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(Google Image Search result #1 for “freak show.” Apologies.)

From FightOpinion:

Nikkan Sports has a report claiming that Antonio Inoki is interested in Kurt Angle making his MMA debut on the IGF 4/12 Osaka Prefectural Gym show. According to Inoki, Angle will likely participate with open-fingered gloves and that it may be a 3-way MMA match involving Naoya Ogawa & Josh Barnett. Making this story even better is the fact that Angle has to work a TNA PPV the next day (4/13) in the States.

From Fightlinker:

DEEP is putting on a ‘Megaton’ grand prix, which means it’s a big fatty fest. Not only is this the most awesome concept ever, but if you’re a fat fuck too, you get free booze!

DEEP has announced the match-ups for their Megaton GP. I expect the fighters going at it with a lot of heart and maybe not the best of skills in this event. All in all, should make for some exciting fights.

Also, audience members weighing in at over 100kg can expect a 500yen drink coupon.

I guess the better question is — which of these events would you rather watch with your buddies while stoned? Hook us up, Mark

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Mark "Emporer" Rua- March 19, 2008 at 2:53 am
I say that the "Triple Threat" "MMA" "Match" is the more ridiculous bit of news here. Kurt Angle said just this week, on Between the Ropes, that he will be having a worked "MMA" "match" at April's TNA PPV, Lockdown. It'll take place in a six-sided steel cage (maybe with barb wire, who knows), they'll be wearing gloves, will tape their ankles, and... the decision will be predetermined. While it's no Fedor-Couture, hell, it's not even Rock-Austin, but it should be an interesting spectacle none-the-less.