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Report: Hackers Target UFC Fight Pass, Release Passwords and Credit Card Data

(“What do you want me to do? I’m in the fight business, not the website business. Besides, I’m not afraid of these goofy Internet fucks.” / Photo via Getty)

If you’re subscribed to UFC Fight Pass, there’s a chance your credit card data and password have been leaked courtesy of hackers claiming allegiance to Anonymous.

A twitter account bearing their name tweeted a link to a document containing tens of thousands of user names, passwords, and credit card numbers. However, other Anonymous members claimed this hack was not the work of the official group.

The hackers — whatever Internet faction they belonged to — targeted more than just the UFC, however. As the Daily Dot noted, the leaks included Xbox Live, Sony’s Playstation Network, Twitch TV, Amazon, Walmart, and Hulu Plus.

We recommend you change your passwords as soon as possible, as well as check for any suspicious activity on the credit card you used to sign up for Fight Pass.

It’s unfortunate, but it a mass data leak from UFC Fight pass was inevitable. As Iain Kidd noted back in January, the UFC’s digital security measures were lax at best. And given that the UFC feuded with Anonymous briefly in 2012, it would’ve been a good idea to strengthen security measures. This incident was preventable, but it’s too late now. So all we can do is just hope for the best, and be careful about giving the UFC any of our information in the future.

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