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Randy Couture’s Cauliflower Ear Gives Riveting Performance on ‘The Unit’

From last night’s episode…




Wow. Just look at that thing. My goodness.

As for Randy himself, I gotta be honest and say this was one of those “don’t resign from your day job”-type situations. As an actor, he enunciates every word in a very unnatural sort of way (no pun intended). Plus, he’s got those horribly disfigured ears. I just don’t see “leading man” in his future. Though I would love to see a romantic comedy starring him and Sandra Bullock…

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[...] Originally Posted by xgayox Just get the most severe case possible (something like bj penn), so you look like a badass. Haha he ain't got shit on Randy Couture's ear. Randy Couture’s Cauliflower Ear Gives Riveting Performance on ‘The Unit’ [...]
Ed- March 17, 2008 at 11:10 pm
At first, the dingus ear thing kinda grossed me out. But I really didn't know who he was...Then I got into watching MMA! Randy Earned those ears! The man IS a real live action hero, no stupid catch-phrases or lame gimmicks are needed! I would be honored and proud to have this man KICK MY ASS and smile as I was wheeled into Intensive Care! And I'm not really even a big fan of his...yet!
Chuck L.- March 6, 2008 at 7:27 pm
Randy is 'the man', always has been, always will be. He's my hero; he's my inspiration; he's 'it'; he's one-of-a-kind; he's a king; he's awesome. The greatest thing to hit MMA since sliced bread. God, I love this guy!