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Patricio Pitbull, Daniel Straus Rightfully Pissed About This Whole ‘Straus vs. Curran III’ Thing

(via Pitbull’s Twitter.)

Last night, I decided to jump on a grenade and inform you of everything that was wrong with Bellator’s decision to book a third fight between Daniel Straus and Pat Curran at Bellator 112. That I have somehow managed to avoid being dubbed a “jealous h8r” for my opinion up to this point is a miracle on par with Stefan Struve’s return to sparring, but I digress.

In any case, the main point I outlined in the case against Straus vs. Curran III was that there was a far more interesting (and logical) matchup to be had: Straus vs. Pitbull 2. You see, not only had Patricio “Pitbull” Freire won the season 9 featherweight tournament in November with a first round TKO of Justin Wilcox (the third TKO win in his past 4 fights), but he remains the only man to defeat newly-crowned champion Daniel Straus in Bellator. Throw in the fact that Straus was utterly dominant in his victory over Curran just two months ago and you’d have to be a short-sighted nincompoop to rebook Straus vs. Curran III, right?

Wrong. Bellator booked it, and now Patricio Pitbull is pissed right the fuck off. Which can only mean that he will be forced to fight for Bellator for the rest of his natural life, Amen.

After posting a series of Tweets, Facebooks, and Instagrams mocking Bellator’s “Where Titles are Earned” motto, Fabricio spoke with MMAJunkie:

I’m very disappointed with the whole situation. I’m very upset with the organization.

They said I would be fighting the winner of Straus vs. Curran III, but I question why that fight has to happen first. I told them I should get the shot, and then they just said that’s the direction the company is going and for me to just keep doing what I’m doing. Nothing they do right now is going to make right what they have done to me.

But if Bellator doesn’t believe in me – if they don’t want me to be champion and to do things right – I’d like to just ask them to let me out of my contract.

Fun fact: Swap the pistol with a railroad spike, and this is exactly how a Bellator contract meeting looks. 

I find it interesting that Bellator told Patricio that his rematch wouldn’t be in line with “the direction the company is going.” Fans have been wondering for a while if Bellator’s merger with Viacom has been responsible for any of their puzzling business decisions as of late, and exactly how much decision-making power founder and CEO Bjorn Rebney has been left with. Decisions like Straus vs. Curran III, which a fan of the sport like Bjorn would probably recognize as against his company’s best interest, seem to suggest that he is either not driving the Bellator bus anymore or is asleep at the wheel.

But one aspect I didn’t cover in my virulent takedown objectionable critique of Straus vs. Curran III is the location in which the fight will take place. Thankfully, Daniel Straus is here to comment on that situation as well (via Straus’ Facebook):

Oh, now I see what Bellator was talking about with “the direction they were going.” Bellator 112 is transpiring at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, a mere hour and a half drive from Curran’s hometown of Crystal Lake, Illinois. They were just being literal. I wonder how Eddie Alvarez is going to feel when they announce that his trilogy fight with Michael Chandler will be going down in the backseat of the Trans Am that Chandler got his first hummer in. (#carpuns)

So yeah, you done fucked up, Bellator. Here with a closing statement about how bad you done fucked up is, once again, Patricio Pitbull (via MMAFighting this time):

That whole ‘where the title shots are earned, not given’ is pure bulls–t now. That doesn’t exist anymore. Bellator is eating its own words. They didn’t respect my wins in the tournament.

It wasn’t even close. Straus won and is the f–king champion. Curran does not deserve a rematch. Curran is (Bellator’s) little boy. I hope Straus beats him up. I want Straus to destroy him inside the cage.

I won’t fight again. I will wait for my shot at the title to shut Bellator up.

File another grievance form to Bellator’s HR department, which has got to look like Charlie Kelly’s mailroom by now.

-J. Jones

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