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Phil Davis Trolled the Sh*t Out of Jon Jones During Yesterday’s UFC 172 Conference Call

(Via MMA H.E.A.T.)

We don’t normally listen to pre-event conference calls for a multitude of reasons, the most obvious being that we are only allowed to participate in them when using a fake name/publication (mine being Chip Chessworth of That these calls are typically chock-full of the same softball “sports journalism” questions and answers we’ve heard a thousand times over (and sound as if they were recorded on a potato) only solidifies our stance, but yesterday’s UFC 172 conference call proved to be a rare exception to the rule we established earlier in this sentence.

Jon Jones, Glover Teixeira, Phil Davis, and Anthony Johnson were on hand to answer questions ahead of their respective showdowns this weekend. Roughly five minutes into the call, the conversation shifted to the possibility of Jones moving up to heavyweight for a fight with Cain Velasquez as he had previously hinted at. When Jones stated that he was no longer interested in the fight because he had plenty of challenges left in his actual weight class, Davis used the opportunity to needle the shit out of the champion to hilarious effect.

We’ve cued you up to the first exchange above, but join us after the jump for the full transcription (via Bleacher Report) because like we said, shit was recorded on a potato.

Jones: “I have no interest at this point. There’s a lot of talent to test myself against. People are interested in rematch [with Gustafsson]. Phil Davis said he’s going to crumble me like a cookie. There’s a lot of competition left for me, and I’m ready to meet them all.”

Jones: “I’m not giving up on you, Phil.”

Davis: “I’m not going to give up you either, sweetheart.”

Davis: “Whatever Glover does to him…I’ll clean up whatever’s left.”

Jones: “Not nice, Phil.”

Davis: “You’re welcome.”

Jones: “I didn’t say thanks.”

Davis was then asked to give his assessment of Jones vs. Gustafsson, resulting in perhaps the line of the evening.

Jones: “Phil, can I ask you a question? What rounds did you feel Alexander won?”

Davis: “I thought he won all the ones where he put them hot hands all over your forehead.”

Jones: “Not nice, Phil.”

When Jones was then asked what he thought his weaknesses were in the Gustafsson fight (33:00), Davis once again went on the offensive.

Davis: “We all saw you were scared (vs. Gustafsson). What have you done to overcome your scared-ness? Did you get a nightlight? Do you sleep with a teddy bear now? What did you do?

Jones: “Ummm…I actually do sleep with a teddy. I do sleep with a teddy, Phil. Does that answer your question?”

Davis: “The last time you said you could handle somebody in the striking department, Alex hit you so many times in the right eye, you almost turned into a pirate. How are you so sure you can be better than Glover standing up, because let me tell you, I’ve seen Glover before, and what are you going to do?”

Jones: “I have nothing to prove fighting a guy like Phil. I’ve already proven myself against a lot of amazing martial artists, and I think if anything, Phil is kind of embarrassing himself with all the antics. But it’s what he’s deciding to do today. I am a champion, and I fight the top dogs, and my whole career has been in the fast lane. I’m not going to sit here and belittle myself by entertaining Phil.

“At first, I thought it was funny, but it’s just silly. I’m fighting Glover, and he’s fighting Anthony Johnson. I need to stay focused on Glover, because Glover is a great challenge to me. I just think when you talk like that and you be so goofy, it puts more pressure on you.

“I mean, what if he goes out there and gets caught with one of those high kicks from Anthony and gets knocked out? It’s going to be really embarrassing talking trash to me and getting knocked out by Anthony. So I’m going to keep my mouth shut and stay focused on what I’m here for, and that’s Glover.”

My God, I haven’t heard a trolling like that since the St. Pierre vs. Diaz conference call. In fact, I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that Davis was more entertaining here than he has been in his past four fights. YOU SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS, JON? Step up your shit-talking game or be forgotten!

-J. Jones

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