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Ronda Rousey Returns…to Acting, Inks Three Movie Deal With Lifetime

(He was an immortal witch hunter with a heart of gold. She was anything but Expendable. This summer, Vin Diesel and Ronday Rousey star in “The Last Do-Nothing-Bitch Hunter.”)

With each passing day, it seems that the likelihood of seeing Ronda Rousey‘s return to octagon diminishes exponentially. She may be back to eating solid foods once again, but even some five months removed from her knockout loss to Holly Holm, Rousey is still very much struggling to come to terms with her future in the sport.

“I’m still grieving the person that could have won it all. But I have to live up to the fact that I’m not her,” said Rousey in an interview as part of her shoot for the Time 100. But with no date set for her return, it leaves one to wonder just what career path we’ll see Rousey take in the meantime.

The obvious answer seems to be “acting.” Even if the former champion doesn’t exactly have the range of a Helen Mirren or a Topanga from Boy Meets World, Rousey’s got a handful of feature film roles under her belt and an SNL hosting gig to boot, so it’s not like she’s a rookie in the art of playing make believe for lots and lots of money. The woman is feministic superhero, for crying out loud. Her built-in audience is literally 50% of humanity!

What I’m getting at is, maybe the news that Rousey has signed a three movie deal with the Lifetime network shouldn’t be all that strange to learn. But it is. It soooo is, you guys.

Yes, according to Deadspin (which I’m just realizing would make for an AMAZING ring name, finishing maneuver, or metal band name), Rousey will be one of the main fixtures of the women’s network’s upcoming revamp, which will focus on empowering female-driven content instead of, you know, My Nanny’s Secret

Lifetime unveiled movie projects with Ronda Rousey, Janet Jackson and Serena Williams as part of its 2016-2017 development slate announced today. 

Rousey has signed a three-picture movie deal to bring stories that reflect her passions about empowerment to the screen, according to the network. 

No word yet on whether or not Lifetime will be optioning Rousey’s female-centric Road House reboot as part of this deal, but I’m going to go ahead and assume that the majority of her movies will be “Road House-esque” in attitude (in that they will contain kicks to and around the groin of a drunken man).

But yeah, the jury’s still out on when or if we’ll see Rousey back in the cage, which is honestly seeming like less and less of a big deal these days. Miesha Tate has a good thing going with Holly Holm right now, plus an interesting fight with Nunes coming up, and Cat Zingano’s finally coming back…I’m just saying there are some interesting rematches in there to keep us entertained while Rousey is off shooting godknowswhat alongside Meredith Baxter Birney. It’s probably the best option, considering where her head appears to be at.

In closing, this is where we all start guessing what the names of these must-see masterpieces are going to be. We’ll get you started…


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