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Prediction: Stefan Struve Knocks Out Alistair Overeem in 15 Seconds at UFC on FOX 13

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You see this image right here? This was what happened the last time Alistair Overeem said he was going to “destroy” an opponent in the first round. He was quickly TKO’d by a hairy Wisconsin, who then danced over his semi-conscious body like some kind of pasty apparition. Before that, here’s what happened when Overeem called Antonio Silva “a dead man” after claiming he would finish him inside the distance.

The point is, Overeem has something of a habit of overlooking his opponents, and just once, I wish that he would refrain from making such lofty predictions for an upcoming fight and all but condemning himself to underperform, or worse, get KTFO. Scheduled to face Stefan Struve at UFC on FOX 13: Miocic vs. Dos Santos this weekend, Overeem has once again fallen back on old habits, claiming that he will finish Stefan Struve inside the first minute of the fight on the UFC on FOX 13 “Road to the Octagon” special:

I’m really not that impressed by him. I’m a striker, and I like to knock people out. I’m going to knock him out in the first 30 seconds. I’m a mean motherf-cker, and it’s going to come out in the fight.

Look, I like Alistair Overeem. I find him to be a genuinely intriguing individual in the sea of blandness that is the heavyweight division. When he’s on his game (or fighting a tomato can), he can be one of the most devastating fighters on the planet — a 250 pound wrecking machine who will kick your diverticulitis so hard that your children will be born with IBS. And I get that in order to be a fighter of his level, one must have supreme confidence in their abilities no matter how many setbacks they suffer.

But seriously, Alistair? 30 seconds? THAT LIP, YOU SHOULD BUTTON IT.

While Overeem was also quick to mention his recent setbacks at the hands of Rothwell among others, history dictates that his prediction can only result in a “Skyscraper” TKO win in the first 15 seconds. So take notice, gamblers, Overeem is going down in the first. It’s practically a Brick Top guarantee.

-J. Jones

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