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Iconic Album Covers Replaced With Sloths


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Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson: Legit Full-Fight Video Highlights

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The Top 25 Truths About Chuck Norris

Everyone else in cyberspace has weighed in, so it’s time for CagePotato to lay down the Chuck Norris law. ‘Cept [...]

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Brock Lesnar in Interview Shocker!

According to Brock Lesnar in this new promo video for UFC 81, the outcomes in pro wrestling “may be pre-determined.” [...]

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Ken Shamrock May Break His Four-Year Losing Streak

(Yeah, but what happens when Cage Rage dumps your ass?)

According to The Fight Network, Ken Shamrock’s manager has [...]

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UFC 80 Is Upon Us: Bonus Predictions

Start gathering the beer and microwavable pizza rolls: “Rapid Fire” goes down tomorrow night in Newcastle (3 p.m. ET, [...]

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The Masses Have Spoken: Hughes at #21

(Matt Hughes “taking it” from GSP.)

An entry on Matt Hughes’ official blog yesterday announced that his book Read More

“Daddy” Wants to Lay Down a Spanking

On Monday we gave BJ Penn some space on CagePotato. Now it’s time to do the same for [...]

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Chuck Liddell: Elbow Deep in Skanks

(Above: Skanks.)

It seems that Wanderlei Silva isn’t the only one who wants to “fuck Chuck.” Post-UFC 79, the [...]

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Jess Liaudin Has Some Issues to Work Out

Based on a new article published in The Canadian Press, UFC welterweight Jess Liaudin deserves a spot next [...]

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Fight of the Day: Jason Lambert vs. Renato Sobral

Jason “The Punisher” Lambert — who takes on Wilson Gouveia on Saturday night — hasn’t fought since UFC [...]

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Nick Diaz’s Exploding Eyeball Coming Back Soon

Yesterday, we brought you the live scoop of EliteXC’s conference call. The main topic was Kimbo’s upcoming February [...]

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Roger Huerta Is the Official Face of the Official Car Speakers of the UFC

According to this press release, Directed Electronics has inked a deal with the UFC to become [...]

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CagePotato Contest — Design a T-Shirt for Serious Pimp and Win $1,000!

(The “OG Durag” shirt, available for only 20 bones.)

Attention CagePotato readers with artistic ability and a strong pimp-hand: [...]

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Bells and Balls: Frank Shamrock’s New Training Video

Two things occur to me after watching this training video, which Frank Shamrock recently sent out as a bulletin from [...]

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The Fedor Debate

Okay, I’ve got some bitch slapping to do. I can’t stay silent any longer. I’ve sat back and read the [...]

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UFC Rap: a Weigh-In and a Cancellation

Don’t forget: the weigh-ins for UFC 80 will happen this Friday at the Metroradio Arena in jolly ‘ole [...]

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Zuffa vs. Couture: The Actual Lawsuit

When we last discussed Zuffa’s lawsuit against Randy Couture, our only source was an article in the Las [...]

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Liveblog: Kimbo Slice/Tank Abbott Conference Call; Tank Prefers “Potato Juice”

As promised earlier…

Click the “MORE” link and refresh the page every couple minutes to see the latest announcements [...]

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Fight of the Day: Fabricio Werdum vs. Aleksander Emelianenko

We’re not sure why so many people are talking about Saturday’s Gabriel Gonzaga/Fabricio Werdum fight at UFC 80 like [...]

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GSP Wants to Dominate Other Divisions

He wouldn’t be the first one to be a champion in more than one division. But three? That [...]

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The 10 Best Street Fight Videos of All Time

When you're going to attempt the classic "slap a random woman in the face" prank, be sure she's not walking with her bare-knuckle boxing champ boyfriend, or something unfortunate might happen.

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Kimbo Slice/Tank Abbott Conference Call Today: Now Accepting Your Questions

(Tank Abbott, after eating 200 deviled eggs.)

Heads up, Potato Nation: EliteXC is holding a media conference call today at [...]

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Three Championship Belts on the Line at “WEC: Condit vs. Prater”

(Carlos Condit: “You’ll never grow old, and you’ll never die…but you must feed!”)

The WEC has announced the full [...]

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Killing Deals Dana-Style

We all know the negotiations between CBS and the UFC have gone the way of the Hollywood writer’s strike: nowhere. [...]

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The Goat: Just Too Ugly, Claims Eddie Alvarez

(Eddie Alvarez)

Today over at CBS Sportsline, there’s an interview with former Bodog welterweight champ Eddie Alverez [...]

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Meet the Irish Hand Grenade

(We know what you’re thinking, and yes, Marcus is standing on a box.)

Known as the “Bonus Kid” for the way [...]

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Kimbo Slice: “When It’s Time Come to Bump, You Gonna Bump.”

ProElite has put together a new promo video to hype the Kimbo Slice/Tank Abbott fight on February 16. Two [...]

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Ladies and Gentlemen: The Future of MMA

Fightlinker found a picture of Ryan Shamrock. This is what he looks like.

That is all.

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Fight of the Day: Quinton Jackson vs. Ikuhisa Minowa

Another classic Rampage jam from PRIDE, this one against Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa at Shockwave 2003 (12/31/03). I’d argue that [...]

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The Science of Kicking Ass

Need a little science to explain why guys like Rampage and Chuck seem a little educationally-challenged at times? Well, now [...]

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And So It Begins: UFC Files First Lawsuit Against Randy Couture

(Couture and a pre-Headblade Dana White.)

The Las Vegas Review Journal has reported that lawyers for Read More