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Classic Crush: 20 Photos of Erika Eleniak, Super-Babe of the ’90s



Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz Booked for UFC 183, January 31st in Las...

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Report: Phil Baroni to Make Bellator Debut Against Karo Parisyan on July 25th

"I'm the best eva!" vs. "Do you know who I am, bro?" — a battle of massive egos and inconsistent performances. Who ya got?

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Is Rousey vs. Carano a Circus Fight or a Money Fight?

The UFC continues to negotiate with the original “face of women’s MMA,” Gina Carano. Is there a method to the madness?

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Photo: *This* Is Why Tim Sylvia Hasn’t Re-Signed With the UFC

Unless the UFC plans on adding Akebonoweight to their ranks, we don't see old Timmeh being invited back anytime soon.

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Wild Rumor of the Day: Kimbo Slice Is Signing With Bellator

Let's not get precious with ourselves, okay? Bellator needs stars, and Kimbo is one of the biggest stars in MMA history. YES HE IS YES HE IS SHUT UP.

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“Fastest Knockout” Record-Holder Mike Garrett Drops Another Dude in 3.5 Seconds [VIDEO]

I love how Animashaun is referred to as the "runner-up" in this fight. There are no losers at Warrior Challenge. That's adorable.

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“Adventures in Ronda Rousey Land” Is The Weirdest/Greatest Fanboy Video of All Time

This is one of the most brilliantly-retarded things you or I will ever see, and it's a goddamn delight.

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UFC 174 Snapchat Contest: The Winners!

In a way, we picked a great event to kick off our semi-recurring Snapchat contests, since most of you spent UFC 174 bored off your asses and looking for a way to pass the time.

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UFC 174 Update: Brendan Schaub’s Blown-Up Face Wasn’t as Bad as It Looked

Brief summary of Brendan Schaub's experience at UFC 174 on Saturday: He out-works Andrei Arlovski on the feet and and the ground during one of the least entertaining fights of the year, then somehow loses a decision and leaves the Octagon with his jaw swollen up like Quagmire.

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Let’s Talk About Dude Wipes for a Minute (or Several Minutes)

What does it say about the UFC's product when a glorified baby wipe is drawing more attention than the fights?

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UFC 174 Results: Demetrious Johnson Retains Title, MacDonald Dominates Woodley

"Mighty Mouse" defeats Ali Bagautinov in a five-round shutout. Plus: Andrei Arlovski scrapes out a win after an uninspiring performance.

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If You Think Dana White Cares About Bellator, You Are a F*cking Idiot (His Words, Not Ours)

Hey guys: Have you ever cared about something so little that it makes you super upset, to the point where you have to go on a three-minute profanity-fueled tirade about how much you don't care? I mean, that's something we all struggle with, right?

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Fitness Motivation: 14 Photos of Sexy Women Swinging Ropes

If you have any suggestions for future Fitness Motivation galleries, holler in the comments. At this point, "sexy women doing squats" is a strong front-runner.

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UFC Fight Night: Weigh-Ins

UFC Fight Night 42 Salaries: Diego Sanchez Steals Six Figures, While Flyweights Continue to Be Undervalued

Diego Sanchez just showed Lee Murray how a *real* fighter gets away with theft.

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UFC 174 Snapchat Contest: Send Us Your Post-Fight Reactions, Win a Pack of UFC Knockout 2014 Trading Cards From Topps!

CagePotato recently started an official Snapchat account — cagepotatomma — where our loyal fans have been spamming us with weird drawings and photos of their televisions. And yes, the occasional blurry photo of male genitalia, but whaddya gonna do.

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EliteXC - Heat - 8. Andrei Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson

#ThrowbackThursday: Andrei Arlovski Does the Unthinkable, KO’s “Big Country” at EliteXC: Heat

For this week's edition of #ThrowbackThursday, we look back at Andrei Arlovski vs. Roy Nelson ahead of the former's clash with Brendan Schaub at UFC 174.

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The 12 Most Awesome/Terrible ‘EA Sports UFC’ Demo Videos Created by Actual Users

Fun fact: You can basically guarantee victory if you just throw never ending spinning back kicks during the first minute of the fight.

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Bellator’s New Tournament Rules Are Pretty Simple Until You Try to Explain Them

"Flexibility" (n.), a euphemism referring to a fight-promoter's ability to do whatever the f*ck he wants at all times without having to justify it.

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This 4-Minute Video Pretty Much Sums Up The Entire Season of TUF 19: Penn vs. Edgar (and TUF in General)

"Is this the season of guys who just don't want it?" -- Dana White

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Would Anybody Out There Like to Fight Jon Fitch at WSOF 11? Anybody? [UPDATED AGAIN]

A replacement-replacement-replacement opponent has not been announced for Fitch yet, although I hear that Jason High dude is free these days.

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Vitor Belfort Taken Off UFC 175 Lineup, Will Not Appear at NSAC Licensing Hearing Next Week

Belfort has also been removed from the NSAC agenda for next week, as he’s no longer in immediate need of a license to compete in Nevada.

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Chael Sonnen Announces His Retirement From MMA in the Wake of Drug Test Failure

The American Gangster, the Bad Guy, the most entertaining talker and most unabashed liar in the history of mixed martial arts, has left the building.

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Wednesday Links: Wanderlei Silva Wants In Against Vitor Belfort (LOL!), Paul Daley Working on UFC Return (Double LOL!!), Bulking Up For Dummies + More

(UFC 174 Free Fight: Roland Delorme vs. Nick Denis via the UFC’s Youtube page.)

After Chael Sonnen Removal, Wanderlei [...]

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Claudia Gadelha vs. Tina Lahdemaki Booked for UFC’s First-Ever Women’s Strawweight Match at UFC Fight Night 45 in July

Gadelha was offered a spot in the TUF 20 cast, but turned it down due to concerns over making weight repeatedly in a short period of time. She is apparently the youngest BJJ black belt in Nova Uniao history.

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[VIDEOS] Dana White & Chael Sonnen Play the Blame Game on ‘America’s Pregame’

The lesson, kids: Don't start using drugs, so you don't have to do the other drugs that help you get off the first drugs.

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Jason High Released From UFC After Shoving Referee at UFC Fight Night 42

"Say that Chael Sonnen was the one that lightly pushed the ref and that Jason High failed the drug test. Does Dana instantly fire Chael and then go on TV to publicly defend High?

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Fitness Motivation: 14 Photos of Sexy Women Flipping Tires

Fitness motivation photos are just another Internet fetish, like feet, or whispering. What is this photo inspiring you to do, exactly?

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Chael Sonnen Attempts to Explain Failed Drug Test Via Last-Second Interview With ‘Jay Mohr Sports’

"This is out of competition due to a rule that they changed. So this is kind of an odd spot for me."

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BREAKING: Chael Sonnen Fails Random Drug Test, Will Not Fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 175

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has confirmed that Sonnen's test came back positive for a pair of unapproved hormone regulators.

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The Durkin Era Continues: Patrick Cummins to Make Quick Return Against Kyle Kingsbury at UFC on FOX 12 in July

We've been guilty of declaring "eras" a little prematurely around here, but I think it's safe to say that we're already living in the Durkin Era, and are rapidly approaching the Geological Epoch of Patrick Muthatruckin' Durkins. Trust me, guys. Just watch it happen.

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Let’s Count the LOL-Worthy Moments in This Amazing/Awful Video About the Nick Diaz-Mayhem Miller Feud

Anderson Silva and Jay-Z have joined forces under the latter's Life+Times network to launch a new web series focused on MMA rivalries called STATIC. Episode 2: Diaz vs. Miller.

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