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bad celebrity tattoos
20 Celebrities With Truly Awful Tattoos



The Greatest Fights in MMA History Tournament: And the Winner Is…

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phil baroni best eva bellator instagram robe

Phil Baroni Announces May 2nd Bellator Debut Via Instagram Hashtags

Baroni would like you to know that he's back, he's still the man, and believe it or not, he's "the whole f*cking show."

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Non-MMA Video of the Day: Epic Semi-Pro Hockey Brawl Ends in Bro Fives and Hugs

It's one of those rare, truly beautiful moments that cannot even be ruined by the presence of Five Finger Death Punch's music blaring in the background.

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Bucket Lists and Bully Beatdowns: Two Feel Good MMA Stories That Are Sure to Warm Your Black Heart

Two stories guaranteed to lend credence to the theory that MMA is not slowly swirling down the shitter.

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Wednesday Link Dump: How Vladimir Putin Changed an MMA Fighter’s Life, The McConaughey Quote Quiz, Ladies Who Never Skip Leg Day + More

Some must-read content from our beloved link-partners. Thanks for the support, you guys!

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Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Involved in Kidnapping and Beating of Two Former Employees Over Stolen Jewelry

One source put it this way, "It was some 'Breaking Bad' s**t."

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UFC 171 Tweet-Sized Stats: 26 Surprising Facts for Hendricks vs. Lawler

"Highest paced striker at UFC 171 is Jake Shields. He averages 17 strikes per minute while standing, and outworks opponents by 75%." [Ed. note: WTF???]

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Rampage Jackson vs. King Mo Booked as Co-Main Event for Bellator’s May 17th PPV

In terms of fake heat, Rampage vs. King Mo might even rank above Chael vs. Wandy on the bullshit scale. Then again, this is arguably the biggest fight that Bellator can throw together right now in terms of star power, and booking it for the promotion's (fingers crossed) first PPV show only seems logical.

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ufc 2

On This Day in MMA History: The UFC Holds Its First (and Last) Ever 16-Man Tournament at UFC 2: No Way Out

Twenty years ago today (!), on March 11th, 1994, the UFC held the only 16-man, one-night tournament in promotional history at UFC 2. It was...epic to say the least.

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Interview: Casey Oxendine Explains Why Hip Show Is an Evolution in Combat Sports, Not a Freak Show

"Martial arts are created to emulate real-life situations. And one-on-one combat is not the only real situation out there."

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Knockout of the Day: A Garbage-Ass WMMA Fight Ends With a Vicious Spinning Backfist


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Aw, Hell No: Grappler Submits and Vomits After Being Farted on at NAGA Tournament [VIDEO!]

Having never competed in no-gi grappling in my life, I can't speak to the legalities of busting farts while an opponent is working in your guard. It seems like it should be illegal.

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glory 14 crop

Glory 14 Results: Bonjasky Edges Cro Cop in Swan Song, Kiria Shocks Ristie With Come-From-Behind KO

We'll say it again: Retire, Mirko. Retire for good and stop breaking our hearts.

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Thiago Silva Released From Jail on $25,000 Bond, Awaits Aggravated Assault Trial

In a salacious twist, Pablo Popovitch's wife Fabianna gave testimony at the hearing, stating that Thaysa "destroyed my life and my kids' family" by "sleeping with my husband."

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UFC Fight Night London: Gustafsson v Manuwa

UFC Fight Night 37 Results: Alexander Gustafsson TKO’s Jimi Manuwa, Calls Out Jon Jones [VIDEO]

"Jon Jones, I want my title shot again. I'm right here. Whenever you want, man. Whenever you want."

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dana resized

UFC Fight Night 37 Results: Dana White Needs to Respond to Criticism, Not Mock It

Even though Alexander Gustafsson, Jimi Manuwa, Michael Johnson, and Melvin Guillard all met in the Octagon today, the biggest fight of the weekend wasn't contested in a cage. It happened over twitter.

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tma bullshit

Martial Arts Fail of the Week: How A Ninja Passes the Guard

This week's Martial Arts Fail was going to re-visit Master Wong—the man who warned us that eye pokes would result in our families being murdered. But midway through the week we received a tip from CagePotato contributor Adam Ackerman. When we watched the video he sent us, we knew it had to be this week's Martial Arts Fail.

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hireon tweeet

And Now He’s Retired: Jay Hieron Hangs It Up After a Decade in MMA

Jay Hieron announced his retirement from MMA competition today via twitter. He retires with a 23-7 record, accrued over 10 years of competition.

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Bellator 111 Results: Dantas Submits Leone With Incredible Choke, Johnson, Mo, Volkov, and Ivanov All Advance

Bellator 111 being able to build off Bellator 110's momentum was questionable. After all, three fourths of 111's main card was comprised of heavyweights with questionable cardiovascular conditioning.

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PRIDE Neva Die: Kenny Monday’s Oklahoma-Based MMA Promotion Bringing Back Eight-Man, One-Night Tournaments


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Friday Link Dump: GSP Shows Up in ‘Captain America’, Cyrille Diabate Announces Retirement Before Tomorrow’s Fight, Prom Girls Holding Guns + More

Some must-see highlights from our bros around the blogosphere.

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“It’s a Step in the Right Direction for Men”: Don Frye and Other MMA Stars React to Hip Show [VIDEO]

"Man, somebody's gonna die." — Bobby Lashley

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Catch the ‘Fight Night 37: Gustafsson vs. Manuwa’ Weigh-Ins LIVE Right Here Starting at 11 a.m. EST [UPDATED w/RESULTS]

Being that most of us are still resisting the non-urge to purchase UFC Fight Pass, today's weigh-ins will likely be the closest we come to seeing any of tomorrow afternoon's fights (legally, at least)

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Carlos Condit to Earn Welterweight Title Shot if He Beats Tyron Woodley at UFC 171

Since it's our nature to be critical, let's start by listing the reasons this plan doesn't make sense.

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Knockout of the Day: Vik Grujic Elbows Luke Harris’s Head Through the Floor on ‘TUF Nations’

Harris does the most dead-on Koji Oishi impression we've ever seen, before he inevitably gets his ass kicked.

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Today in TRT: Chael Sonnen Contemplates Retirement as CSAC Becomes Latest Commission to Issue a “Total Ban”

The real concern here is: If/when Sonnen is forced to retire from MMA, who will step up to become Brazil's public enemy number 1?

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Hot Potato: 14 More Photos of Stunning WSOF Card Carrier Jessica Sutton

Check out some of Jessica's latest photos above, follow her on Twitter, and be sure to look for her in action at WSOF 9: Carl vs. Palhares on March 29th.

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UFC to Hold Simultaneous Events in Germany and Brazil on May 31st

The Berlin Fight Night marks the UFC's first visit to Germany since November 2010, and will reportedly be headlined by a high-level featherweight contest. (Start warming up, Dennis Siver.)

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The Unsupportable Opinion: MMA/The UFC Is NOT Slowly Swirling Down the Shitter

MMA isn't rapidly descending into the watered-down, passionless, corporate-sponsored hellscape we all think it is, and everyone needs to man (or woman) the fuck up and stop acting like the sport is a lost cause.

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MMA Fighter Booto Guylain Dies From Head Trauma Suffered in EFC Africa Match Last Week

The fight that claimed Guylain's life ended like many others in this sport — with Guylain on his back sustaining a series of elbow strikes from Davies, who was in full mount.

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UFC Fighter Portraits

And Now He’s Retired: Mac Danzig Leaves UFC Due to Concussions, Loss of Motivation

UFC lightweight Mac Danzig announced his retirement from MMA yesterday, after a 12-year professional career marked by a King of the Cage title reign, a dominant run on The Ultimate Fighter, and inconsistent performances in the Octagon.

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