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Quote of the Day: Hughes Calls St-Pierre’s Performance Against Shields the Worst of His Career

(“Come on, Georges. If you keep this up I’m going to rescind my offer to join me for a country breakfast.”)

Matt Hughes is not impressed by GSP’s performance in his last fight.

Now, before you jump to conclusions and say that Matt is only saying that Georges stunk the joint up in his UFC 129 fight against Jake Shields at Rogers Centre because he’s still sore that “Rush” laid a beating on him in their last two bouts, Hughes did say that he likes St-Pierre just fine.

Here’s what the former UFC welterweight champ had to say in a recent blog post he wrote about the bout:

“As for the GSP/Shields fight, I really believed GSP was going to tear Shields up. The fight didn’t go like I thought it would at all. Let me tell everybody now, I like GSP, he’s a good guy and he’s somebody I wouldn’t mind sitting next to on a plane ride or at a supper table. So don’t think that I’m talking out of bitterness for the two losses, I’m speaking through experienced eyes that have been in these situations. GSP actually looked worse in this fight than I’ve ever seen him before. I really feel like Georges fights not to lose, he just doesn’t fight to win anymore. I like Georges, I like watching him fight, I wish there was some way I could help him to get that hunger back inside of him. Georges has the potential of being so much better than what we’ve seen recently. If Jake had won one more round he would have won the fight, based on how the judges scored it. So an interesting fight and a little disappointing at being the last fight of the night.”

I guess we’re not the only ones who are getting a bit fed up with GSP’s inability to finish (or reluctance to engage for fear of getting caught like he did against Serra) lately. Maybe Matt needs a rematch to remind us that Georges can cause a stoppage.


  1. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:22

    I'd say he looked worse in the first Serra fight. Otherwise can't disagree with that wholesome right wing religious zealot.
  2. Cranekick Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:28

    gotta agree with Hughes. Compare GSP's fights vs. Hughes against his recent fights. big difference. Young GSP was aggresive. GSP now does just enough
  3. LOKI Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:36

    The circle is now complete, GSP has become the new Tim Sylvia.
  4. Shifty-Eyed Dog Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:38

    About that "if Shields won one more round" comment.... I STILL need someone to explain to me how any judge gave Shields even ONE round of that fight. Did GSP finish? No. But he won every single round - and apparently only one judge was watching the fight to see that.
  5. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:39

    Hard to argue with what Hughes had to say. And he actually said it pretty respectfully.
  6. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:41

    And I agree fully with what Shifty-Eyed Dog had to say. How you score any single round for Shields, I do not know. I feel like the rounds were scored based on GSP not meeting expectations, rather than anything Shields did.
  7. Fedor Penn Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:46

    Bring in Diaz and let's watch GSP try and run from him for 5 rounds.
  8. Zescape Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:50

    LOL at Goldie with the beautiful locks 'shopped into the background. Is that Twinkletoes with him?
  9. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:54

    Hughes vs Shields would be an interesting matchup. Perfect for a 5 round non-title.
  10. SquidInk Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 11:54

    Sorry to the Hughes haters: the man is right, and delivered the opinion with tact, no less.
  11. Cranekick Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 12:00

    GSP beats Diaz in the looks department. Diaz looks like he has to run back under his bridge to get the billy goats gruff.
  12. Me likey Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 12:22

    i think gsp does try n finish. he just tries to finish in a manner that has the least amount of danger for him. he had hardy in horrible positions where most people would have tapped. it is good enough for me that he completely demolishes people.
  13. Jugger Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 12:24

    GSP's legacy: not losing > winning.
  14. WithoutRemorse Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 12:53

    I sort of agree - but keep in mind that the walterweight division is one of the toughest I think physically. There a great weight to power to speed ratio. GSP's been fighting nothing but the best of the best in the weightclass (in the UFC). These are guys that don't make mistakes, train harder than they ever have. So i agree that his fights are boring.... but it takes two to fight.. no one wants to make a mistake against GSP so no ones really engaged him in any appreciable way... GSP's fights Boring? hell yeah. Completely his fault? nah.
  15. GILL-uh-TEEN Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 12:53

    not losing winning
  16. the silver hawaiian Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 12:53

    If Shields had won ONE MORE ROUND. OMR If only I could post with tacky script lettering and gold and silver foil, with a lot of ascii characters splattered on the post.. ONE MORE ROUND
  17. nickyroose Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 12:58

    I agree fully with RwilsonR agreeing fully with Shifty. Also I hate to say this but if you can't possibly beat him unless you catch him in a flash-knockout, why wouldn't he do his best to avoid that?
  18. newdeal Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 01:01

    Except shields didnt even go for a takedown the whole fighht unless he caught a kick so i dont see ho he had any chance of winning at all
  19. Limfamous Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 01:25

    You cant ignore the quality of the opponents that GSP is facing TODAY compared to the quality of crappier opponents that he finished prior to claiming the title. Let's look at the last five contenders that GSP was unable to finish: Shields: he was TKO'd ONCE in 2000. KOS: stopped only twice. He was KO'd by Paulo Thiago in 2009 and submitted by Fickett in 2005, after being hit with that "lucky" knee. Dan Hardy: stopped four times. KO'd by Condit recently. Submitted 3 times in mid-2000. And remember, GSP almost tore his arm off during their fight. Alves: stopped four times total. TKO'd by Fitch in 2006. Submitted 3 times in early to mid-2000. Fitch: submitted in his first pro fight with Mike Pyle and KO'd by Wilson Gouveia in 2002. Remember that GSP beat him to a "living death" during their fight. But for Fitch's terminator-ness, GSP probably would have won by TKO.
  20. Abe Froeman Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 02:23

    @Loki The next Tim Sylvia? Please...more like the next Anderson Silva. I agree that it seems as though GSP is way more concerned about being a fight technician than finishing the fight. I think GSP is still growing as a fighter, which is scary, and he's getting really good at all these indiviual aspects of the sport. I believe he is still trying to piece them together and make them into one complete fight game. It's actually impressive...he's been winning fights with just one aspect of the game, every time. Also, a win is a win.
  21. Jubbie Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 02:45
  22. Jubbie Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 02:46

    wtb edit button Shields needs to be fucked in the ass by the higher ups for that shit. He could've blinded GSP and taken away the UFC's money machine.
  23. intercept440 Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 03:40

    gsp > all other ww. is his last four fights boring? not to me..granted they werent spacfuckingtacular ..but he beat the dog shit out of everyoen he fought. could have finished some of those..yea..
  24. rampage01 Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 03:46

    people can call gsp whatever they want,but the fact of the matter is: IS F-ING WINNING, HE'S A WINNER. MORE THAN THAT, IS FIGHTING SUPER-CONSERVATIVELY AND HE'S STILL WINNING.
  25. danomite Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 05:28

    I agree with Country Breakfast that it was one of GSP's worst fights ever, but god damnit it can we stop with this bullshit that he's not trying to finish. GSP performed poorly in the last fight because he was trying TOO HARD for the finish. Christ all he did was throw that overhand right over and over and over and over. what more do you want from him? You make it sound like if you try hard enough to KO someone, they will just close their eyes and let you hit them in the jaw. Sometimes you're not gonna knock a guy out no matter how hard you try. hendo couldn't knock Shields out, what made anybody think GSP would be able to?
  26. edhedicus Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 05:49

    GSP always says he is looking to get better, trying new things. Why doesn't he just work on what has worked for him in the past? When was the last time GSP threw some sick spinning back kick, followed by a back flip and ninja chop? In his pursuit of perfection, he has lost sight of what got him there.
  27. noizy Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 06:00

    Here's what the UFC could do. Feed a middle of the pack WW to GSP so he can crush him to everyone's delight, and so we all stop whining about him going to the decision.
  28. JoLo1 Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 07:44

    they aired GSP-Koscheck tonight on Spike, man one head kick to Kos' blindside would have ended that thing. GSP just doesn't have the killer instinct
  29. JoLo1 Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 07:45

    noizy, you mean like Alves and Hardy? How'd those fights work out?
  30. janGUSK Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 07:50

    @ LOKI Gsp would hammer out Diaz...
  31. irisxxx Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 07:56

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  32. Mir please break Brocks neck Says:

    Wed, 05/11/11 - 10:47

    Im kinda torn on this one guys... I mean....GSP puts on fantastic performances IN GENERAL. The fight with Shields was horrible.....and anyone who says Shields one EVEN ONE ROUND has zero idea about what they are talking about. This fight was horrible. Period. I think Matt Hughes is first class and what he said was rational and true. Frank Mir for President. The Fertittas both are vaginas.
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  34. The Fresh One Says:

    Thu, 05/12/11 - 09:47

    "Let me tell everybody now, I like GSP, he's a good guy and he's someone I wouldn't mind sitting next to on a plane ride or a supper table, or even sharing a tent with on a cold night in Wyoming after a long day of sheep herding..."
  35. warchief65 Says:

    Sat, 05/14/11 - 10:25

    So , Mir please break Brocks neck , how many rounds did Shields win ? Come on man ! Give your head a shake ! GSP is trying to finish the fight . But you can't finish ever fight , now can you ? How many fights did Hughs went to the judges ? They all say , don't let the judges pick the winner , and they are right , as , there was a few judges who , frankly , don't know what they are doing . Do you think that that's what GSP is doing ? I don't think so . I think that most fighters , when they get in the ring with GSP , they are trying to not get KO'ed , or tap out , or sent to bed . They wear that as a badge of courage .
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