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This Picture Needs Absolutely No Explanation


Above you see the interpretive dance routine choreagraphed and directed by Shigeru Saeki in its debut at the Dream 8 weigh-ins.  A stunned Shinya Aoki watched from just off-stage.  He later described the routine to reporters as "breathtaking."

Then this guy showed up and ruined everybody’s fun.

(‘Quit screwing around!’)

Should be a fun night in Japan.  Too bad HDNet won’t air it until Friday.  I know I’d stay up late for this wacky charade.

Actual weigh-in results looked like this, in case you’re curious:

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (167 lbs.) vs. Shinya Aoki (161.7 lbs.)
Yuya Shirai (166.5 lbs.) vs. Jason High (167 lbs.)

Marius Zaromskis (166.1 lbs.) vs. Seichi Ikemoto (166.5 lbs.)

John Alessio (167.2 lbs.) vs. Andre Galvao (
167.2 lbs.)
Hideo Tokoro (137 lbs.) vs. Daiki "DJ.taiki" Hata (138.6 lbs.)

Sergei Kharitonov (256.3 lbs.) vs. Jeff Monson (242 lbs.
Riki Fukuda (195.4 lbs.) vs. Murlio "Ninja" Rua (193.6 lbs.)
Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro (153.3 lbs.) vs. Katsuhiko Nagata (154 lbs.)

Andrews Nakahara (187 lbs.) vs. Shungo Oyama (188.5 lbs.)

Katsuyori Shibata (189.6 lbs.) vs. Ikuhisa Minowa (191.4 lbs.)


  1. Your Fucking Father Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 12:43

    Yeah Bitches
  2. Vegetable Villian Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 12:47

    Man Panty Finals!!!!!!
  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 12:53

    will it be live streamed anywhere?
  4. Aaron Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 01:47

    On second thought, let's not go to japan. 'Tis a silly place.
  5. smashfacekillah Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 02:12

    The diaper dance
  6. KimboSlicesofPie Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 02:21

    I miss the great city of Japan
  7. Dmonicideals Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 02:54

    I fully expect N. Korea to nuke Japan before allowing this event to take place.
  8. Anonymous Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 02:57

    Looks like Monson needs some cash to pay off all those lawyer fees.
  9. Backbaconbilly Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 03:02

    Damn! Sergei in at 256, dudes a little blimpy 1st 30 sec should be a real rockem sockem contest.
  10. LAS Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 03:23

    Anonymous is right, Jeff Monson just fought like what, 2 weeks ago on the Roy Jones card? He must be really pressed for cash just to fly to Japan and taking a beating against a guy there's no way he could have adequately prepared for.
  11. LAS Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 03:25

    And to add on to my own comment, it was just two weeks ago that Monson fought, and he also fought last Sunday apparently as well. Anybody need to book a fighter for a children's birthday party? Seems Jeff Monson is probably available.
  12. Slider Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 03:42

    He needs to get his non prison fights in now while he still can.
  13. Wandering Wade Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 03:58

    Dammit Monson, you totally screwed up the Saiyan Fusion Dance. Now the Earth is doomed....
  14. Genetic Jesus Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 04:01

    My fish was this big, my fish is bigger dick head!
  15. Ezban Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 04:21

    Holy shit.. Am I the only one noticing the massive weight difference between sakurai and aoki? Aoki is definitly skilled, but he's gonna have his hands full competing that much out of his natural weight class.. I sense a Penn coming up.
  16. Daddy Doug Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 04:21

    not only do they look like a gay atlas, jeff monson is doing his best Austin Powers impersonation.
  17. Wandering Wade Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 04:43

    @ Ezban Penn thinks he's the living reincarnation of King Kamehameha. He came in out of shape and got his face caved in for it. I don't think Aoki will make the same mistake. He does one thing and he does that one thing better than anyone else (yes, I think he'd choke the death). If Sakurai let's himself fall into Aoki's Guard......let's just say he won't enjoy that position as much as he did in his Porn Debut.
  18. Anonymous Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 05:53

    The Chances Aoki could take Penn down....are slim to none. On another note..if its live on tv in Japan...isnt there going to be a stream somewhere out there??
  19. Wandering Wade Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 06:12

    If you can't find a stream tonight, you'll definitely be able to download it tomorrow sometime.
  20. irish Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 07:47

    was talken 2 jeff monson after his strikefore fight in a belfast nightclub...told me hel be back n da ufc against kongo!!!
  21. KTFO Says:

    Sat, 04/04/09 - 09:30

    Judging by the look on Monson's face there must be an Imperial Navy recruiting center out of frame.
  22. Zee German. Still in Cali. Says:

    Sun, 04/05/09 - 05:20

    "Where are my cans? So many untouched walls around here."
  23. Wandering Wade Says:

    Sun, 04/05/09 - 06:13

    Boy was I wrong about Aoki... That shit was sad.
  24. Dmonicideals Says:

    Sun, 04/05/09 - 09:05

    I told you all N. Korea would launch to try and nuke this, but when they saw that all the $$ they put on Mach didn't go to waste, they decided to wait until next Dream 9.
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