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Poster of the Day: Invicta FC Cranks the Photoshop Up to 11 in New ‘Cyborg vs. Gomes’ Ad

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet when we stumbled upon this poster for Invicta FC 5 – which goes down on April 5th from Kansas City – we were left with only questions. A few of the most pertinent being:

- At what point during her steroid suspension did Cris Cyborg become the world’s biggest Sons of Anarchy fan? Is Tito the one who convinced her to start emulating Gemma Morrow? [Author's note: I tremble at night thinking what will happen once she stumbles upon Batlestar Galactica.]

- Have DreamWorks and Invicta partnered up? Because the only logical explanation for the amount of Photoshop on this poster is that it is part of a subtle cross-promotion for The Croods

- Why does everyone’s stomach look like Earthworm Jim? Also, does anyone have a copy of Earthworm Jim 3D I can borrow?

- Gun to your head: Cris Cyborg or Fallon Fox?

- Gun to Lloyd Irvin’s head…that’s it.

We’d like to get a little poll going in the comments section, Nation. Which promotion’s poster reigns supreme: The sepia-hued disaster above or King of the Cage’s glorious “Fighting Legends” ad?

-J. Jones


  1. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 12:46

    "Gun to your head: Cris Cyborg or Fallon Fox?" Fuck, Danga. That's like asking me if I'd rather have my penis eaten by rabid dogs or rabid wolves.
  2. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 12:50

    Pull the trigger now!
  3. The12ozCurls Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 12:51

    Ya - WTF JJ! Why you gotta bring Lloyd Irvin into this shit?
  4. The12ozCurls Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 12:52

    @ReX Wolves, all day. You don't need to fuck around with peanut butter.
  5. El Guapo Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 12:58

    Fuckin Danga, that's not a photoshopped Cyborg! That's Wanderlei with a wig on. And I must admit he's looking pretty good after getting plastic surgery(that surgery is from fighting, BTW, ain't that right kungfucharlie?). I think the Texas Tornado is on the far left. That's Elias Cepeda next to Wanderlei and on the right is that dude from Avatar who morphed back & forth into one of the tree people. Send me a t-shirt already!
  6. El Guapo Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 01:03

    Wait, is Elias fighting Wanderlei? Holy shit. I don't care if it's in Canada(shudder)... I'm there! Also, I'd let Foxy Fallon massage me with those big ol' paws of his.. HER! Hers. Her paws. She's a her. I'd let her massage me... ON MY BACK! Not my crack, my back. Just ignore this last part. When is Elias fighting Wanderlei again?
  7. CrackMasterVanSnap Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 01:20

    Sara Kaufman reminds me of a slightly more feminine Joe Lauzon. Gomez looks like John Travolta from his Welcome Back Kotter days. Smith looks like she just got done pleasuring herself. And there is NO WAY that's a picture of Cyborg. Maybe it's her slightly more feminine older brother.
  8. NinJay Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 01:26

    UFC 190 Drag Queens Reloaded *from left to right* Jake Shields, wanderlei silva, gilbert "el nina" melendez, martin "neverhitwoman" kampman
  9. NinJay Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 01:28

    Oh and Cyborg or Fox? Bullet
  10. cman Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 01:57

    oh come on now..... Cyborg in her *snicker* 'modeling *giggle* shots wasn't to *bites fist* bad.... and was at least born a girl. Bwhahahahahahahahahaah Yeah bullet.
  11. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 02:45

    Phallus Fox? Is that Mozilla's new gay porn browser?
  12. crappiefloper Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 03:17

    First, "fighting legends" is hands down the poster all others strive to out do. As for the other, I gotta say, and it hurts to do so, I'd rather bang Fox. Their both dudes,at least Fox is upfront about it. And gotta figure with the hormone therapy Fox is getting, HAS to have more estrogen floating around than cyborg
  13. Jesus Frijoles Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 05:47

    Nobody fucks Cyborg or Fox, they do the fucking. Wonder which one has the bigger dick, pre op or post roid?
  14. Grandmas Nutmeg Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 06:03

    So transgender biker chick vs. Skinnier Consuela from Family Guy? Better pray that Cyborg doesn't steal all the Lemon Pledge.
  15. Grandmas Nutmeg Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 06:05

    Also, on a more serious note, I'd let Fox plow me all the way, at least he/she wants to be a woman, these others are just ick.
  16. godspeed Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 06:22

    Is that chelsea handler on the left?
  17. HEY Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 07:36

    While they're at it, they should have spread some of that Photoshop magic on the rest of the broads on the poster too. .
  18. KungfuJaysus Says:

    Fri, 03/08/13 - 11:50

    Good to know I taught u something el-floppo. Pay attention, you'll learn something else one day. Kinda creepy to know u r thinking of me. But hey, you're only human.
  19. Dick Thickens Says:

    Sat, 03/09/13 - 04:21

    I'm glad Frank Stallone is out there making a name for himself. Oh and Fox btw, I like broads w a sloping brow
  20. HassiumWitte Says:

    Sat, 03/09/13 - 08:24

    Since when did GSP grow an afro and a pair of breasts and sign with Invicta?
  21. BaghdadBob Says:

    Sat, 03/09/13 - 08:57

    I didn't know MMA had started a third gender division: Trannies. Looks legit.
  22. Sabado Gigante Says:

    Sat, 03/09/13 - 12:08

    Cyborg looks eerily like Wanderlei dressed in drag
  23. RSparrow Says:

    Sat, 03/09/13 - 12:42

    Left to right : Royce, vanderlei, melendez, sanchez
  24. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sat, 03/09/13 - 10:14

    It's the cast of Turkish Baywatch.
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