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21 Humans Who Make Being Human Look Really, Really Hard



UFC on FOX 11: Werdum vs. Browne — Main Card Results & Commentary

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UFC 166 - Melendez v Sanchez

Gilbert Melendez and UFC Fail to Reach Agreement on New Contract, “El Nino” Told to “Start Looking Elsewhere”

One day, you're putting on one of the greatest fights in UFC History. The next, you're fighting Ben Askren at a catchweight in One FC. *cries into whiskey glass*

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Knockout of the Day: Dude Gets Head-Kicked Into Outer Space at Jordanian MMA Event

The knockout victim immediately goes horizontal while flying backwards, like when you knock down a bad guy in Final Fight.

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Rashad Evans Suffers Leg Injury, Out of UFC 170 Fight With Daniel Cormier

The UFC confirmed the news today, adding that Cormier has been pulled off the card altogether.

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Conor McGregor is a Sensitive Artist in New Irish Heineken Ad [VIDEO]

If the ad is to be believed, McGregor has apparently spent most of the down time he's had since tearing his ACL last August folding origami swans (also, calling Diego Sanchez a "fatty").

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Jungle Fight Lightweight Guilherme Rodrigues Murdered in Brazil, Just One Day After Nova Uniao Fighter Meets the Same Fate

Our hearts go out to the families of Franca and Rodrigues, and we will keep you updated on their cases as information is made available.

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MMA Fans “Don’t Give a Flying F*ck” About the MMA Media (and That’s a Bad Thing)

A discussion about the MMA media surfaced on r/MMA recently, with the inflammatory title "Why do people on this subreddit refuse to acknowledge that the MMA media is bought and paid for?"

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UFC Changes Fight-Bonus Structure, Introduces “Performance of the Night”

Goodbye KOTNs and SOTNs. Hello...POTNs? WTF?

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EFC Africa Heavyweight Champion Ruan Potts Signs With the UFC, So Here’s Some Videos of Him in Action

What? Cain Velasquez needs to be fed, dammit!

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Yancy Medeiros Fails Drug Test for Marijuana, Win Over Yves Edwards Changes to No-Contest

Marijuana Day continues on CagePotato with another piece of weed-related bad news.

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UFC Shuts Down Illegal Streaming Site, Seizes Database & Vows to Come After Users [EVERYBODY PANIC]

The trials of said illegal streamers are set to begin next month, and will air exclusively on Fight Pass (not really, but maybe).

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Jessica Eye’s Denial of Positive Marijuana Test is a PR Failure of Spectacular Proportions

Why Eye chose to outright lie with the evidence staring her directly in the face in anyone's guess.

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Fight Flicks: Knuckle

A new recurring column on CagePotato that focuses on overlooked, underrated, or just plain awesome fight-centric films currently available on Youtube. First up, the 2012 Irish bare-knuckle boxing documentary, Knuckle.

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Quote of the Day: Anthony Johnson Has Nothing Against PEDs, As Long as You Don’t Kill Nobody

"If you abuse it, of course you are going to get popped for it and do stupid stuff. But if you use it the right way and you just do what you are supposed to do, then it shouldn't be a problem."

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The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Taleb v Manawaroa

Dear MMA Fans, Tyler Manawaroa’s Racist Instagram Photo Is Not Excusable

The comments on any article or message board post about Tyler Manawaroa's racist Instagram post are an example of why MMA is where it is in terms of the sport's public perception.

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Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013 - Day 2

Why Does MMA Care About CM Punk?

Did you hear? CM Punk might be headed to MMA.

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Martial Arts Fail of the Week: The Hat Is Mightier Than the Sword

Our friends at made a great discovery this week: A guy named James Keating who peddles hat-based self defense techniques.

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Friday Link Dump: Fedor’s Olympic Cameo, Update on Julianna Pena’s Knee, Naughty Lego Positions + More

Some must-see highlights from our bros around the blogosphere.

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Thiago Silva Held Without Bail and Given Lifetime UFC Ban as Horrific Details Begin to Emerge in Aggravated Assault Case

Silva allegedly "picked up a revolver, pushed [his wife] onto the sofa, placed a revolver inside her mouth and threatened to kill her."

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UFC On FX: Alves v Kampmann

UFC on Fox 11 Booking Roundup: Thiago Alves Returns, Jordan Mein & Josh Samman Face Little Known Brazilians

Please try and contain yourselves.

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Ronda Rousey Is Really Doing This Acting Thing, Lines Up Roles in ‘Entourage’ and ‘The Athena Project’

[Ed. note: Please be Turtle's girlfriend...please be Turtle's girlfriend...]

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UFC Fighter Thiago Silva Arrested on Multiple Charges Following Altercation at MMA School, Armed Standoff With Police [UPDATED]

Silva allegedly stormed into the Pablo Popovitch MMA Academy while carrying a gun, made "unspecified threats," then left and barricaded himself inside his home.

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On This Day in MMA History: Joe Rogan Loses His Sh*t Over Spilled Bag of Ice [VIDEO]

It’s no one’s fault, really, except maybe the person who decided to use a cheap grocery store produce bag in Torres’s corner.

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Rousey photo 1


If this is how Ronda Rousey plans to gain back the fans she lost over the course of The Ultimate Fighter 18, then consider us back on Team Housey!

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Discovery Channel Cancels The Fighters After One Episode, Which Still Pulled Better Numbers Than ‘TUF: Nations’

Pour one out for The Fighters tonight, Potato Nation. We barely knew ye.

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It’s Official, the UFC’s Marketing Department Isn’t Even Trying Anymore

If this poster doesn't sum up the Fight Pass experience in an image, I don't know what does.

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The Unsupportable Opinion: Why PEDs Should Be Legal in MMA

Ultimately, it might be better for the sport if all MMA fighters were allowed to use PEDs. Seriously.

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VIDEO: Nick Newell Receives His Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

If that’s not enough to make you feel like a lazy floor-turd, Nick also recently spent time with some future ninjas at the “Helping Hands Foundation” where he inspired other kids by teaching them that ten fingers are pretty overrated.

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Jose Aldo’s Coach Suggests Meaningless Non-Title Catchweight Fight Against Anthony Pettis

Clearly, the Aldo camp has gotten cold feet about vacating the featherweight title to pursue a matchup they might not win. And as you can imagine, nobody's jumping out of their seats to take Pederneiras's up on his offer.

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Roy Nelson vs. Big Nog Official for UFC’s Return to Abu Dhabi on April 11th

Unfortunately, this card will only air on Fight Pass.

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UFC 169: Barao v Faber

UFC 169: A Lesson in Appreciation

Somewhere though, many somewheres in fact, someone is listening to White’s words, looking at their paycheck and making the decision never to pay again.

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