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Quote of the Day: The UFC is “Not Interested Whatsoever” in Signing Holly Holm

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The buzz surrounding former boxing champ turned MMA fighter Holly Holm has reached a fever pitch in recent weeks. Many have speculated as to whether or not Holm is the “huge announcement” opponent for Ronda Rousey that Joe Rogan previously hinted at, and her ongoing negotiations with the UFC seem to lend credence to this belief.

Of course, previous negotiations between Holm and the UFC have resulted in little more than a stalemate, with Holm’s manager, Lenny Fresquez, prematurely dubbing her “a franchise” among other ludicrous claims and earning the time-tested ire of Dana White. Things took a turn for the worst during yesterday’s edition of UFC Tonight, when White told Ariel Helwani that the negotiations between Fresquez were “not good at all” and that the UFC was “not interested whatsoever” in signing Holm.

This can only mean one thing: The UFC has signed Holly Holm.

Don’t believe me? Ask Gilbert Melendez what it means when The Baldfather tells you he’s “no longer interested” in signing you. Ask Roy Nelson. Ask Kimbo f*cking Slice. The UFC has become notorious for trashing a fighter (or his management) one second and signing/re-signing them the next over the years –they don’t want you until they do — and while Melendez is clearly a more valued and recognizable commodity than Holm, let’s not act like the door has been closed on the former boxing champion, because very recent history has proven otherwise.

Considering that DW also told UFC Tonight that the UFC is not negotiating with either Cris Cyborg or Gina Carano despite reports to the contrary, all roads appear to lead to Holm (or that Canadian Olympian chick). Official CP Prediction: Holm and Rousey have already been booked as opposing coaches on the next, next, next season of The Ultimate Fighter and will fight in June of 2015. Or they’ve been booked as coaches on the next *international* season of TUF. Whatever, f*ck you.

-J. Jones

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