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Randy Couture Won’t Do Business With Affliction, Alcoholics

In this video interview from Steve Cofield, Randy Couture responds to the recent hostility directed at him by Affliction co-owner Todd Beard. It seems that Randy isn’t above slinging a little mud right back — and he gets pretty damn personal:

“I don’t intend to do any more business with Todd or Affliction in any way, and whether or not they still manufacture [Xtreme Couture clothing] down the road or not is still yet to be seen. But, you know, guys with drinking problems, I mean, is what it boils down to. I’ve seen it at several different professional meetings where he’s ordering shots and just out of control. And it’s not really something that I want be associated with.”

OH, SNAP. Beard sounds almost as bad as Mauro Ranallo. The UFC still won’t allow Randy to wear Xtreme Couture gear during UFC appearances as long as Affliction is a competitor, and his return to the Octagon has Beard’s panties in a twist — so basically, Affliction’s attempt to be a fight promoter may wind up spiking Couture’s clothing line altogether. I ask you: Hasn’t his man suffered enough?

In other Couture news, Randy’s son Ryan will make his amateur MMA debut tonight at the Bellingham Sportsplex in Bellingham, Washington. He’ll be facing Ricky Perez (1-1) in the 160-pound division. Let’s hope he fares a little better than his stepmom.


  1. Todd Beard's Liver Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 01:37

    You mean the business is destroyed because of all the booze I've ingested? Totally worth it.
  2. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 02:34

    Ya know what? Randy is a class act. The man is a great representative of the sport. Not just that, but he was able to throw trash talk right back at Todd Beard and not come off looking like a dickhead... ...unlike Mr. Beard. Good luck with Brock, Randy. I honestly don't know how that fight is gonna go, but I'll be pullin' for ya. old guys gotta stick together.
  3. TUF Guy Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 02:40

    Agrees with Old, Bald and Irish. Randy Couture is my hero also, I train at his gym in Lombard. I met the man and I can say he was one of the few who put up a good ground game.
  4. Imbecile Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 03:45

    Todd Beard = the new $kala! ...welll, except Beard actually has some accomplishments with his clothing line. But still, not much better than $kala with his stupid rants and (soon to be) complete failure as an MMA promoter.
  5. Imbecile Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 03:49

    And go Captain America for fighting back against this d-bag! Randy Couture - you can leave your new wife, marry another stripper, leave another contract you willingly signed, believe the hype of a hollywood agent, hypocritically come crawling back, retire three more times and make three more comebacks - I don't care! You will always be aces in my book!!!
  6. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 03:49

    Ditto to everything "Imbecile" said, except don't make another "Scorpion King" movie! Yeesh!
  7. Randy Couture's Nuts Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 04:52

    Thanks guys, me and the big guy are gonna destroy Brock
  8. Higgz Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 06:45

    Alcoholics? THAT explains their lame ass t-shirt designs!!!
  9. carljames Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 07:12

    yeah alcoholics are bad but cheating on both of your previous wives with a subsequent wife is cool right randy? every time this guy gets married he cheats on that wife with the next one in line, but he talks about how bad the other guy drinks? Randy should stop acting so pious.
  10. UFC fan Says:

    Thu, 11/06/08 - 08:38

    The ONLY reason I am hoping Randy wins is cause I hate that poser MMA wannabee Brock lesner, and I want him to get smashed so everyone who is on his jock will see he is no better than that useless fuck Kimbo slice. Afterwards, I don't ever care if CUNToure fights again, he is still a backstabbing, whining crybaby who left cause he wanted more, only to find out he was wrong, and he fucked up, I think he is a traitor, and the only reason he is back is cause he doesn't want to spend his life in court LOSING case after case to the UFC cause he fucked up. So GO Randy beat cock chestner....and then kindly fall off a cliff you putz!
  11. Brock Lesnar's meat and 2 veg Says:

    Fri, 11/07/08 - 07:56

    UUhhh guys I'm getting cold and lonely here. Can I have more of those hugs you're ALL so generous with? Also, @ UFC fan: Go fuck yourself.
  12. UFC fan Says:

    Fri, 11/07/08 - 02:55

    Hey Brock Lesner...hahaha did I hurt your widdle feelings? Go suck a nut fag. Brock Lesner is a waste of time, go swing your meat in TUF gays mouth. :)
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