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[Photo] Mark Hunt Broke Stefan Struve’s Jaw at UFC on Fuel 8

(Photo of Stefan Struve’s broken jaw courtesy of Stefan Struve’s Twitter account)

After Mark Hunt dropped Stefan Struve with a left hook last night in Japan during the featured heavyweight bout on the UFC on Fuel 8 card and just walked away with his hands raised, you may have thought that referee Herb Dean was premature in stepping in and stopping the bout. Well, you’d be wrong.

Turns out that while Struve was still conscious, Hunt had broken his jaw and was just bad-ass enough to know he had before anyone else did. Struve got on twitter last night and told followers, “Thanks for the support everybody, I wanted Herb to take the tooth out of my cheek and continue but then it turned out my jaw was broken..”

To make matters worse for the giant, the ambulance he took to the hospital from the arena did not have any pain killers. “45 minutes to the hospital without painkillers.. Man, please choke me out.. Jaw is hurting like crazy.. :( Struve tweeted.

Man, tweeting with a broken jaw and no pain killers – that guy is a straight soldier. Later in the night Struve tweeted the above X-Ray photo of his skull, featuring his cracked jaw.

Dana, get this man a twitter bonus!

Struve eventually got pain killers and was happily “tripping” when he let fans know that he’d be flying back to his home of Holland today and getting surgery to repair his jaw, asap. Another great job by Hunt, another demonstration of Herb Dean’s expert eyes in action and an amazing demonstration of communication skills and good humor in the face of adversity and pain displayed by the young Struve.

- Elias Cepeda


  1. lenoz Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 02:38

    Stefan Sutoruvu! Legend.
  2. angry little feet Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 03:59

    I don't see the missing tooth. Maybe his jaw was just so jacked to the side that it was cutting into his cheek. That's some gnarly injury either way.
  3. Goog Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 05:11

    That's what a gassed, tired Mark Hunt did in the third round. Stefan would be tweeting from the afterlife if fresh first round Mark Hunt had hit him that square. And that would be an actual photograph, not an x-ray.
  4. JamesCanada Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 06:06

    I think we have a new Punchface to add to the collection.
  5. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 07:21

    Lower right first or second bicuspid right above where the crack ends. And no I'm not a dentist.
  6. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 07:25

    Howzabout the giant crack in his skull? (jk) Should have ate that b-day cake bro. I guess maybe you could throw it in the blender and make a smoothie...
  7. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 07:26

    It looks like Hunt's trying to suppress a giggle as Stefan spits out a mouthful of ketchup.
  8. mookiestick Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 08:15

    Poor fucking guy…
  9. ArmFarmer Says:

    Sun, 03/03/13 - 09:23

    Was wondering why he was pointing at his face after the knockdown and after the fight.
  10. benhamil Says:

    Mon, 03/04/13 - 02:38

    Why is everyone making such a big deal out of the broken jaw when Hunt punched three holes into Struve's face and caved in his nose?
  11. king silly pants Says:

    Mon, 03/04/13 - 01:52

    Is that a crack?
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