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Retirement Can Wait: BJ Penn vs. Josh Koscheck Reportedly in the Works [UPDATED]

bj penn val kilmer
(Val Kilmer isn’t the most experienced strength-and-conditioning coach that BJ’s trained with, but he works cheap, and he’s available pretty much all the time.)

BJ Penn may have tried to retire after his crushing loss to Nick Diaz last October, but the UFC hasn’t given up on him yet, and is reportedly trying to lure the future Hall of Famer back to the Octagon with a bout against Josh Koscheck. Here’s what Kos said via twitter last night:

#UFC just offered me to fight BJ Penn…I said YES!!!!! Just waiting on him!!!!!! Let’s scrap bra?

UFC president Dana White revealed earlier this month that Penn turned down a fight against Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez. A return fight against Koscheck — who’s coming off a split-decision loss to Johny Hendricks at UFC on FOX 3 — might be more attractive to Penn, in that it wouldn’t require the Prodigy to cut to 155 or make a “downgrading” appearance in Strikeforce.

Penn has yet to make a public a statement about the bout-offer; we’ll update you when we know more. In the meantime — are you psyched about the possibility of Kos vs. Penn? And how do you see the fight playing out?

Update: And here’s Penn’s public statement…and it’s not good:

@joshkoscheck I know it costs a lot of money to live that lavish lifestyle, big house, fast cars & you need big fights but sorry I’m not coming back anytime soon!


  1. Dog Dicks Magoo Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 07:47

  2. The12ozCurls Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 07:51

    Judging from the above picture, I am assuming that "Pecos" has a great all-you-can eat Fudge buffet.
  3. Fletch the V Stretch Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 08:51

    Lol good one 12 oz.
  4. Fletch the V Stretch Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 08:58

    I am not really excited about this fight. BJ will have terrible cardio at 170 in comparison to KOS. Who knows though, BJ is always impressive early in fights (Fitch, Diaz, etc) but you can always bet come middle of 2'nd round the tides are shifting away from him. I just want to see BJ win a damn fight. He is very entertaining but no longer a champion. If you keep making him fight the upper echelon of WW's he will keep losing, ruin his legacy, and retire sooner than later with new fans having 0 respect.
  5. The12ozCurls Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 09:18

    I disagree. BJ has to be matched against the upper echelon of WWs. I mean, he is BJ "FUCKING" PENN. Hall of Famer. Multiple title holder in 2 different weight classes. You can not hand him a turd in the octogan just so he gets a win. If they really wanted to find some stuff out, they should have matched BJ with Rory. You get to see if Rory is "all that" or if BJ is "all done." But I am okay with the Kos fight. Both guys are coming off losses and realistically both guys can win the fight. I just think Kos will wait him out and then attack after BJ gasses - like you said.
  6. jizzninja Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 09:25

    Val looks like the Dude minus the beard and infinite swag
  7. Fletch the V Stretch Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 09:54

    I agree. Giving BJ to Rory is like giving an all-you-can fudge buffet to Val Kilmer, he will get eaten quickly and with nothing will be left over. I get the fact you can't give BJ a turd but damn give him some winnable fights like Aaron Simpson, Sexyama, etc.
  8. KidDinomite Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 09:56

    If BJ takes this fight, to win, he needs to train at a camp not named Team Penn.
  9. KeithHackneyWindmillPalmStrike Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 10:02

    I didn't know BJ was training with the guy from the original King Kong movie...
  10. Texascrazyhorse Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 10:11

    Kos by decision Penn just doesnt have the fight left in him to win against good competition. Koscheck may be getting outdated but still has a drive in him Penn hasnt had in a long time. Koscheck will take him down and grind the will out of him within 1.5 rounds.
  11. The12ozCurls Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 10:21

    He CAN win this fight. I just don't think he will. Kos has been (T)KO'd before and doesn't exactly get out of the way of punches well (i.e. GSP, Thiago, & Hendricks) but BJ better catch him in the first round otherwise he is screwed.
  12. towelie Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 10:49

    LOL, awesome.
  13. towelie Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 10:55

    I really hope BJ KO's Kos. That would make my day.
  14. Fletch the V Stretch Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 11:04

    Agree 100%. He can fight the fight, I just wouldn't bet on it. Oh yeah and Matt Hughes was even punching Kos in the face before getting murdered.
  15. The12ozCurls Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 02:15

    Well, that sucks. At least my "fudge" buffet wise-crack was awesome. Oh well, Kos your next fight is with Fitch. Easy on the bro-mance fellas.
  16. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 02:51

    "KeithHackneyWindmillPalmStrike- May 17, 2012 at 10:02 am I didn’t know BJ was training with the guy from the original King Kong movie…" let me get this think Val Kilmer was in the 1933 original King Kong? wow you are stupider than I ever dreamed you could be.
  17. mcw89138 Says:

    Thu, 05/17/12 - 06:21

    Based on that photo, if he'd just buzz his hair and put on a punishment t-shirt, Val Kilmer would be perfect for the lead role of a hollywood movie based on the life of Tito Ortiz.
  18. Ricardo Guitardo Says:

    Fri, 05/18/12 - 08:58

    Dude where did you get that shirt?
  19. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sat, 11/30/13 - 10:29

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  20. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 12:38

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