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The Potato Index: UFC 111 Aftermath

(That about sums it up. Props: MMA TKO)

With so much MMA action packed into so few days, the Potato Index supercomputer is a bit overworked. It’s even been making a weird whirring sound lately. It sounded like it was overheating late last night, so we poured a bucket of water on it. Haven’t heard the whirring sound since. And to think there are some idiots out there who actually throw money away on an IT staff.

Let’s see who’s up, who’s down, and by how much after UFC 111.

Georges St. Pierre +137
A successful title defense in which he wins every single round, takes virtually no damage, and nearly snaps his opponent’s arm? Sorry, but even without a finish, we can’t find anything to complain about.

Dan Hardy -18
As far as offense, he had nothing for GSP. We expected that. What we didn’t expect is that he’d prove so difficult to put away. The kid has guts, even if he doesn’t have much of a takedown defense.

Shane Carwin +145
We still don’t know how he might do in the later rounds, but who cares? Carwin just smoked a top-ten heavyweight in brutal fashion. Seeing him stand next to Lesnar after the fight reminds us that he won’t be able to rely on a size/strength advantage when he fights for the real heavyweight title.

Frank Mir -91
Maybe he let himself get too distracted with thoughts of Lesnar, or maybe he just ran up against an unstoppable force on Saturday night. It doesn’t matter much now. Back to the middle of the pack for Frankie Powahouse.

Kurt Pellegrino +54
A submission finish over a tough grappler like Camoes ups Batman’s status a bit. That’s four straight for the Jersey boy. Maybe a rematch with Nate Diaz, who took a completely unnecessary verbal swipe at him during a post-fight interview this weekend, is up next.

Fabricio Camoes -49
A draw and a loss is not a great start to his stay in the UFC. If he doesn’t get cut this week, he should consider himself lucky. Then he should go out and win a fight in impressive fashion.

Jon Fitch +43
That was the fourth consecutive decision win for Fitch, and against perhaps the most finish-able opponent he’s faced in three years. Unlike GSP, Fitch rarely even looks as if he’s trying to end a fight. That’s no way to make your case as the number one contender.

Ben Saunders -21
He still gets credit for jumping up and volunteering for this one, even if the outcome was painfully predictable. Next, let Ellenberger have a shot at paying Saunders back for turning him into a spectator this weekend.

Jim Miller +49
He should consider himself lucky to have escaped from such a close fight with a victory. That thing could have easily swung the other way if not for the frighteningly positive energy of his cornermen.

Mark Bocek -37
He’s going to be revisiting the chance he had to finish Miller in the second round for a long time to come. Even with the loss though, he climbs up higher on the list of 155-pounders that no one in the UFC really wants to fight.

Rousimar Palhares +6
A quick win marred by a not-so-quick release on that heel hook. He gets suspended by the athletic commission in a fairly meaningless disciplinary move, and he may have cost himself the $65,000 Submission of the Night bonus.

Tomasz Drwal -39
An unfortunate slip followed by a very painful crank of the knee. Get well soon, “Gorilla.”

Nate Diaz +42
He dominated Markham right from the start and put to rest any fears that he couldn’t hang at 170. He followed that up by suggesting he’d probably go back to 155, forcing us to wonder what this little experiment was all about.

Rory Markham -44
Missing weight by six pounds and then losing a one-sided fight in the first round is about as bad a weekend as you can have. Don’t be surprised if the UFC gives him his walking papers next, just to make things a little worse.

Ricardo Almeida +52
Credit the Big Dog with getting the fight where he wanted it and making the most of his opportunities. He’s not the most well-rounded guy in the division, but he is still very dangerous.

Matt Brown -48
He’s improved so much over the last couple of years that we’re tempted to chalk this up as a learning experience. He’s still a gritty, hard-nosed fighter, and the UFC definitely has a place for a guy like that.

Jared Hamman +33
The opening moments of the bout made him seem like a fighter on his way to the land of nod, but he hung tough and got a decision win. Bet that bonus check helped soothe his aching face in the morning.

Rodney Wallace -17
On paper, it’s his second straight UFC loss, which puts him in a precarious situation with regards to job security. Then again, he was one half of the Fight of the Night, so they can’t exactly cut him now, can they? Or can they?

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caffn8d- March 30, 2010 at 11:03 am
The different between the GSP and Fitch fights was night and day. GSP had Hardy dominated for position , but was continually moving/passing/attempting submissions. He took risks, which is why he was even reversed at one point. The only reason that fight didn't end in a submission was Hardy's unbelievable toughness.

In contrast, Fitch controlled Saunders but pretty much seemed to be doing it to keep his position. He did throw a couple of good elbows at one point, but otherwise all the energy in that match seemed to be spent simply on maintaining position. I can appreciate the work and skill that takes, but I don't want to be paying money to watch it.

Fitch is a monster and incredibly tough to beat. He's ruthlessly effective at what he does. I just don't really want to watch him do it. Same problem I had with Tim Sylvia when he was champ. Using your height/reach to neutralize your opponent is very effective and smart. It's also boring as hell to watch unless you finish the guy.
Yeti Stomp- March 30, 2010 at 5:29 am
Hm, did someone accuse GSP of lay n' pray? Let's see here, he's a champ, so he uses his skills & knowledge to neutralize and dominate a challenger. Some of the commenters here speak as if GSP was trying to save his ass and do the bare minimum required to win. To that I can only give a hearty WTF? Time for someone to go get edumacated. And there's my sphincter blocker for Georges.

Mir, who I had picked to win, just had his ass bumped to hardly relevant. After a performance like that, i don't see how he can compete with the draw of of a JDS or Cain. On top of that, Carwin keeps on knockin' 'em down, so let's see what develops with him and the interim belt.

Bocek - dude, even though you lost, anyone who fights you won't want to do it again if they can help it.

Fitch - friends or no, you gotta fight and beat the top guys to get your shot at the title, and imo friendship comes second to business in the fight game. This isn't an after school fight club or an Eric Roberts movie; it's the biggest of the big time and if you want a run at the top dog then you gotta earn it. If Kos or anyone is a true friend, then he'll still be there when the dust settles and one of you is taking a run at GSP again.
derek batman- March 30, 2010 at 4:14 am
one question, what the f was Mirgliotta thinking when Mir was getting pounded?
fatbellyfrank- March 30, 2010 at 3:49 am
ghostboner, funny shit, I wouldn't mind a lend of that tape when your finished, and am I the only one who thought Miller v Bocek was a pretty damm good fight, admitted it went to decision but IMO had a bit of everything (except sick KO) and was pretty entertaining, I'd happily watch plenty more like that
ghostboner- March 30, 2010 at 2:33 am
I'm gonna see if Carwin or the UFC or whoever does the measuring will let me borrow that tape.

"Listen woman, that is a full 3.5 inches! You don't think so? Well why don't I just go ahead and prove it to you!? I just happen to have this UFC approved, autographed tape measure that I got from Shane Carwin... Booya 3 3/4!!! This means you will be making me pancakes when I'm done."
CheckHisPee- March 30, 2010 at 1:25 am
@ghostboner: +1, Carwin 6'5" ? Thank god someone else noticed, and said something.

Dan Hardy's striking defense on the ground was pretty damn good when GSP looked for gnp. Also, it was GSP's first fight after an extensive layoff. There's my GSP "Shit Tarp".

"Mir was dominated. Hardy lasted 5 full rounds with an absolute legend. Furthermore he wriggled out of two submissions that you would've tapped to just watching."
So...what's your problem? By your own description CP nailed that shit. Would you have preferred Mir -18 and Hardy -91?

Lastly, while I'm certainly no fan of Fitch's, he is a dominant fighter and, imo, deserves the next shot.
ghostboner- March 29, 2010 at 11:17 pm
I also have been cuddling the cajones of GSP for some time now, and I'm not denying that his performance far exceeded Fitch's. I just think that their style is similar, and that Fitch is getting alot of undue shit for it. Not trying to take anything away from GSP. I loved his fight and I would have tapped in both of those subs. Just saying, Fitch is my man, and when people are hoovering above your man with unclenched sphincters, it is your job to throw a tarp over him. But whatever, point taken, if you don't want to watch his boring ass fights you don't have to. Looks like Dana will be taking care of that for you with his "Fight Kos or fight nobody on the undercard" policy.
Charming Charlie- March 29, 2010 at 11:08 pm
I really wanted Mir to expose Carwin, a guy I looked at like an Alexander Houston before he started his UFC losing streak: super aggressive and relying solely on huge knock outs. Instead, all Mir exposed was his stationary chin, which was unfortunately connected to his knees...end scene. Now I can't really say Carwin is unproven, but niether can I really see him smashing every good heavyweight the way he has Gonzaga and Mir.

Lesnar vs. Carwin will answer a lot of questions.
Mir please break Brocks neck- March 29, 2010 at 10:10 pm
First things first..... I am a huge Mir fan and was disappointed. At the same time......I am not thrilled to watch Lesnar-Mir III and have that WWF douche bag, "girlie-hit" Mir with hammer fists and sit on him. So, Carwin, its up to you bud. TAKE LESNAR OUT.

Ok, GSP. For all of you complaining that the fight was 'boring', go read up on grappling/Ju-Jitsu and you'll learn much of the technique IS ON THE GROUND.....not to mention wrestling. And.....GSP recognized Hardy's weakness as not being a 'ground fighter' and he capitalized on it. wasnt like it was a close decision...GSP won E V E R Y round.

Uncoming events... Lets see... Does anyone give a crap to see Hughes fight Renzo? Like, why? And seriously? Anderson vs. Maia? Didnt Maia get knocked out cold by Nate Marquardt?

tnbp- March 29, 2010 at 9:42 pm
budsellers >> I suppose it's your right to either pay or not pay for any PPV but I'd think it to be a bit short-sighted to make that decision entirely on the inclusion of one fighter on the card. You weren't happy buying this card that had Carwin/Mir on it because you didn't like the GSP fight?

Also, I'm surprised at all the GSP backlash because it's not like he wasn't trying to finish the fight. He definitely wasn't just laying and praying. If Hardy weren't so tough/made of rubber, he would have tapped twice in those 5 rounds. Yes, he didn't posture up and try to GnP much but it's not like he wasn't trying to finish the fight. That should have been clear in watching it, I would think.
ChachiGT- March 29, 2010 at 8:15 pm
I'm just gonna say that when Fitch fights, he reminds me of a big brother. In the way that, sure, he can hold you down, give you a noogie and fart in your face, but other than that, he's just a nuicance. Comparing him to other great GnP'ers or ring tacticians is a crime.
MediumRare- March 29, 2010 at 5:49 pm
I can't stand stupid people. I want so bad to fuck someone in the skull right now.

Get over here you stupid motherfucker!!
MediumRare- March 29, 2010 at 5:47 pm
Are you cunts kidding me?!?!

-91 for Mir and -18 for Hardy???

Lay off the heroin. Mir was dominated. Hardy lasted 5 full rounds with an absolute legend. Furthermore he wriggled out of two submissions that you would've tapped to just watching.

I swear, this type of deluded fight rating is just pathological. I think I'm going to have to murder some hookers tonight just to vent off some fustration at your blatant stupidity.

Mir, the former champ, fought a contender. Hardy, the no-namer, fought an all-time great.

Were you high when you devised these ratings? Or just violently drunk?

I need to rape a stranger to make this right. Thank yourslef for the writhing pain of a random stranger CagePotato.FuckingStupid for this.
ReX13- March 29, 2010 at 5:15 pm
Ghost>> i love you, man, but comparing Fitch and GSP on Saturday night--GSP is in perpetual motion, always looking to improve his position or finish. Fitch is a self-described grinder whose goal is to get a dominant position and then not lose it, then maybe try to finish if possible. Then again, i've been stroking GSP's sack for an awfully long time now, so at this point it's just force of habit.

El Guapo>> I really could not call Mir-Carwin. I was of the opinion that Lesnar embarrassed Mir and lit a fire under his ass, making it very hard to predict what the future Mir was going to be able to accomplish. Wrecking Kongo the way he did seemed to support this. I was impressed with Carwin as well, so i bet both ways on FightPicker. After Carwin wrecked Mir, i'm comfortable in saying that he's got something for Lesnar as well.
chewbakker82- March 29, 2010 at 4:39 pm
here's all I have to say about Jon Fitch after Saturday night - I respect Fitch and the dude is a warrior who has only lost once in the Octagon and that's to the champ. I, like Rogan, also love his theme song. But I watched the fight with some friends, and after the energy of the other fights the mood definitely chilled during his fight. So much so that I grabbed my laptop and started showing everybody how MMAFightpicker works. And it wasn't like I stood up and said "this is boring, lets grab my laptop" deal, it's just that we stood there staring at the screen without pulse, all because of Fitch. People can say what they want but the GSP fight was very exciting and high energy by comparison.
ghostboner- March 29, 2010 at 3:26 pm
I'm a jabbermouth today, but I gotta give some respect to Hardy. He did way better than I expected him to. Also some love to Jared hamman, who I have always maintained was a badass. Yes, even after getting KTFO in his last outing.

Also, I have to wonder, after his huge victory over Mir, will Carwin now be 6'7"? Maybe by the time he fights Brock he will be 6"8"? When will we see Carwin fight Shaq so they can have an intense eye to eye stare down? I couldn't help but notice that 6"5" Carwin was about an inch shorter than 6'2" Mir. This is the Mir who is 6'2" with his shoes on, so if Carwin is about an inch shorter when they're barefoot that would make him, let's see...About 6'5".
ghostboner- March 29, 2010 at 3:15 pm
And while I'm being the long-paragraph-writing-angry-ranter, fuck Rousimar Palhares. Fuck him right in his stupid face. The last thing the world needs is an elite level jiu jitsu practitioner who has no respect for his opponent or the tap. That was some unreal bullshit he pulled on saturday and a 90 day suspension is a joke. Someone should heel hook him right back into the retarded state he demonstrated while sitting on the cage celebrating the possible crippling he just put on Drwal. That was some retardation. Full blown, crazy screaming, rhythmic bobbing, poop flinging, extra 21st chromosome having, retardation. You never go full retard. So fuck you Palhares, you ligament tearing, career ending, retard mocking fool. You have put a stain on the name of mma.
El Guapo- March 29, 2010 at 3:07 pm
Smart man, 'Boner! Way to use your head. HAHHAHA Get it? Head. Because your na... Awww, I'm an idiot.
ghostboner- March 29, 2010 at 2:59 pm
All right sumbitches, I am tired of all the Fitch hate going on. I was busy this weekend and just barely read all the posts and everyone is pooping on Fitch like they had some IBS. Fitch is the number two welterweight in the world. You know why??? Because no one can beat him except the #1 welterweight. Bottom line:in mma if you want to win, you have to figure out how to beat your opponent. You all sound like a bunch of Jamie Varners. And if throwing elbows is not trying to finish a fight then I don't know what is.

And Fitch is justified in not wanting to fight Kos for a title shot. All that would do is eliminate another possible contender. I say if Koscheck wins against Daley give him a shot. I bet Fitch would fight him if he had the title.

"Bottom line, I am ok with the champ doing what he has to do, not ok with someone trying to earn a title shot by doing the same thing." This is stupid shit dude. So if Thales Leites was the champion when he fought Anderson, it would have been perfectly ok for him to flop on his back and say come and get me? GSP and Fitch are very similar fighters, but for some reason it is completely cool to hate on Fitch and stroke GSP's sack. Granted, GSP's apologetic attitude makes it easier to forgive his laying n praying, but still I don't see how you can call Fitch so boring and GSP is so awesome.
ghostboner- March 29, 2010 at 2:58 pm
And El Guapo, I can own up to it, I picked Mir. I would love to wager with you but I will probably be putting my nickel on Lesnar.
El Guapo- March 29, 2010 at 2:40 pm
Sounds good, Mr Pupils. And by "lil wager", I meant just that, so a dub or so is fine by me. We can figure that out later. And I'm not a Cockchest cockrider, either, I'm just calling it how I see it.
budsellers- March 29, 2010 at 2:27 pm
i agree that the skill gsp shows in dominating his opponents on the ground is beautiful and sometimes also very exciting. however, as a viewer who wants to be entertained, he is very predictable and that is boring. i am going to stop paying for his ppv cards because watching him be so ultrasafe is not what i want to pay for and that is my choice. i actually felt this way after ufc100 and it is my own fault that i did not make that choice before this ppv.

he, all of his teammates and trainers, claim that gsp is coming to finish this next opponent in an exciting fashion, that gsp is better than ever before, but he follows this up in the cage by failing to do what is needed to deliver the promised result. i do not have to fight him, but to me he seems very much the same fighter who fought koscheck a few summers ago. to top it off, at every post press conference, he claims to be unsatisified with his own performance and that just galls me as a customer.

he needs to stop making these claims and be honest... "i am coming into this fight with the intentions of keeping my belt. i will take my opponent down, continuously smother him and never risk posturing up for viscious ground and pound so that i can avoid submissions positions and upkicks. i will grind out the win to defend my belt because that is the most important aspect of my ability to gain more sponsors."
cecils_pupils- March 29, 2010 at 2:02 pm
^^^ Cool El Guapo. Count me in. I am a man of my word and should you care to review any of my previous posts you'll know I have two words: Car Win.

I like you El Guapo, but I predict the impending fall of The Brock (Ring rust is a muthaphucka, on top of a major illness?... I'll take that action, son!!). Currently, my budget is low, so let's plan on setting the wager amount a little closer to the match. But I am good for anywhere between ten and fifty, buddy. :)
El Guapo- March 29, 2010 at 1:49 pm
I hope all you fellas who predict Carwin beats Brock don't disappear after the fight if you're wrong. Coulda swore everybody and their mother had Mir winning Sat night, but you wouldn't be able to tell by all the "I knew it" posts I read after. All one has to do is click on the Fightpicker to smell the bullsh... Ahhh, nevermind.

Anyhow, even though Lesnar's a prick, he's damn good at what he does and methinks he smothers Shane(who's seems like a really good guy)en route to another GnP victory. If you're a man of your word and would like to make a lil wager, let me know. We can paypal it, mail it, whatever. Cool? Cool.
budsellers- March 29, 2010 at 1:48 pm
frank mir was right... shane carwin is a better version of brock lesnar! he is also a better champion than both frank or brock.

i hope shane knocks brock cold out, but i highly doubt brock will give mir another rematch unless he is forced to do so. he will claim that there are better matches for him and i agree with that unless he loses 2 fights in a row, with 1 being to either cain or dos santos.

frank is one of my favorite fighters, but he should get one more win in the ufc(perhaps gonzaga?) and if he cannot get that lesnar rematch, he should just head to strikeforce or japan.