my daughter’s going to be so excited that I met Jay-Z!”)

Via — Kimbo Slice responds to [...]

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I’m Just Sayin’…

Sean Sherk before his completely unjust steroid suspension:

Sean Sherk now:

Maybe it’s a bad angle, but is the Muscle Shark looking…I [...]

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Shields/Fickett Fight Canceled Again; Diaz Booked For DREAM.3

(Our thoughts exactly.)

I would take this as a clear sign that EliteXC’s welterweight belt is cursed by poltergeists and refuses [...]

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Wanderlei Silva’s Training Methods Are Unconventional

(You laugh now, but we’ll see who’s laughing when those ice caps melt.)

You might think that Wanderlei Silva, who came [...]

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Ten Signs You’re About To Be Cut From The UFC

With the UFC dropping fighters like bad bean pies and more roster cuts on the horizon, you can bet that [...]

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Travis Lutter Wants His Damn Money

Our friend Ariel at MMARated did an audio interview with Travis Lutter shortly after he was [...]

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Triumph United Comment Contest, Week 2: The Nominees

(Are you a Mayhem Monkey?)

Since all you guys did was bitch about it last time, we’re going to [...]

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