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PageviewPotato: See Floyd Mayweather In a Real Street Fight

Here’s a video of Floyd Mayweather apparently engaging in a brawl with some rapper called TI at a Las Vegas Fatburger. We say apparently because all you can really see is Mayweather yelling and then a bunch of chairs and tables flying around. It’s a shame the video is inconclusive regarding Mayweather’s street fighting acumen, we were legitimately dying to know how he’d fare against Ronda Rousey. You can also see Mayweather’s sweet ride at the end of the video. According to TMZ, a restaurant employee was “slashed” during the melee.

This has nothing to do with the sport we cover, but a mid-tier MMA blog’s gotta get those pageviews somehow, right? It’s just a shame this footage leaked after we finished compiling a list of the greatest fights that took place at fast food joints.

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