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Report: Fabricio Werdum vs. Roy Nelson Slated for UFC 143 Super Bowl Weekend

(This will either be a really great fight or a really boring 15-minute feeling out process.)

Well, it looks like Dana White had his fingers crossed when he promised everyone this week that there wouldn’t be any more Strikeforce fighters heading to the UFC.

MMAWeekly is reporting that Fabricio Werdum (14-5-1) will be returning to the Octagon for the first time since being knocked out at UFC 90 by current UFC heavyweight kingpin Junior dos Santos when he takes on Roy Nelson (16-6) at UFC 143 February 4 in Las Vegas.

Since being dropped by the UFC, “Vai Cavalo” has had an impressive run, including wins over highly-regarded heavyweights Antonio Silva and Fedor Emelianenko including a surprise triangle submission upset over “The Last Emperor” back in June 2010. He dropped a lackluster decision to then-Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem in his last outing in June that elicited boos aimed at both fighters from the displeased crowd. A multiple-time ADCC champion, Werdum’s strength is his ground game, having notched eight of his 14 wins by submission. He originally lobbied for a UFC bout with Brendan Schaub, but he got an upgrade in the form of “Big Country.”

Nelson’s forte is his striking game, with nine of his 16 wins coming by knockout, but he’s no slouch on the ground either. A 2003 Grappler’s Quest champ, Roy has never been submitted in his 22 fights. It will be interesting to see how his grappling matches up against a fellow Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt of Werdum’s caliber.

The card will be anchored by a main event welterweight interim title bout between former Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz and former WEC champ Carlos Condit.

UFC 143
February 4, 2012
MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, Nevada

Interim Welterweight Championship Bout
Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit

Fabricio Werdum vs. Roy Nelson
Josh Koscheck vs. Mike Pierce
Rafael Natal vs. Michael Kuiper
Scott Jorgensen vs. Renan Barão
Erik Koch vs. Dustin Poirier
Alex Caceres vs. Edwin Figueroa
Jorge Lopez vs. Amir Sadollah


  1. skeletor Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 03:22

    Maybe we will get to see this ground game of Nelson's Joe Hogan is always talking about. Good winnable matchup for both guys.
  2. MoonBelly Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 03:25

    so far... pretty weak card
  3. Lesnarischamp Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 03:32

    They're really not going to go with a Diaz vs. Condit ME for SB weekend, are they? Fuck what Jones wants, put him in a title fight with Hendo for it.
  4. skeletor Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 03:33

    @MoonBelly-Just curious would you rather Diaz v Condit or GSP? Diaz Conduit is a way better fight.
  5. intercept440 Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 03:42

    this should easily be roy for the win. roy has far much more power in his strikes, and iron chin, outwieghs werdum by a gijillion pounds,is a bjj black belt, and even though he is fat can go up to 3 rounds without much problem. . . sorry fabio, but youll be fighting in bellator or m-1 global in no time
  6. Redmoose Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 07:20

    yeah intercept. looked great in the third round vs mir and jds. not gonna have much of a weight advantage either. 10 pounds tops. calling that an easy win is pretty foolish.
  7. Krazytrain33 Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 08:23

    Meh - This card is terrible matchups. I'm a big fan, so will watch it, just not excited about it. There is not one must see fight on this card for me. If I have something better going on that night, I'll just download it the next day.
  8. SonOfSerbia Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 08:33

    if that's the co-main event than that is some serious bullshit...they need at least one, if not two bigger fights to make that card awesome. Barao v Jorgenson wouldnt be entirely awful on the main card but i'd rather have it be a pre lim. Throw in a light heavyweight fight like Nedkov vs Rich Franklin
  9. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 09:22

    what a shitty not paying $50 bucks for that crap. And neither should you. . Only two fights worthy of the main card is Diaz v Condit, and Jorgensen v Barão
  10. SnackDaddy Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 09:27

    How the hell is this a shitty card? Just the main event is worth more than most UFC pay-per-views. Its a potential fight of the decade, i tell ya. And i'm predicting Knick Diaz is gonna come out short in the end.
  11. Todd M Says:

    Wed, 12/14/11 - 09:42

    @ SonOfSerbia, You want this card to be more exciting and you suggest Rich Franklin? Damn son I would rather watch paint dry then have to sit through Ace's akward style, allthough if Nedkov knocked Ace out well I would be pretty damn excited.
  12. TARDO Ortiz Says:

    Thu, 12/15/11 - 01:00

    Does anyone else have nightmares for days every time they post that Werdum pic?
  13. Knurft Says:

    Thu, 12/15/11 - 03:21

    Bad matchup for Werdum, as he lies on his back he's an easy target to get body slammed by Roy 'The Moon' Nelson.
  14. TheWarsawExpress Says:

    Thu, 12/15/11 - 06:04

    How about Dana White pays me $5 to watch this crap.
  15. dim mak Says:

    Thu, 12/15/11 - 07:02

    Dana doesn't even care if Fabricio wins a single UFC bout--he'll pay for his salary just by allowing Dana to constantly play the highlight of Fedor tapping out.
  16. doowm Says:

    Thu, 12/15/11 - 07:36

    Shitty super bowl card if you ask me! I say put the Shrexican's on there against Mir. (or somethin') For God's sake every fuckin time I really try to get some of my non-mma watching friends to get on board by touting a card as a "must watch event" the UFC puts together a so so card like this! The Diaz/Condit match will be a good one,and then it goes downhill from there. And this is supposed to be one of the bigger cards of the year? Give me a fuckin break.
  17. intercept440 Says:

    Thu, 12/15/11 - 08:09

    @redmoose . i disagree good sir. 17 lbs differance on the ground is an advantage for nelson by far. . all werdum is going to do is a repeat of the overeem fight . he will flop on his back and try to get roy to mount him. im taking nelson by ko within 2 rounds
  18. kkzhuu Says:

    Thu, 12/15/11 - 09:50

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