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Rachelle Leah: Semi-Clothed, But Still Hot

(Looks like someone forgot to put her shirt on under her jacket when she left the house this morning.  Embarrassing!  Props: The Garv)

The people at YRB Magazine sure know what they’re doing.  First it was those Gina Carano pin-up shots.  Now it’s former UFC Octagon girl and current TV host Rachelle Leah.  Hey, remember when she was naked in Playboy?  So do these guys (NSFW, obviously).  This layout features far less skin, but it’s still worth a look.

Speaking of Gina Carano, MMA Fanhouse passes along the news that she’ll be featured in the top 20 of Maxim’s forthcoming "Hot 100."  With all this media exposure just for being a hot chick, who needs fighting?  A girl could mess up her pretty face that way.

A couple more Rachelle leah pictures are after the jump.


  1. ?CM Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 09:03

    first again!! she is hot
  2. x FenixKnight x Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 09:03

    Soooooo hot! Want to touch thee hiney! OUUUUUUUW!!!!
  3. Fucklord Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 09:04

    She looks awful now I hypothesize that the innumerable loads shes taken in the face from Dana and the Fertittita's has led to premature aging of the skin
  4. Dapper Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 09:32

    After seeing her naked in Playboy nothing else compares. Sure she's hot but she's not naked!
  5. Jay Smith Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 10:06

    I hate fake tits.............I'd fuck her though.
  6. ScrambledEggs Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 10:18

    I think that "Fucklord" has fantasized a little too much about Dana White & Lorenzo Fertitta, because Rachelle Leah is smokin hot!
  7. Blumpkin Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 10:35

    ehh shes Alright...Id much rather have a Blumpkin giving midget.
  8. KcCarnage Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 10:48

  9. C-Bus Allstar Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 11:33

    She's hot. But not that hot. She's not Carano hot. She's not Arianny hot. But she's like.. Jenna Jameson hot. Fuckable, but risky.
  10. Frank Mur Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 11:37

    Just six more months until her standard of living outdoes her "Fight Mag Pinup Girl" income and she's forced to do porn! COME ON PORN!
  11. kula Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 11:43

    i would totally stick it in her BUTT
  12. Dante Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 11:48

    ROFL @ Blumpkin
  13. PurplePickle Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 01:17

    CP, Carano is considered hot because she IS a fighter. If she were just some chick off the street, some gay fashion editor would call her a pig and not let her near a photo shoot. They would want her to get fake tits and drop to 85lbs or so. Her fighting prowess is what allows us to enjoy her real girl hotness.
  14. ScrambledEggs Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 07:37

    I don't get why there hasn't been more comments about this incredible piece of ass. And I can't believe someone stated she's not "Carano hot". What? No one could possibly think Carano is hotter than Rachelle Leah. I'll assume it's a troll job.
  15. kennel spud Says:

    Mon, 05/11/09 - 08:30

    "I hate fake tits.............I'd fuck her though" - Jay Smith I prefer to refer to them as man made tits. "Fake" leads you to believe that they are not real, like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. You can't touch fake. You can motor boat all day on man made though.
  16. Wrldchmpnabrvtr Says:

    Tue, 05/12/09 - 12:54

    Her expression kind of looks like it should be on the cover of Abused Weekly. If there is such a publication. From the neck down though...boing.
  17. ScrambledEggs Says:

    Sat, 06/06/09 - 04:42

    I'd abuse her. With my giant penis of course.
  18. williamshatner Says:

    Sun, 06/07/09 - 03:44

    Rachelle is by far the hottest woman in all of mma period. What a fucking body.
  19. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 01:45

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  20. Alla Cuffie Says:

    Fri, 12/20/13 - 04:45

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    Sun, 02/09/14 - 12:50

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