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Reebok’s Latest Shirt Snafu Is A Magnum Opus of Incompetence

(This isn’t the shirt in question, but still, just look at this goddamn thing. Larry the Cable Guy wouldn’t be caught dead in this mess.)

At this point in the Reebok-UFC partnership, you’d be hard-pressed to convince us that the former *isn’t* trying to intentionally tank the deal through sheer incompetence, ala Springtime for Hitler. You could probably go so far as to say that the company never really wanted to partner with the UFC in the first place, but were simply called a dummy by Dana White so often and so vociferously that they were eventually forced to cave in.

In either case, it would be hard to remember a sports organization-apparel partnership in recent memory that so negatively affected both parties involved. The payouts for the fighters themselves have been abysmal, the outcry on Reebok’s social media pages vociferous (there’s that word again!), and the apparel designs themselves uninspiring at best and shameful at worst.

But if Reebok’s incompetence hadn’t already reached new heights following the much-scorned release/immediate recall of its “Ireland” shirt, they’ve surely done so now with the work of art that awaits you after the jump.

Yep. There’s a new fighter in town and his name is Anderson Aldo. Or Anderson Aldo Silva. That’s not important. What is important is that you pay $35 for it and continue living a life of sad overcompensation and terrible Christmases.

Even more hilarious than the shirt itself is the accompanying description, which reads, “Anderson Silva channels the striking power of ‘The Spider,’ and now you can channel his fighting style with a cotton crewneck tee that comes with serious fan cred.” Which, two things:

1) Anderson Silva got his nickname after wearing a Spiderman t-shirt to the cage in one of his early fights, not because he “channels the striking power” of his own nickname. This took us all of 5 seconds to find that out.

2) Nothing quite says “serious fan cred” like buying a shirt from a company that both misprinted the name of the sport’s most dominant athlete, then held a photoshoot without realizing the mistake they had made.

As you might expect, the shirt has since been taken off Reebok’s site, because apparently their “quality control” department consists of one guy searching #Reebok on Twitter while on the toilet. So make sure to swing over to Reebok’s UFC page and pick yourself up one of them Junior dos Anjos shirts everyone’s clamoring for this holiday season.

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