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Ronda Rousey’s Mother Criticizes Last-Minute Announcement of Tate Replacing Zingano on TUF & in UFC Title Bout

(Somehow, she’s still scary in this photo)

So, remember when the UFC announced that Cat Zingano had to pull out of coaching The Ultimate Fighter opposite bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey as well as out of her title match with “Rowdy” and would be replaced by Meisha Tate. Everyone, except for Meisha Tatewas probably pretty bummed about Zingano’s injury but no one really seemed to care about how or when the UFC let the world, and Rousey know.

Well, according to Ronda’s mother Dr. Ana Maria Rousey DeMars, a former international Judo competitor, the UFC pulled a Urijah/Cruz/Barao-type announcement with Ronda being Faber in this instance, Meisha being Barao and finding out before Rousey that she would replace Zingano (the “Cruz” in this scenario) as coach and opponent. Alright, that messy analogy aside, Dr. Rousey DeMars used her blog to take issue with her daughter getting surprised and finding out later than Meisha that the two would fight one another again for the sake of providing a dramatic television moment for The Ultimate Fighter.

“When I heard about the last-minute switch in coaches for the show Ronda is on, my first thought was, ‘That’s a pretty dick move,’ Ana Maria wrote.

“Not so much replacing Cat, who was injured (ouch!) but keeping it from Ronda until the last minute. If you’re going to have an athletic competition, then it should be fair. Among other things, that means you don’t give one competitor information that the other doesn’t have. You don’t let one player know something weeks in advance of the other player.”

Dr. Whoop Your Ass believes that real competition is taking a backseat to entertainment with The Ultimate Fighter and the UFC. She’s not the first person to express this type of concern about the UFC or fight promotions, generally. Rousey-DeMars is, however, exceptional in the timing and directness of her criticism, as well as her obvious close connection to an active UFC champ.

“So, it is pretty clear that whoever is making the decisions here has decided this is not an athletic competition, it’s a reality show. That’s what a lot of people have been saying all along, it’s just going to be a side show and not a serious athletic event,” she went on.

Rousey-DeMars then gave her daughter some unsolicited professional and personal advice, along with a pretty bad ass lil story from her competition days.”Here is my advice to Ronda, not that she asked me either, but that has never stopped me before,” Rowdy Sr. wrote.

“You know who gets to decide if this is an athletic competition or a reality show? You.”

Theatrics should be put aside and the task of fighting and beating another human being need to be Rousey’s focus. Rousey-DeMars recounted how an old coach of hers would react to opposing coaches’ tactics.

“…Other coaches who before the match would be giving lengthy instructions to my competitor – get your right cross grip, then go for the uchi mata, then switch…

“Every now and then, though, he would get annoyed by all of the posturing. That’s when he would pull me close and whisper in my ear his coaching advice.

‘Fuck. Her. Up.’”

It would appear that Ronda’s mom has already taught her that lesson well enough over her life, judging by her game face and the ferocity with which she fights. Mama Rousey left her daughter with some off-the-mat advice as well.

“I’d also make damn sure I found out who pulled that dick move on me and never trust him/them again.”

Watch out, Fox television producers and Uncle Dana. Mama Rousey don’t play that shiznit and she’s got a good memory.

-Elias Cepeda


  1. Thumblaster Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 08:23

    She better be a fucking medical doctor, anyone who drops a dr. in front of their name that isnt a md. Is just some pretentious asshole who spent to many years in college, plus any man who is'nt marrying a bush or a kennedy and lets his wife hyphenate her last name is a fucking pussy.
  2. cman Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 09:06

    I cringe as I agree with thumb.
  3. Alan K Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 09:30

    She doesn't hyphenate her name. Most of the places I've seen her mentioned, including her own blog, call her Dr. DeMars. And, pretentiousness aside, you don't have to be an MD to have a PhD and call yourself a doctor, dumbass.
  4. Thumblaster Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 09:58

    So did you consider dr. jerry buss to be a dr. or just some dude who studied gems in college. I'm just saying there's alot of assholes out there with honorary doctorits, and knobs who could spend mommy and daddies money for 4 years of additional schooling so they can get a "doctorite" in anything from aardvark reproduction to zebra hoof analysis. If she does'nt hyphenate her name it's funny that mr. cepeda chose to. Clearly you have a phd. in being a fucking retard. What the fuck are you even doing on rhonda's mom's blog your a fucking weirdo.
  5. sabadue23 Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 10:27

    You get your bachelors...masters...then phd so it's more than 4 extra years. Fact of the matter is its a shit load of work to get that little piece of paper and title and why the hell do you care what they call themselves worry about yourself.
  6. anderson wanderlei paulo thiago alves silva Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 10:28

    Dr buss Is a real scientist from USC you retard. Do some research before you post you ignorant pos
  7. pghendo Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 10:50

    She's an over dramatic moron . She makes it sound like Tate is stepping in to fight Ronda right before they step in the ring . Besides I thought the show was to help build future talent . It's supposed to be about the fighters . If it was just an athletic competition , they wouldn't need coaches with star power .
  8. Thumblaster Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 11:16

    Rondas mom is a "doctor" in "educational psycology" sounds like a cushy state job, another cog in a bullshit buracracy. Jerry buss was a chemist who worked at some fed. bureau for mines and worked for usc. He made his money in realestate and was a cool motherfucker but a doctor whatever. Doctors save lives. Xanado23 and stupid long name silva, fuck off wankers.
  9. Gener Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 12:01

    Pulling that stunt on a champion - especially one that is building a division more or less by her own bad ass self - shows a total lack of respect, and Ronda's initial reaction shows that. Would have been an even better moment to let Ronda know first, get a bite from her about how she felt about Miesha getting this lucky "break" - a break that ain't gonna feel so lucky next time she's in an armbar - a snotty bite from Miesha about how she can't wait to beat Ronda as a coach and then in the Octagon too and then have them meet face to face in the gym. Thoughtless - and needless move, UFC
  10. towelie Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 12:45

    seems like there is a Tate/Carraway charity that the ufc just made.
  11. skarfaced Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 01:21

    really? tuf is a reality show?
  12. teep Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 04:24

    Perfect, now we get to hear Rousey and her Mom's opinions. What no one is discussing is that WMMA in the UFC is new venture. People get injured and all the shows must go on. If these women want to apart of WMMA you better, pardon my pun, roll with the punches. There are alot of others who will take your place. I would think that the women who are in this truly for the sport, would just be happy to be the ground breakers. And advice for Rhonda's clan: DW bows to no one.
  13. crappiefloper Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 08:16

    Know how you shut up female,"Dr." Same way as any other female,stuff a dick in her mouth.
  14. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 09:26

  15. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 06/02/13 - 09:30

    hey Ronda's mom: shut up ya old cunt, nobody wants to hear your stupid fucking opinion. Now go make your daughter go do playboy while she still has a body people still give a shit to see, and her ass and boobs don't drag the floor like yours ya skank.
  16. johnny6pack Says:

    Mon, 06/03/13 - 04:24

    The stupidity, prejudice and misogyny really surface when an intelligent woman voices an unpopular opinion. Pretty sure that, were this comment to come from a male champion's father with an honorary DOCTORATE (Thumblaster, learn how to spell before calling others retards), it wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. But because you douchebags think that that Ronda and her body are you're to do with as you please, her mother lending some protective and good advice for some reason sets off some Neanderthal alarms in your primitive brains. She's right. It was a dick move. Challenger gets hurt, you ask the champ if they're ok fighting someone else. Then you offer the fight.
  17. dranokills Says:

    Mon, 06/03/13 - 06:40

    shut the fuck johnnydouchebag. Much like Ronda's mom we all don't give a fuck about your goofy fuckstick opinion either.
  18. crappiefloper Says:

    Mon, 06/03/13 - 08:46

    @jonny Know what an intelligent women and a buffaloes ass have in common? A bunch of shit comes out of one end, and no one really cares
  19. Thumblaster Says:

    Mon, 06/03/13 - 08:51

    @johnnydicksack if someone's oldman had an honorary doctorate( spelling corrected) and when called mr. would say "no it's doctor" I would say oh are you an MD if he says no i'm a doctor of educucational psycology i'm punching that fucking homo in the face, I would'nt do that to a woman, i'm not fallon fox. Now piss off.
  20. macreadysshack Says:

    Mon, 06/03/13 - 12:17

    @Johnnywhatever . . . Dude, if you're going to correct somebody's spelling, you sure as shit better read your own post twice. What a douche-nozzle. Waa, waaa, dudes aren't treating chicks right. Waa waa, you mis-spelled doctorate. Waa-waaa, I can Google a PHD and set you straight, girlfriend! Waa-waaa, I don't know how to use 'YOU'RE'. Don't argue that it's a typo. 'Doctorite' could easily be a typo; you're just a sensitive girl-friend douche.
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