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Questions That Arise From Watching the First-Ever Google Glass-Filmed MMA Fight

(Via Google Glass Italy.)

According to a commenter on the Youtube page of this, the first ever Google Glass-filmed MMA fight, “Technology and MMA goes hand in hand.” The man makes a valid point. Would we have ever been treated to such game-changing technological developments as the PRIDE Ref Cam or The Phantom Cam if not for MMA? Probably, but it would have taken at least six more months, and that’s something to celebrate.

Yes, MMA and “technology” do seem to compliment one another, and luckily for us, both were on display last weekend at Impera FC 2. While us American fans have been anxiously waiting for the return of the ref cam ever since its was teased prior to UFC on FOX 4, it seems the Italians were actually able to deliver on the UFC’s promise thanks to the innovative power of Google Glass. But after viewing a snippet of the first-ever GG-filmed fight between Daniele Scatizzi and Enrico Romano, we were left with a ton of questions, such as:

-Does Google Glass automatically add shitty GarageBand soundtracks to your videos, or was that the promotion’s decision?

-Is this the modernized answer to the ref cam that the sport has been begging for, and if so, how long until the UFC adopts it?

-Should we be surprised that two men named Daniele and Enrico apparently walked into the barber shop and asked for “The Gay Matador?”

-How fucking hilarious would Herb Dean look in a pair of these? Steve Mazzagatti?

-They’ve already filmed a porno with these things, right?

Fortunately, that last question has already been answered (Author’s note: You know what you have to do, Carmen.).

Check out a couple full fight videos taken from Impera FC 2 below.

Luciano Joaquin Caroni vs Marco Giustarini

Marco Manara vs Anderson da Silva Santos

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I’ve already started a petition to make Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate II the first-ever Google Glass-filmed fight in UFC History. At least it would give the promotion a *legitimate* reason to bump up the price of the card by five dollars.

-J. Jones

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