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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?



AAAAAAARGHHH: Jose Aldo Out, Mendes vs. McGregor Now Headlines UFC 189

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CagePotato Talks Out of Own Ass on BetUS Radio; UFC 82 Liveblog Tomorrow Night

EliteXC signs with CBS. The UFC signs with Budwesier. And makes its first appearance on Read More

“Sometimes You Have to Hit People”: An Exclusive IFL Report

The IFL’s “New Blood – New Battles” season opener goes down tonight at the Orleans Arena [...]

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The Nine Worst Fighting Get-Ups Ever

9. Don Frye

Full pints of 40-year-old ball-sweat have passed through the Predator’s Old Glory nut-huggers. Just seems a little disrespectful, [...]

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There Will Be Cash: UFC 82 Bonus Predictions

(Andrei Arlovski could be one paid motherfucker tomorrow.)

Our monthly roundup in which we express fight predictions via the UFC’s customary [...]

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IFL Drops ‘Xtreme Couture’ Name From Tonight’s Event

(Tompkins at work.)

The first round of the UFC/Randy Couture legal dust-up was scored 10-9 for the UFC, as Xtreme Couture [...]

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Tito Ortiz: Fired

All things must pass. And so it went with Tito Ortiz, who found himself on the business end of a [...]

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Eddie Alvarez Signs For DREAM’s LWGP

(Alvarez vs. Derrick Noble in ’06.)

Although Eddie Alvarez signed a multi-fight deal with the EliteXC last month, he [...]

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UFC Originally Had Gators – Seriously

(The future centerpieces of the UFC.)

I don’t make a habit of reading unless I’m researching how to properly organize [...]

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UFC 84: ‘ill will’ : (

Apparently I’m a subscriber to the newsletter — which means I can totally buy tickets before the [...]

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So Long, Mickey’s Big Mouth

(Pour one out…)

It’s kind of sad that it’s taken this long for the UFC to get a non-malt-liquor beer sponsor. [...]

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Fight of the Day: Dan Henderson vs. Wanderlei Silva

Arguably the best fight from the best fight card of 2007: Dan Henderson’s romper-stomper against Wanderlei Silva for the middleweight [...]

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Injury Changes Strikeforce Card; “Semtex” Confirms Retirement

(Melendez – and his hair – in need of an opponent.)

— Strikeforce lightweight title-holder Gilbert “El Niño” Melendez was supposed [...]

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‘Pride of a Champion’ Betting Odds; CagePotato Endorses Anderson Silva

MMA Betting Blog has the odds for Saturday’s UFC 82, and breaks down a few of [...]

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EliteXC and CBS Spit on Their Hands, Shake

(Saturday Night Live: Slice and Shaw)

From the press release that just landed, growling and steaming, in our inbox:


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Sakuraba’s Hilarious New Gym!

Suki MMA reports that PRIDE/K-1 star Kazushi Sakuraba will open his first official gym on April [...]

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Pop Quiz, Hotshot: The MMA Version

(Am I weird, or is this chick hot?)

For all you nerds who like trivia, flexing your brain, and shit, head [...]

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EliteXC Close to Network TV Deal?

(Will Kimbo kick ass after “Without a Trace”?)

MMA Junkie is reporting that ProElite – the parent company of [...]

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Mysteries: The Affliction/Golden Boy Fight League, YAMMA’s Pit of Doom, and Paternity Test Results

Matt Lindland let it slip to MMA Weekly that he’s just signed a contract with a new [...]

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Fight of the Day: Mighty Mo vs. Everyone

Good God, this guy has the best haymaker we’ve seen since Clubber Lang. Who knows if Read More

Joe Riggs Gives No Quarter to the Handicapped; Update on Back Injury

The love/hate relationship between Joe Riggs and his agent Ken Pavia is a matter of public record. In [...]

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Potato Stew: Cro Cop’s Next, Gunderson Talks Xtreme Couture & More

(Gunderson in his favorite jersey.)

— Appears Cro Cop will be facing Siala “Mighty Mo” Siliga at Dream 1. [...]

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Bill Goldberg: Still an Idiot

The esteemed EliteXC commentator freezes up while looking at dancing girls, stammers like Foghorn Leghorn, and will not give up [...]

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Kimbo Slice Can Take Full Credit for Showtime’s Success

(Kimbo posing with Tappy McTapsalot.)

Alright, so that may be a bit of a stretch. But Variety reports that [...]

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Jake Shields Earns Black Belt, Is Savagely Pinkbellied

EliteXC’s welterweight top-dog Jake Shields was awarded his BJJ black belt yesterday by Cesar Gracie at Team Fairtex [...]

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Spider and Hendo on Their UFC 82 Face-Off

We’re starting to feel the UFC 82 adrenaline building and it’ll certainly be hitting on all cylinders by this Saturday. [...]

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Late-Day Mash: IFL’s New Deal, UFC 84′s Official Name & “Semtex” Retiring?

(Is “Semtex” done?)

— Cage Rage vet and current EliteXC fighter Paul “Semtex” Daley has posted on-line that he [...]

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Yet Another Example of the Economic Inequalities Endemic to Combat Sports

(Small man, big money.)

It was announced today that boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. will pocket a very-real $20 [...]

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Fight of the Day: Ray Sefo vs. Min Soo Kim

There are so many things about this video that confuse me — the three-minute first round, the standing 8-count, the [...]

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CagePotato Exclusive Interview: Chris Wilson

(“I’m ready to go in there and shock the world.”)

By CagePotato Special Contributor Ben Fowlkes

Chris Wilson is in [...]

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DREAM Adds Fighters To Debut Event

(Cro Cop still without an opponent for DREAM 1.)

The new Japanese DREAM organization from FEG and DSE has announced – [...]

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