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We like to take a somewhat “different look” at the MMA universe, but occasionally we also have to report some tragic news. It’s being reported that Shawn Bias – the Palace Fighting Championship’s featherweight champ until last Thursday – is only being given a 30-percent chance of survival. He is currently in a coma at Oroville General Hospital, which is north of Sacramento, California.

Sherdog dug up the story:

The 22-year-old fighter suffered an apparent heart attack late Saturday night – just two days after losing his PFC title to Art Arciniega – and later lapsed into a coma around 1 a.m. Sunday morning. After being admitted to the hospital, Bias was also diagnosed with complete kidney failure and has since been placed on dialysis.

The information was supplied by George Adkins who is a training partner and good friend of Shawn. Adkins noted that Shawn didn’t receive any more than the normal damage in the Thursday night fight that went down in Lemoore, California. It was also revealed that Bias was diagnosed with strep throat last Monday, but had insisted on fighting. This was in addition to having pneumonia and an infected tooth. It’s unbelievable the guy could even walk to the cage.

“It is all speculation at this point,” said a solemn Adkins, “but Shawn’s family and friends just want the people in the MMA community to know what is going on and to ask for their prayers.”

Adkins also stated that due to Bias’ critical state, the fighter has not been moved to a more advanced medical facility in Chico, Calif.

“At this point it is in Shawn and God’s hands,” Adkins said.

Shawn Bias is 12-6 and has been with the PFC for some time now. He has been described as a guy who’s easy to like and loves to have fun while training. Our thoughts are with him and his family.

UPDATE, 1/22, 10:43 a.m.: Sherdog now reports that the heart-attack was caused by police tasers:

George Adkins (Pictures), a training partner and close friend of Bias, told that Bias was fighting for his life because Oroville Police Department officers Tasered Bias up to five times and struck him repeatedly with batons.

According to Adkins, who cited police, eyewitness and medical personnel accounts, Bias knocked on the door to the wrong party Saturday evening. Though Adkins said he didn’t know why, police were called to the scene. After finding his intended destination (another apartment in the complex) Bias purportedly went outside to apologize to officers who arrived on scene.

“Shawn allegedly took off running,” said Adkins, who acknowledged that he did not know of anyone who witnessed the incident from its inception. “They ended up getting him, and we don’t know exactly how or why he ended up being Tasered several times and struck several times.”

Oroville Police Department Sergeant Bill LaGrone confirmed to that Bias was arrested Saturday. He declined to comment on the charges, and referred all inquiries to Oroville Chief of Police Kirk Trostle, who took over the job on Jan. 1. Trostle would not be available for comment, LaGrone said, until Tuesday morning.

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