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Report: The Nogueira Brothers Narrowly Escape Ongoing Hostage Situation in Brasilia Hotel [UPDATED]

(Photo via Props to CP reader Airton S for the tip)

In a story eerily reminiscent of the movie Swordfish (minus Halle Berry’s world-renowned torso acting skills), it seems as if Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira just narrowly avoided an ongoing hostage situation in a Brasilian hotel this morning.

According to Globo, the MMA legend and his brother were staying at the Saint Peter Hotel in Brasilia, Brazil over the weekend, when they (along with nearly 300 other hotel guests) were evacuated from the building by fireman due to an apparent “gas leak.” The situation was far more severe in reality, as a crazed gunman had actually taken a hotel employee hostage on the 13th floor*, handcuffed him, and strapped a bomb to his chest (see photo above).

The incident began around 8 a.m. this morning, when the suspect was spotted climbing up the side of the building by several concerned guests. While information is limited, it is believed that the gunman has a grudge with the Brazilian government and “is calling for ‘the fall of Dilma’ among other things.” Dilma, of course, refers to Brazil’s 36th and current President Dilma Rousseff.

A spokesman for the Brasilian police stated that it has not yet been confirmed whether the white cylinders seen on the hostage’s vest are actual bombs or not, but that “Security evacuated the hotel and three negotiators are trying to resolve the situation peacefully. A bomb disposal unit is on the scene.”

We will update you on this situation as it develops.

*Do you see now, Brazilian hotel owners? THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER HAVE A 13th FLOOR. Also, your country frightens me. 


Thankfully, the gunman — now identified as Jac Souza dos Santos – surrendered yesterday evening (via WSJ):

A man with a fake gun who held a hotel worker hostage and forced him to wear a vest that appeared to contain explosives has surrendered, police said.

Minutes before Mr. dos Santos freed the hostage and surrendered, he and the hostage came out on to the balcony handcuffed together, and the hostage was no longer wearing the vest. Police didn’t immediately reveal the victim’s name.

The hostage-taker called for stricter enforcement of a Brazilian law that forbids politicians convicted of corruption from running again for office, the police said, and he called for the extradition of Cesare Battisti, an Italian man sentenced to life for murder in Italy but who has for years lived in Brazil as a political refugee. Mr. Battisti’s extradition was denied by former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who supported Ms. Rousseff election in 2010.


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