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Recent Bellator Signee Accused of Murder in Russia

(“I f*cking hate RC cars!”)

Undefeated Russian featherweight prospect Rasul Mirzaev (5-0) may not be able to compete for Bellator any time soon considering he may be preoccupied fighting a murder charge in Russia.

Mirzaev, 25,  is accused of killing a student in Moscow who was flirting with a female acquaintance of his outside of a nightclub in the Russian city.

Apparently the victim was using a radio-controlled car to attract women and when he offered to give a friend of Mirzaev’s a ride home in the toy, “The Black Tiger,” who Bellator announced it had signed three days ago — the same day as the incident — stomped it to bits.

An argument ensued and Mirzaev dropped the man with a left to the temple. The victim, Ivan Angafonov, was knocked out and was taken to hospital. He never regained consciousness and died four days later in spite of doctors working on him around the clock.

“This is a tragic concurrence of events,” the promoter of Fight Night series where Mirzaev recently became champion told Interfax news agency.“[Mirzaev] hasn’t been officially summoned to the police yet, but if this happens – then he’ll go because this case has to be sorted out. Rasul is very sorry about what happened. The incident has nothing to do with hate crimes. It was just an everyday situation which turned into tragedy.”

An everyday situation in Russia seems a bit different than one from North America, apparently. I’ve never seen a dude use an RC car to pick up women outside a club and I’ve definitely never seen a dude smash a guy’s toy for using a cheesy pick-up line and then kill him when he gets mad over it.

A criminal case of deliberately inflicting grievous bodily harm resulting in the death has been launched against Mirzaev and authorities are currently questioning witnesses, so there’s a pretty good chance he won’t be in the Bellator featherweight tourney next season.

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aaronb- February 9, 2012 at 7:31 am
The two of you that are defending this fucking prick are complete fucking idiots. I hope someone rapes both of your ear holes to death and escapes prosecution because your stupid faces were enough provocation.
XENOPHON- August 21, 2011 at 9:37 am

I don't think it matters if a man is a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or other...if there is some asshole (or a group of them) harassing (you and/or your chick) then that asshole usually deserves what happens...I would like to learn if any criminal charges are filed against Ruslan Mirzaev, they get dismissed.
I agree with you 100% over the "under evolved" comment, it's very perceptive. Regardless if one is a Christian, Jew, or Muslim - without a doubt, moving forward they will always be considered by their peers and by most all others as simple being "under evolved."
You put that a dam good way!
Soviet_Bastard83- August 20, 2011 at 7:39 pm
All I think f fedor is he was awesome will have his legacy, he's been figured out like google earth he's been mapped out,Russia is more crooked in alot aspects mma etc... Then captain hooks left wrist... Prides had best heavy weights in it's time,not silva or Arlovski, that bela Russian eye brow plucking fame whore, well thats that as far for Rasul I don't care if he's Muslim I believe in me not a controlled religion state of mind but Russia will make an example of him, no room for radicals who can't take an alah joke in eastern Europe... If u could do better way u mean? Mma is life, we all must evolve in all aspects of life, religious free. Todd let me introduce u to Boris the butcher !! Then will have something to chop about besides ur fourskin out look! Google putins view on Muslims, tell me how that nation tolerates caveman mentality. U fock !! Proper fock any1 who threatens my new nation!! God bless America & 9-11 I was there, smelt the burn flesh,lost a friend in the tower & cousins at war, now tell me over a toy car will hit a person!? Muslim can't take joke? Don't bring ur bullish!t idiologies to England,France Sweden were 100% rapes r commuted By "Muslims" they can't let a women be women, not there fault, under evolved & America is for the best, Russia is for Russians only 140 million left, 4 a reason, so be grateful & be wise. Stop caring for guy who has his destiny sealed in bars.
entropee- August 20, 2011 at 3:57 pm
HAHAHA In Soviet Russia (insert hilarious quip). This went wayyyyy further than it should have. Seriously, nobody was there. How can anyone have such intense opinions about what happened?
XENOPHON- August 20, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Post an e-mail address, and I'll send you my resume, with references if you think I'm full of shit over anything I've ever said.
Matter of fact I will provide you with a Security Exchange Commission Index Number with verifiable quarterly and annual disclosures that you can cross reference on for free.
And I will send your dumb ass electronic copies of work samples with a shitload of awards, pictures and videos.
If your afraid of posting your email address, use a temp email account from any service that you prefer.
Your free to send me your bonifides in return. The we can let the cards lay where they fall.
Then you can shut the fuck up.
XENOPHON- August 20, 2011 at 1:37 pm
@Todd M
LOL ... I could have done better, I was falling asleep.

Sounds like you like both the MMA, and living in the US. What is the current state of MMA in Russia, and what do they think Fedor?
Soviet_Bastard83- August 20, 2011 at 8:56 am
1st off Ruslan Mirzoev probably has Napoleon complex FYI-feather weight !! He doesn't look Russian to me I'm half Armenian/Russian my father & I were always getting into fights with my drunk comrades aka citizens of the former soviet union of saint Petersburgh Russia, teachers hit u for being mixed bread & dressing better then their communist union forms, back then... Now with the most billion & millions crime is at an all time high, but brazil has worse crime & kidnap rate, men will always fight & 4 weather women or honor it is what it is, common there as hit & runs here in the states. Don't judge unless you were there & you understand the social Mecca of it all, if I am with my wife n any device comes by to compliment or hit on her, then yes I hit u back!! There's no turning the other cheek in Russia, I've been back & am blessed to live in the states were character is as low as ur honor system for defending & fomenting your own citizens I help protect at bars & gym I train's called mother Russia 4 a reason, average lives until 52yrs of age, nature always wins nurture, man-up & realize this is a world wide problem, next time use a real car, probably be safer :) from a former soviet now a proud American!! Bare with us...or I will break u!!
Todd M- August 20, 2011 at 2:11 am
^Holy Shit man I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole.
As far as the situation is concerned race or religion was not my argument, just that it is a crazy world and shit happens.
XENOPHON- August 20, 2011 at 12:03 am
@Todd M
I can't belief I missed this the pass, go back up and read the quote thrown in my the CP author. Find this: "The incident has nothing to do with hate crimes"
Someone that goes by the name of Adolf Hitler sure thinks so. And what's up with the Sr. Editor Mike Russell who missed that his "kid" was actually a grown man.
Actually this may have everything to do with hate crimes. Rasul Mirzaev has a manager/promoter. His name is Kamil Gadzhiev. The last name Gadzhiev is about as Muslim as you can get. Muslim promoters, promote Muslim fighters. Take one guess where the surname Mirzaev stems from?
The dead man's name is Ivan Angafonov, about as Russian as possible. Don't forget the worse terrorist attack in Russian history took place and Beslan. It was was massacre in the countries history, and the fact is to this day many Russian's hate Muslims, and vice-versa.
Nothing will piss off a Muslim in Russia more than having some white guy intimidate his woman and disrespect him by offering the girl a ride home in front of him.
Besides the fact that the Russian's have always historically viewed the Muslims with mistrust, today the Republic of Dagestan is 90% Muslim. The problem is Dagestan is rich in oil, natural gas, coal, and many other minerals.
I don't know if you believe in coincidences, but according to a decree of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, Ruslan Mirzaev Sr. has been appointed to the post of the Chairman of Supreme Court of the Republic of Dagestan. He is the member of Qualifying Board of Judges of the Supreme Court of Dagestan.
In Uzbekistan (96% Muslim) there is another Ruslan Mirzaev Sr., and he happens to be the Minister of Defence, former National Security Council State Adviser.
The one thing each of these two fucked up countries has in common is that the minority populations are Jewish. What do you think the possibility is the Ruslan Mirzaev is related to one of these powerful cocksuckers?
Goldstein is about as Jewish as you can get, and I have wonder why such a shitty article was written about this poor Islamic boy protecting his girl and who punched a white boy, killing him in with one blow.
Wonder if it all this has anything to with his Mirzaev father dirty politics with big money over petroleum. Being that Jews are often accused of bias in the media, it looks like this my be one clandestine part of MMA that is filled with conspiracy and international intrigue on a Friday night?
Todd M- August 19, 2011 at 9:20 pm
'An everyday situation in Russia seems a bit different than one from North America, apparently. I’ve never seen a dude use an RC car to pick up women outside a club and I’ve definitely never seen a dude smash a guy’s toy for using a cheesy pick-up line and then kill him when he gets mad over it.' So this has never happened in the states, sure maybe the RC bit, but come on this type of tragedy does happen time to time. Dookie make some good points and he is clearly not condoning the violence. I also find it ironic that the author of this article piles on with the hate yet can't stop himself from making a joke about the death. Shit happens people and yeah Mirzaev should be punished, but don't tell me anyone in a situation like this should be hung in town square. Am I to believe no one on this site has ever punched first in a heated situation, if so ure more 'Christian' than I am
XENOPHON- August 19, 2011 at 8:18 pm
I've read several articles, the kid that died was not a kid, he was 19 years old. The legal drinking age in Russia is 18 years old. It matters not if the victim was someone's bother or had family. Instead of going into the bar and scoring on some pussy himself, the dead man decided to loiter around with his RC toy.
Who cares if the accused is a MMA practitioner. A grown man was harassing a couple, that's called provocation. There is no indication that anyone was or wasn't drinking. I don't think it would matter, if Mirzaev felt threatened, he was well within his rights to mount a defense.
Might sound weak, but the fact is some RC toys travel in-excess of 45 mph. You aim 45 mile an hour projectile at my lil Hot Hollywood Hooker, no problem, I got the bitch insured. (GRIN)
You being a grown man aim that fucking at me, with or without a warning and I will fuck your ass up. Never put a race car in the red, so it's likely going to be more than one strike.
UNLESS - it's a perfectly placed fucking head shot, the assailant goes down, and cracks his head doubly on a curb. After reading a few other news articles, that's exactly what happened.

Dookie got it right from the start, then they got you all fucked up and back peddeling. Dookie, you and me are good, but you're (not your) in jeopardy of losing your LA privileges if your don't stick your guns.
The only one that fucked up here is the author who failed a basic tenant. He smeared the facts, by not presenting them. God dammit Goldstien, don't let me find out that was you, I'll be disappointed!
Ps...I got a 97% hunch that was you Ben, you who censured and deleted those two-or-three exchanges between me and another over Tompkins death.
fdsafdaq- August 19, 2011 at 7:30 pm
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DookieShorts- August 19, 2011 at 6:35 pm
fair enough.
Drinks2Much- August 19, 2011 at 6:34 pm
I AM NOT A MOUTH-BREATHER! . . . im an alcoholic
Drinks2Much- August 19, 2011 at 6:31 pm
i,ve calmed down. let me inform you as to why your statements are upsetting some people. this man is a professional fighter who has the training and ability to truely hurt people. the fact that you see it as just a bar fight is irrelevant. he is a mma fighter who used his knowledge and skill to strike another human so hard that it caused his death. we here love the sport of MMA, and want it to grow and flourish. and it will come to a screeching halt if the public is scared that the MMA fighter having a drink with them at the bar could snap and KILL THEM.
DookieShorts- August 19, 2011 at 6:25 pm
d2m, actually, no, i'm not that guy that cold cocks people at the bar. i'm just saying that, yeah, mizraev fucked up by hitting that guy, but he just shouldn't be put away for fucking ever. yes, he's probably guilty of assault. yes, he's probably guilty of involuntary manslaughter. but you know what? no, he's not some piece of trash that deserves to be put away forever. any other guy and he spends a month, two months max, in the clink for knocking some guy out. any other guy and this barely even warrants a write up on an mma news site.
but you know what? this time he hit a guy that landed on his head wrong or had some kind of disease that made him much more susceptible to head trauma.
any other guy and this is a funny anecdote about a guy who laid out for trying to get with someone else's girl right in front of her boyfriend. but instead it's a horrific and tragic accident that will probably play itself out in mizraev's head for the rest of his life. and he'll probably have to deal with mouth-breathers like you for the rest of his life too.
horrible accidents happen, and i think the world would be a better place if forgiveness came a little easier for those that didn't mean to cause such great harm.
Drinks2Much- August 19, 2011 at 6:09 pm
FUCK YOU DOOKIE! you dont hit people! wrong nerves my ass. just shut up already. u seem to have enough inteligence to form sentences and use brain power so . . . i dont know what hillbilly backwater hood u grew up in, but assault is assault. so your saying the guy that robs a store and his friends kills the clerk shouldnt be charged with murder also?! you must be THAT GUY at the bar who decides someone is getting on your nerves and you cold cock him. please please please go away
DookieShorts- August 19, 2011 at 5:28 pm
you know what, el guapo, you're right. that was pretty ill thought-out. it just seemed like everyone was treating this kid like he was joe son or something, when really he just did something that normally would have been of minor consequence but instead ended being a horrific act. any one of us that's been pissed off enough to drop a guy that was hitting the wrong nerves could have quite accidentally ended up in his situation. if it had been you or a person close to you, wouldn't you want a bit of leniency? i was just trying (badly i might add) to provide a bit of defense for him.
XENOPHON- August 19, 2011 at 3:52 pm
Murder in Russia.
Their justice system works slightly different. Here is my best guess. Someone inside the nomenklatura will see an opportunity if they haven't already.
Surely by now the local shot callers know who he is, and know he has signed with an American promoter.
There is money to be made with Mirzaev, and there is a good chance that if he is already under the wing of one of any number of groups, there is a good chance he walks.
Just like a hooker, she does you no good in lock-down.
El Guapo- August 19, 2011 at 3:45 pm
Re-read your first comment, Dookie. If you're still confused as to why people are giving you shit, read it again. Every sentence of that post was pretty furken stupid, mang.
DookieShorts- August 19, 2011 at 3:19 pm
okay. if everyone's going to be on my back and call me names like children, let me condense what i've been telling you down to something that has already been said. 18 months for this crime, like the one morningwood mentioned, is reasonable. That doesn't imply murder. It implies involuntary manslaughter. It implies a petty crime that went terribly awry. Now, forgive me for assuming that mirzaev's a good person, but i'm sure this will haunt him for the rest of his life, and that would be plenty of punishment.
Viva Hate- August 19, 2011 at 2:59 pm
Congratulations on being the biggest retard in internet history, you should be proud of that accomplishment. It is ironic that you used the words "moron" and "dumb ass" yet you failed to comprehend not only sarcasm but also the fact that my last sentence points out the obvious sarcasm. You should probably avoid this site given that many of the commenters use this mysterious sarcasm thing, A LOT. You can however do everyone a favor and swan dive into a shallow puddle of AIDS.
Best Regards,
Viva Hate
Morningwood- August 19, 2011 at 2:51 pm
so we shouldn't ruin mirzaev’s life over a horrible accident like this? I guess I would agree if he didn't ruin the life of angafonov by killing him!
Adolf_Hitler- August 19, 2011 at 2:46 pm
i actually registerd for a username just to say... Dookie u r a fuckin moron...i dont give a shit if the guy was trying to flirt with your dont lay your hands on someone unless you have to protect your girl or yourself. Im sure his girlfriend was more than capable of telling the guy she wasnt interested. I wanna punch ur stupid ass in the temple for bein an idiot. But i wouldnt because i dont want to listen to ur stupid ass advice.

Morningwood- August 19, 2011 at 2:29 pm
* the puncher spent 18 months in prison.