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Steroids in MMA
Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next?


Joe Rogan to Replace Tina Fey?

MMAPayout has a great summary/analysis of the latest developments in the UFC’s looming network television deal. Among the [...]

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Quinton Jackson Lashes Out on

Rampage was featured on yesterday — no, not for flashing his vagina while getting out of a [...]

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Tommy Avenges Upper-Deck Humiliation on TUF

On last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Tommy proved once again that it’ll take a lot more than geyser-like [...]

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Oh, For Christ’s Sake…

You know how a prank goes too far on tonight’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter? Well, Read More

F.o.t.D: Gina Carano vs. Tonya Evinger

Gina “Conviction” Carano — a.k.a. the “Beautiful Disaster,” a.k.a. the face of women’s MMA — increased her record [...]

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OCTAGON: Methods Behind the Madness

As you may have heard, the UFC is releasing a 392-page coffee-table book called Octagon. Limited [...]

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Wanderlei Silva: Bilingual Corporate Whore

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Vadim Finkelchtein Clears Up the Confusion (Sort Of) (But Not Really…)

To clarify the miscommunication and conflicting rumors generated by M-1 Global and its maverick Russian arm Read More

Boring But Important (aka “Leftovers”)

— Audio from yesterday’s UFC conference call with Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre and Dana White is at Read More

Fight of the Day: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Ricardo Arona (PRIDE 34)

How does a guy with only a 4-1 MMA record find himself ranked #6 on MMA Weekly’s list [...]

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You Had Me at “Lonely U.S. Border Patrol Agent”

According to, filming began today for a Canadian action film called Weapon, which stars former UFC Middleweight [...]

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Escort of the Day: Edith Larente

Hey guys, you know who isn’t a prostitute? Paulo Filho. But do you know who quite possibly might have [...]

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Mac Danzig Not Just an Asshole — He’s Also a Vegan!

I just came across this pre-TUF interview with Mac Danzig, where the former King [...]

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Chuck Liddell’s Request to Train With Paulo Filho Is Politely Declined

From an interview with undefeated WEC middleweight champ Paulo Filho on, run through [...]

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Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock Reunited for “Ring of Fire”

The UFC Hall-of-Famers whose blood and sweat carried the organization in its early days will act as coaches for a [...]

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Fights of the Day: Aleksander Emelianenko

If you’re only a casual fan of MMA, you’d be forgiven for not knowing that Fedor Emelianenko has [...]

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CagePotato MySpace Page Now Available for Friendship

Attention social networkers: done gone and got itself one of them MySpace pages! Click here to check [...]

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Thanksgiving Leftovers

If you were avoiding computers and televisions as much as I was since Wednesday, you may also be unaware of [...]

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Hughes/GSP Rubber Match to Replace Hughes/Serra Grudge Match at UFC 79

Man, I can’t leave you people alone for two seconds…

While some of us were enjoying a few days off the [...]

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John McCain: Waffler

John McCain in 1996: “[MMA is] a brutal and repugnant blood sport…that should not be allowed to take [...]

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Fighters Announced for Fedor’s NYE Japan Show

As reported on and Fight Opinion, a press conference was held in Japan today to [...]

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Tim Kennedy to Replace Sean Salmon at HDNet Fights

As you may have already heard/seen, Sean Salmon found himself on the wrong end of a [...]

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Fight of the Day: Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva (UFC 78)

According to, Houston Alexander is already back in the gym with his coach Mick Doyle, trying to [...]

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Bisping to New Jersey: “Go to Hell”

Like King George III and Hugh Grant before him, Michael Bisping is quickly establishing himself as a Brit who Americans [...]

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Reminder: Forrest Griffin Is Tonight’s ‘SVU’ Villain

Be advised! Forrest Griffin and Ice-T’s wife Coco guest star on Law & Order: Special Victims [...]

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Ali Sonoma: A Remembrance

If you were bummed that Octagon Girl Ali Sonoma was M.I.A. during UFC 78, prepare to [...]

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Friday’s Strikeforce Event Available Free on Yahoo! Sports

To see Cung Le kick ass, Sean Salmon get KTFO’d, and all of my predictions fall apart one by one, [...]

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Premiere Date, Contestants Announced for Celebrity “Apprentice”

As reported here last month, the next season of NBC’s awful-behavior competition The Apprentice will be a celebrity [...]

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Fight of the Day: Georges St. Pierre vs. Sean Sherk

Steroid accusations aside, Sean Sherk has had one of the most dominant careers in MMA. In 34 professional fights, he’s [...]

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Reason #643 Why Korean Television Is Better Than American Television

(Hong Man Choi/Choi Hong Man on “Heroine 6″)

Have you ever seen a seven-foot-tall man move like that? And how ’bout [...]

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