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Potato Nation Poll: What’s the Biggest MMA News Story of the Year?

(Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Anik-amania runs wild on you?!)

By Jason Moles

In the first three quarters of 2011, the mixed martial arts landscape has changed radically.

We have witnessed the ascension of a smaller promotion with the aid of a hip cable channel and the ruination of a former mecca of MMA at the hands of natural disasters. Fighters have been busted for Nate Marquardt … Wait, What?” href=”” target=”_blank”>elevated Testosterone levels, arrested for their Brett Rogers Charged With Multiple Felonies After Alleged Wife-Beating Incident [UPDATED]” href=”” target=”_blank”>various Hermes Franca Releases Statement From Jail Following Sexual Abuse Arrest” href=”” target=”_blank”>transgressions, cut after a bad showing in the Octagon, and ensured that their job was secure after losing an unprecedented four fights straight.

Of all the things we’ve seen thus far, two news stories are head and shoulders above the rest in terms of impact. The announcement of Zuffa’s acquisition of Strikeforce and the recent news of UFC signing a television deal with FOX are the top two pound-for-pound news stories of 2011. Which story carries more significance? Which is the bigger game-changer? Only here at CagePotato, you the reader get to decide.

But first, let’s lay out both sides of the argument…

When considering the magnitude of the top two MMA news stories this year, one must place a value on the potential impact they have on the sport, tally up the pros and cons, and determine the effect they have going forward.

On March 12, Ariel Helwani’s video interview with Dana White made the rounds as fans shared, liked, re-tweeted, and Digged the single most shocking announcement in the sport’s short history: Zuffa had purchased Strikeforce. Without a hint of speculation or rumor, the world’s most prominent mixed martial arts promotion had quietly acquired its only real competition — news that came straight out of left field, even to those usually in the know. Not since the AFL-NFL merger has a sport been so wonderfully impacted. Not since the WWE bought WCW has one man promotion had so much power over their employees. To say the announcement was a watershed moment is an understatement to say the least.

The ramifications, implications, and potential have yet to be fully understood, but what we do know is that all of the world’s best fighters were suddenly under the same roof, with Eddie Alvarez Issues Obligatory Criticism of UFC Fighters” href=”” target=”_blank”>one, maybe Hector Lombard Scores Another Savage KO at Bellator 44″ href=”” target=”_blank”>two, notable exceptions.

Fans could now entertain the idea of super fights and undisputed champions without having to release their grip on an otherwise bleak reality. Can Alistair Overeem handle the UFC’s best? Would Randy beat Fedor? Will GSP be impressed with Nick Diaz‘s per-for-mance? Forget all of the contract-related legal speak — it is all in the realm of possibility. Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Nick Diaz have already hopped the fence for greener pastures and entertaining matchups. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be a lot more where that came from. (Isn’t that right, Hendo?)

But it’s not all rainbows and bunny rabbits for everybody. From here on out, if a fighter is cut from Zuffa, he or she may have a hard time making a living. The fighters are left with very little leverage at the negotiating table and White and the Fertittas know it. To put it in terms that most of our readership can relate to: It’s like being denied a pay increase at McDonald’s because they know full well that you’ll take what they give you or wind up in the unemployment line because Burger King went out of business and Jack-in-the-Box can barely afford to keep its big-headed star as it is.

Dana White preached “business as usual” while the mounting evidence proved otherwise.

It is a foregone conclusion that Strikeforce will go the way of the WEC, PRIDE FC, and Oreo O’s, all of which brought so many of us great joy while they lasted. While the majority of Strikeforce fighters are still currently fighting under its banner on Showtime, the rule that prohibited a fighter from utilizing elbows to the head of a grounded opponent has been lifted. Sponsors would now be responsible for paying the Zuffa Sponsor Fee, which left at least one patriotic company MIA. Oh, and if you happen to be unfortunate enough to work in the front office in San Jose you’ll be better served updating your resume than watching the rest of the ramshackle heavyweight grand prix.

Overall, the purchase of Strikeforce by Zuffa is not only the biggest news story of the year, it is the biggest news story of the decade. Am I getting ahead of myself? Not really. After all, it’s only been eight months since the decade started so they’re pretty much one in the same. Just like the aforementioned AFL-NFL merger, this deal will be recognized for paving the way of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s global domination.

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  1. BONGTAR Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 10:56

    No question that the Fox deal is bigger. This is about mass exposure to non- MMA fans, vs. creating excitement WITHIN the MMA community. Kind of a silly comparison really. Bringing MMA to the masses will impact the sport for years to come, while the merger has already had its biggest moments, and its a done deal. The only way the merger holds up in this comparison, is if any big fights coming out of the merger were shown on FOX
  2. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:04

    The biggest story of the year is that the UFC is looking at putting on a show in Manaus, Brazil!!!! I will be there with açaí berries on.
  3. O Chan Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:09

    Without a doubt, the deal with Fox News Corps. . Even if the Strikeforce/Zuffa deal never happened and Strikeforce continued to strive to be the number one contender as far as MMA Promotions go, the deal would serve to be the final death-blow for that organization. With News Corps backing, you have multiple outlets to put out your product to reach the maximum number of eyeballs. SF, plain and simple, did a piss-poor attempt to truly synergize their product. News Corps, regardless on what you feel about the company on their programming, knows how to market their programming and maximizing both rating points (GRPs for all you who watched the press-conference and wanted to know what they meant by that) and maximizing ad-spendeture, which will be their driving force to support the brand. . Long story short, as long as there is ad money to be made, News Corps will support the UFC Brand. The more support garnered by News Corps whether on their cable nets or Big Fox, the more power Zuffa will have over the small MMA orgs. If the SF deal never went down before, it would surely happen now.
  4. Fatty McDickbutts Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:17

    It's all queefs and dandelions for now, but what're y'all gonna be saying when it's this very same FOX deal that kills the UFC? Seriously, I know on paper the FOX deal is huge, and I certainly agree that it is - just skeptical that it's going to all turn out for the better
  5. 2DaDeath Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:19

    Tito Ortiz actually winning a fight in the UFC.
  6. noizy Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:22

    The health insurance coverage is arguable also a big news of 2011. Not very fan impacting, but nonetheless a great accomplishment.
  7. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:24

    Chad Griggs - nuff said!
  8. noizy Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:27

    @Fatty McDickbutts: I love doomsday scenario. Care to elaborate? You fear there will be UFC happy meals, and Burger King GSP promotional cups with a whopper? Or is this a "they sold out. they used to be so underground before. now that they're on the radio it's not cool anymore" kind of fear?
  9. mortuus747 Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:28

    The only big thing left for the strikeforce acquisition is going to be when it finally folds all together, other than that the fox deal is going to do wonders for the sport as a sport in the eyes of average Joe American. I’ve been a fan for a long time now and i know that I’ve been waiting for a major network deal to get more fights on TV. Who knows what’s really going to happen though. Maybe Gus Johnson and that robot dude from the football games will completely ruin the sport we love so much, maybe they’ll talk Gus outta his make-up chair... And maybe shit will finally go the right way and well get a bunch of great fights for free and even if the fights are garbage, at least were still getting them in a new package.
  10. O Chan Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:32

    Also, anyone else notice that during the News Corps presser there was not one single question related to how this deal may impact Strikeforce? I mean, yes, the answer is obvious, but I would have liked to hear it from the horse's mouth.
  11. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:36

    War Machine's shit bombs.
  12. 2Dogs Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:41

    lmao @ tito ortiz winning a fight! For me it was just Fedor getting pounded...that shut alot of people up. Dunno, simple things amuse simple minds I guess
  13. Joedirt Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 11:46

    Not to knock the fox deal but really... the impact won't be as large as everyone is hoping. Fans already find ways to watch it... most of the mainstream that hasn't become fans will just as easily change the channel. Don't get me wrong... i think it's huge but I think taking out the last remaining competitor to the UFC is larger. Truth is I see it as a step back in the sport. Great for the casual fan and the hardcore fans to see major match ups, but bad for the athletes. It will keep wages low and give the fighters no options. In the long run that will hurt the sport for everyone.
  14. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 12:08

    "Not since the AFL-NFL merger has a sport been so wonderfully impacted." . "From here on out, if a fighter is cut from Zuffa, he or she may have a hard time making a living. The fighters are left with very little leverage at the negotiating table..." . "The more support garnered by News Corps whether on their cable nets or Big Fox, the more power Zuffa will have over the small MMA orgs." . So is it ever wonderful for fan or fighter to have no leverage and forced to embrace Zuffa's new-found power??? . Before you ask, "What’s the Biggest MMA News Story of the Year?" you would be wiser to wait until the end of the year!
  15. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 12:14

    "This deal (with FOX) will put more money into the fighter’s pocket — something we’ve all been wanting for quite some time." . How can you be so sure that the fighters will prevail here??? Wait until the end of of the year, before leaping blind on board so fast!
  16. O Chan Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 12:34

    @xenophon - . Just to clarify, when talking about what's bigger news between SF/UFC vs. UFC/Fox, I was merely pointing out that if the SF/UFC deal never went through, the UFC/Fox deal would have put SF in a similar situation it is now as far as how their brand's position stands within the MMA marketplace. Both scenarios clearly puts the UFC as the dominant brand over SF. However the UFC/Fox deal puts Zuffa ahead by much more than the UFC/SF deal.
  17. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 12:59

    @O Chan . Much of what you stated makes complete sense to me, but with this one exception. It needs some better understanding. . "As far as Bellator goes, they’re screwed if MTV2 doesn’t renew the contract. How else will they get their product out?" . Bellator I think is far from being screwed, they are MTV Networks witch is owned by Paramount/Viacom. Viacom also has a stake in Pro-Elite. Combined they don't have as think of stable, but they have time on their side. MMA is going no where, and Time is Money. . The UFC will be forced to shed fighters as the 3 strikes mark, and those fighters today have to option of bumping down to StrikeFarce for some additional practice. . StrikeFarce may go away, or it could be stood up as a kind of "B" league, as is the case now. We won't know until something shakes and it happens. . One thing is for sure, when Viacom see's the FOX numbers, it will decide to re-enter the market, they must to maintain their ratings. If one major boradcaster offers comedy as a certain time slot, all the other follow. Sometimes it's not head-to-head with another comedy, but a drama series instead. Viacom can plug MMA in wherever they want, with equal and marked success. They may decide to go head-to-head. . The Viacom amalgamation will be viewed initially as a "B-to-B+ equivalent" which makes is on par with StrikeFarce. If done right, Viacom will assemble a direct competitor to the UFC. . If managed right "from-the-get-go" it will be considered a "B+ -to-A- option" for most all unsigned fighters. (keep in mind Viacom has had the benefit of already having had their fingers in the game and got burnt, they have learned from their mistakes) . What do you think?
  18. Fatty McDickbutts Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 01:23

    @noizy - No, dicktard - I'm saying that FOX's production team could totally fuck the UFC for ratings.
  19. Fatty McDickbutts Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 01:26

    @O Chan - Good enough point - My I'm not nervous anymore, least for now loldogz
  20. madcowboy Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 01:46

    The biggest story of the year is rather simple! "Dana Whites head did not explode from getting to big"
  21. Vanillagorilla69 Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 02:09

    Randy VS Fedor? Who wants to see that anymore?
  22. Nut Puncher 9000 Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 02:50

    Xeno - Your love for Viacom and their potential ability to make things happen is amazing buddy. With the UFC and Fox working together there is NO WAY, (got that? None!), that Viacom will be able to create a legit competitor for the UFC. You just sound stupid when you make it seem like it's inevitable. Not only is the UFC focused 100% on MMA (compared to Viacom)and shown its aptitude to attack competition, do you think FOX will just sit back and allow Viacom to push into their ratings? With a broadcasting platform as big as FOX and a brand as strong as UFC, any upstart trying to push in will be crushed faster than your dreams of picking up a girl at the bar. Also, fighters will be able to make more money because Fox will reach many more people than Spike did...its SPONSOR money people. Equate it to why an undercard fighter gets less from sponsors than a main card fighter.
  23. j-k-martin Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 03:43

    It has to be the FOX deal.
  24. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 04:03

    @Nut Puncher 9000 . If your so sold on Fox, and the UFC that is fine, I'm not here to change anyone's mind. You are free to continue thinking FOX will be the only broadcaster who can enter the MMA market. I think that's a big mistake. . I see and read the maneuvering behind the sidelines. Sometimes it's not about what is said, its all about what is not said. Dana was recently (post StrikeForce deal) asked if he was going to snap up Bellator. His reply was less than direct, and defelctive. In essence he said without saying it directly, he implied that Bellator is someone else's. He seemed to be fine with that. . There is little argument here, that FOX is for a time going to clean up and exploit MMA to improve their ratings - unless they drop the ball. It happens all the time in broadcasting, executives fuck it up more times than most ever know. . Let's not forget Fox Entertainment Group, part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is in deep shit in both the UK and the USA for illegal wire tapping. Maybe nothing happens, but he may be forced to break up his operations. Personally, I doubt few care. Yet, I don't think but a few understand the risks at FOX right now. . You are free suck FOX dick all you want, as I'm going keep pumping that Viacom ass. If you think FOX is immune to a challenge from competition, then I hope you can swallow later. No pun intended. GRIN
  25. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 04:16

    I'll tell you what Karma should have done in is interview with Bjorn Rebney. He could have stepped out of the small mindset of asking the guy about "walk off the street tryouts.' . Instead asking him what the fuck his plans for future are...especially since Bellators number one competitor just got in bed with FOX? . He could have asked Rebney about Comcast, Time-Warner, and yes even Viacom.
  26. Nut Puncher 9000 Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 04:47

    Xeno - Lets experiment a little since you seem to want to research everything under the sun. Ask 1000 random people if they know the name of any Bellator champion. ANY of them. Just one. The fact is that the majority of MMA fans are NOT hardcores like ourselves and would probably be hard pressed to name multiple UFC champs. If you think that any new organization is going to come along with a roster of nobodies or UFC castaways and snatch up a deal with TW, Viacom, Etc and actually put pressure on the UFC before they bleed out or are counter programmed into submission than you are just wrong or completely stupid. And Rebney knows his muh fukin place in this MMA world and he is happy with it. He likes making the money he is making and the position he is in. I doubt he wants to step up and get in the ring with the 1000lb gorilla when he is a 10lb Chihuahua.
  27. AllinYourGrill Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 05:29

    All those fucking clown shoes finally being proven wrong about Fedor...
  28. Spitting into the wind Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 06:59

    UFC on Fox. is waaaaayyyyy bigger. No comparison. Also, some more additional thoughts are; you don't know how decades work. They go from 0-9, not 1-10. Just trying to help. Also, Xenophon types an awful fucking lot and always comes across as a sensible, balanced contributor to the cage potato nation!!!
  29. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 07:15

    @Vanillagorilla69 . I'd like to see Randy and Fedor.
  30. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 07:47

    @Punchy (Bruce Willis is Pulp Fiction) . Asking 1,000 might yield results, but ask 10 and your likely right about the UFC, and surely right about Bellator. . Of those millions of UFC fans you want to discount, they may not like talking smack to each other or pushing buttons like we do, but they fork over the $50 bones 10 times a year and they know Adam from Eve. . I've been known to be wrong, but far from stupid (you hurt my feelings :-) Why do you want to go there! I'm just a man, not a machine (not until I get that exoskeleton) GRIN . Rebney is also a man. I will bet that like that fuck head aerobics instructor from Boston, he too desires to boost his share value - that is one of the main requirements of all CEO's, and from the board of directors perspective they seek the same, he is their front man.
  31. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 08/24/11 - 08:39

    @Nut Puncher 9000 . Since you think my research is skewed let's turn Bellator over to Senior CP staff. Let them dig into Bjorn Rebney, Bellator, their shareholders and their broadcast connections. . I's even thrown in some bones. Bellator is not under any investigation like the UFC fluffer's use as cheap fodder (its actually the Fertitta family and their financial shennanigans who the Fed's are watching with one eye open) . Also look at Bjorn Rebney's and Brad Epstein (both co-founders) connection to deep pockets, his name is Max Holmes. Their parent company is sophisticated, it's not a bank or a bunch of front companies used as straw men like the UFC is based on - it's a massive hedge fund. It operates under the name Plainfield Asset Management. . While your at it CP staff, don't forget "D. E. Shaw & Co., L.P." If you think most MMA fighters are on the juice, this group is the real definition of juice. The all have top drawer - blue velvet lined - pedigrees from the best schools with all the deep connections one could ask for. . They have $40 billion in aggregate capital and in 2011 had $15.6 billion in Assets Under Management (UAM)and was ranked as the 21st largest hedge fund by Institutional Investor. . They have deep ties to Lawrence Henry Summers. He was Chief Economist of the World Bank, 71st Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, 8th Director of the National Economic Council, and 27th President of Harvard University. . Also take a peek at Jeffrey Preston "Jeff" Bezos, Chairman and CEO of You know him, a kid from high school who was placed in charge of the defense because he memorized every play and the man with $18 billion in spare change laying around for a great promotion. . You then tell us in the upcoming CP expose I call you out on, why Dana White and the two bit gangsters from that shit hole Stations Casinos doesn't dare talk smack about Bjorn or his executive team?
  32. Fighters See Only Positives in UFC-Fox Deal – | Sick Sick Sick Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 08:09

    [...] Cagepotato [...]
  33. XENOPHON Says:

    Thu, 08/25/11 - 08:34

    @O Chan . You got the News Corp angle covered, and from standing next to you, viewing down - it makes much sense to me. You bring up all kinds of good fucking points. I am operating off the premise that outside of the USA-Canada, few have the cash on hand for the outrageous cost of a UFC pay-per-view. I know for a fact in my favorite and frequented Mexican locale, only 1 bar in town has the UFC fights, and it is almost assuredly boot-legged. (YEAH) . So the question for me is how does one grab that market share. Being first isn't necessarily best. If you want look at the Microsoft vs. Apple example. Absolutely the UFC in the USA is for a time tops. Yet, there are about 200 other countries and they all watch TV. When one talk about the network its deeper than most realize and leverages: . RADIO CARRIER WAVE eg...cellular, microwave, and 54–890 MHz frequency band repeaters . TERRESTRIAL eg...cable, copper, fiber . and/or SATELLITE eg...the global list is too long to post. . I would instead take a look directly at Bellator, first. . Bellator broadcasts its fights nationally in the United States, and through an exclusive television agreement with ESPN Deportes. What's of interest for this thread is that Deportes is just not for beaners. (GRIN) I can say that cause I live in California, and we are literally inundated with illegals from south of the border. . It broadcasts in English , Spanish & Portuguese. In addition to the United States, they have a operations hub in Mexico City. The infrastructure in Mexico is more than capable for serving all of Central and South America. Also, between both contents the only odd-ball language is Portuguese. . As we know Bellator is already in Canada, one could say, they have locked in North American, Central American, and South American (plus Brazilian) coverage. People here are too enamored with fucking FOX, as most have never been outside the U.S. borders at any distance. . I know today their delivery is via Dish and Direct TV for satellite. They are available on most all cable networks. For IPTV they are on Verizon FIOS and for internet television they use AT&T U-Verse. You brought up Disney concerns, this is 80% Disney and 20% Hearst. Everything I described, is Disney. . Combined this will allow Bellator to be broadcast to countries around the world through a collection of broadcast agreements. (I don't know how technical you are, so instead of drilling down farther, I will hold there for now.) . Due to its success in its first season, Bellator returned for a second season April 2010 with any even bigger and expanded audience on NBC, FOX Sports Net, Telemundo, Mun2 and The Score. CEO Bjorn Rebney has also said "..he would like to get it on pay-per-view." And why not, here we see the UFC raking in $50 million per event? It's free money that may be left on the table. . On December 3, 2010, it was announced that Bellator had secured a TV deal to air their events live on the FX channel beginning in 2011,but the deal fell through and on December 14th, 2010. Why, well we could have guessed if we had known more. It's simple. FOX decided to pay top dollar for the UFC brand. . It was easy, brought the initial thump, and make sense to some. Then again, I know people who spend $5 million for a house 2-3 years ago, that is worth less than $2 million today. . Bellator will instead be broadcasted live on the MTV2 and Tr3s channels. The deal is for three years and it begun airing Bellator's fourth season which commenced back in March 2011. The Bellator season 5 starts this September. Let's see what happens at the 3 year mark. . Think back, where was the UFC at during their own fourth season. Take a look at the finals bracket (along with the names of their talent), does everything seem so strange now, I doubt you will think so? I would point out that the only 2 big-big names were simply Gracie and Severn. . . I'd bet a buck, most here can name at least 6 big names from inside the Bellator stable today. . I learned one thing about Bellator recently that caused me to pause for minute until I understood what they had done. The Bellator rules are modified (right in line with your Disney - Family oriented theme (which aside from Minnie-Mouse, I am not convinced exists.) . Bellator employs Zuffa's rules, with one minor alteration for the first two rounds of the tournament, where during this time elbows to the head are not allowed. This is brilliant for the product, as it enures the audience has a better chance of being strung out to the 3rd round. Aside from a polygonal cage, does anyone care that uses a circular cage? . Synergizing the product is good and it's important, but tell me what that means to you? From me to you, if you can't get the eyes and ears on your product though content distribution agreements, how important is it? . Let me try to demonstrate why I have been so adamant. Using your List (no disagreements from me in ranking) . 1. NBC Universal 2. News Corps 3. ABC/Disney 4. CBS/Viacom . What should jump out clearly to all MMA fight experts is that slick fucking Rebney has locked down the UFC. Bellator is on NBC and they are on Disney. He has in essence got the "Rodney King" LAPD choke hold around News Corp, FOX, and the UFC. . I too think this is a great discussion. Here is bonus question for anyone to jump in on - its worth a bottle of the best booze money can buy. . Explain to me why, why you feel Bjorn Rebney chose the name Bellator Fighting Championships?
  34. juhuaas Says:

    Fri, 08/26/11 - 02:03

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  35. Latest UFC/MMA news and notes from around the web for the week of August 20, 2011 Says:

    Fri, 08/26/11 - 05:54

    [...] - What’s the Biggest MMA News Story of the Year? (Cage Potato) [...]
  36. O Chan Says:

    Fri, 08/26/11 - 08:38

    Man, you think anyone else is reading this anymore or you think everyone's thinking what the fuck are these two guys talking about? . First up, FX was in talks for Bellator, but they were also in talks for the WWE. There were no real serious negotiations to acquire the brands. FX was merely looking for ways to take a bigger slice out of the M18-34 Demo. For the most part, the talks never really got past the "exploratory" stage. Basically, they were just browsing the aisles seeing what is out there. I know what's on wikipedia, but it doesn't have the most accurate information. . As far as entertainment and media sales goes, what pops in the USA is the benchmark for global sales. For example, an average theatrical release would expect the worldwide gross to equal the US gross in order for it to be considered "successful". Granted there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, that's generally how they view things. . You ask your average media buyer what is "Bellator", you may get a few questioning looks. Why? It's not on a "must-buy" network. MTV2 is in about 77M homes, where as MTV is in 100M and FX in 99M. The latter two are considered "fully distributed" networks which in the ad-sales environment is considered close or on par with broadcast. While you may think it's not a big difference, it is. Furthermore, MTV2 is not considered to be one of the tier cable networks. So on most providers, you'll find it in the 100s or higher. Just to give you an example, in NYC, which is considered a major TV market, FX is on channel 10 (all the broadcast and TNT and TBS are the only other nets ahead of them). MTV is channel 20 (basically with the rest of the major cable nets like Bravo, USA, etc). MTV2 is on 128 with a bunch of really obscure cable nets. Furthermore, some people might not get that network if they pay for the bare-bones minimum cable package. So that 77 million homes has just dropped. . If you're wondering what my point is, I'm getting to it. MTV2 is not considered a "must-buy" network. MTV is, the deuce, not so much. Therefore they have lower ratings as the limited number of households reduces the number of impressions they have. Media Buyers will look at MTV2 not for their ratings or their programs, but because it's a cheap network to buy. They know they will be getting a more efficient rate on the ad-spendeture compared to FX or MTV2. The people over at MTV and MTV2 know this. Therefore, they won't be promoting their product on MTV2 as much as they do on MTV. . Unless you're watching MTV2 (or maybe even MTV), do you ever see any other promos for any of their programs let alone for Bellator specifically? Now let's look at the other side, I can't turn on Spike or ESPN and not see a promo for Sons of Anarchy which is on FX. Plus these are competitive networks airing these promos. Which means one of two things, A. FX is paying top dollar for national time on those nets to push their show or B. They're going for local buys in major markets to purchase airtime on competitive nets for their product. . Now I'm not hating on the Bellator product. I love the fights on there and I love not having to pay to watch the fights live. But Bellator knows where they stand in the MMA environment. I mean, whenever there's an ex-UFC fighter there, are they never introduced as "Former UFC Fighter so-and-so"? I don't doubt that any one on the CP site can't recognize any fighters in Bellator. But your average guy in the M18-34 demo? You might have an issue here. You ask them about UFC guys, you'll get the GSP, the Lesnar, the Lidell, the Silva, Bones, and maybe hear a Penn or Edgar there as well. . You mentioned the rules of Bellator and the cage. I really doubt the casual fan will know the difference. They may notice the circular cage, but you're right, they won't care. . Going back to Rebney working with NBC and Disney. I can't say I've seen Bellator on anything else but MTV2. I did see them on some random FSN nets, but they were never live and I'm not aware of them being on any other net. I'm not calling BS on Bellator on NBC, but there's a good chance it may have been on a cable affiliate net and not part of the national broadcast. If that's the case, it lacks the corporate support of NBC Universal and is very limited as to the audience reach. The same can be said about Deportes. While it's a great way to reach the foreign markets, 9 times out of 10, it's run independently of the bigger nets since they are dealing more with an apples to oranges mix when it comes to audience and ad-spendings. . As for your bet, all I know is Bellator means soldier or warrior in Latin. Why? I'm guessing because it sounds bad-ass and every fighter likes to consider himself a true warrior. Although, according to science and the National Geographic, this is not the case(
  37. XENOPHON Says:

    Fri, 08/26/11 - 11:49

    @O Chan . No, I think this thread is dead, except for us. . True about wiki, but it's fast and I don't get as much time to flesh into most topics as I should - hence the numerous typos. . True, the U.S. gross is the supreme sweet spot as far as sale numbers goes. If not for the PPV, then for deep and sweeping the advertising budgets alone. . Your command of the the networks and channeling schemes is better than me. I trust you here, and its refreshing to listen to some one competent. I don't watch TV for the most part, and only in-passing do I spend time glued to a tube. That being said, the exception is when traveling...and there is where I will pitch my last stand. . I am boot-strap specialist. My expertise is in patenting (the branding, licensing, and spinning out the intellectual properties for sale to the highest bidder) then exploiting other-sometimes existing competition through feature richness, lower cost of ownership, and time-to-market. This to date has been tied to leveraging relationships with major telecommunications backbone suppliers. . My focus over the last decade has been inside and outside the U.S., south of the border - beyond Brazil, parts of Asia, West and East Europe, North and South Africa, and both the Levant and Gulf states. Having a P&E of less that $100M at any one time, the only place I have no interest in is China or Israel. . Arabs and Persians are the same, Russian's too - Ukraine is different and so on, so on, so on. It's business and here is my point. I've learned most can not be trusted as far as you can kick the fucking pricks. . I explained that for you not as a boast in any way, only as a meter. From my view the real value lays in the network. Obvious you understand content exploitation better than me, but the power is in the bandwidth and the last mile from where I stand. . What we are calling the network, is really the distribution infrastructure. Globally most all have - discarded US systems bought second hand - in many places this is cellular or another line of sight equivalents. All the channelizing we have talked about to date, from the my view is nothing more than who gets a slice of the action, and where along the pipe their slice occurs. . Satellite as a back haul for content delivery is as expensive as it gets - especially for LIVE streams. What is cheapest is radio-wave and Internet Protocol via fiber. Everything is moving in that direction, as the cost to trench and lay fiber to the last mile on a globally scale will never happen. It's simply cost too much fucking money to do so. . Looking at Bellator, sure they are a smaller production than the UFC, but they hold some cards yet to be shown. I don't know if they are aware of this (or if the UFC is aware yet), but I will make one last point about what most would claim is the egregious comment I made earlier over a lock around the UFC's neck. . Since I think in complete "Systems of Systems" or "Family of Systems" conceptualization and designs, for me the entire business end of of these deals is worthless unless each player can cost effectively expand to increase their take. . I see the Bellator's of the world, compared to the UFC as being so out of synch that they are nearly 180 degrees out of phase, but heading in the same direction - like walking around the globe from different starting points. . Limiting our discussion to North, Central, and South America + Brazil, my discipline has taught me to look at demographics, geography, and populations. From here what I know, is talking about those with more than 100 million native speakers. These are the best pockets to pick, as with few exceptions they offer the biggest bang for the buck. . Spanish speaking peoples out strip English speakers in shear mass. It goes something like this, and below is limited to "native" first tongue speakers only: . Mandarin - 1.2+ billion native speakers Spanish - 500+ million native speakers English - 375+ million native(*1.5 billion EFL)speakers Hindu-Urdu - 400+ million speakers Arabic - 280+ million native speakers Bengali - 180+ million native speakers Portuguese - 178+ million native speakers Russian - 145+ million native speakers Japanese - 122+ million native speakers Punjab - 110+ million native speakers . After that, the numbers fall off to what is still bountiful, but much smaller markets with much less return in all but a few cases (ie. German, French, Korean...and so on) . Since it's to much to trench the last mile, the content of the future is going to be supplied from some form of IP traffic in most cases moving foreward. In almost each of these cases, 200 sovereign countries is the total depth of business reach, in reality all the stovepipes in market (by native language) is political corruption. . As a side note: I will throw in that there are business models that last 10 years, 100 years, 200 years, and 500 years. The oldest of these businesses is over a 1,000 years old. There are seven of them, and they all come from one country - not the USA. The common theme from their 1,000 success is that they have less than 300 employees. . And since we are talking of natives, we are right back to who gets the palms greased. . Based on the list from above, the list of greasing is short. Few have the means or motive to lock down all IP traffic like the chinks in the Peoples Republic China have done, so in a nutshell this is the real market - as it yields the most people. . In nearly every one of the demographics I listed, its men who control the content, and in each place men like to see fighting if the choice is that and Martha Stewart. . Back to Bellator, they are in the US, but they will shine south of the border more and more rapidly over time. The ripest fruit might not be so juicy, but it's very low hanging to say the least. . And as I knew you would guess, Bellator does mean "Warrior." Americans could care less of an organizations name as long as it has the words "Fighting or MMA." South of boarder they dam near all speak exclusively Latin, and Bellator and as we both know finds it's roots from the Latin Language. In one flavor or another, all those 500 million psuedo-macho Latins (Ortiz and Velasquez come to mind fast) and their family's just love the shit out of that fucking espanol-MTV. . So on that note, your on deck - and win, lose, or draw...the first bottle is on me. The cost alone, has been worth learning something new from you.
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