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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s Son In MMA Action This Weekend

Colt Toombs (seen above in the black shorts) is the son of pro wrestling great/star of one of the greatest B-movies ever made, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, which is reason enough to expect great and crazy things from him.  But as you can see, Colt is also a young MMA fighter with pretty decent stand-up.  This Friday he steps in at Sportfight XXVI "Domination", where he’ll be taking on Matt Slosser at 145 lbs.  Normally, we wouldn’t care about the son of a famous person who’s competing at a regional MMA event.  But not only is this Piper’s kid we’re talking about here, he’ll also be competing on the same event as Ryan Couture, who takes on Nick Albert in the lightweight division.  Talk about a stacked card.  All they need is Brooke Hogan to sing the national anthem, and this will be a historic night. 

It sure looks like Piper’s son can fight, but the real question is, can he cut a promo like this?


  1. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 09:15

    CagePotato, you had me at "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.
  2. GEE-yuh-TEEN Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 09:23

    Bens, Does Bruce Buffer have a son (that he claims)? If so, he should be introducing the fighters at that event.
  3. MoshuDragon Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 10:08

    Colt: I'm here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... Referee: There's no bubble gum allowed in the ring Colt Colt: You didn't let me finish!
  4. Lunk Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 10:23

    "All they need is Brooke Hogan to sing the national anthem, and this will be a historic night." I think it should be "an historic night". Im not sure, ask Goldy.
  5. Harry Russo Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 10:32

    Roddy Piper is a legend. You should add that promo where he smashed a bottle off of his forehead.
  6. TheSlothman Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 10:50

    THEY LIVE!!! Bens' , that is the truest fucking thing you have ever said.. that movie kicks ass.
  7. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 10:53

    So I guess it's safe to assume that his son's fighting style is "wrestling".
  8. portland mma Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 11:20

    Sportfight is actually a pretty damn good regional promotion, if you look at some of their older cards they have produced quite a bit of talent and Enoch Wilson is a stud.
  9. Thatsozay Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 12:53

    I hear Chris Benoits son had decent stand up too, unfortunatly he couldn't defend a rear naked choke to save his life! Too far?
  10. Savageleto Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 01:14

    It is simply irrefutable.. They Live is an awesome movie. Probably true as well. Anyway the name of the Glasses are "Hoffman" lenses... Very much after Albert Hoffman, the man who first synthesized LSD.
  11. danomite Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 03:37

    Poor Colt, why bother? You know that none of your fights will ever be as epic as your dad's street fight with the Arbiter. If only he had put the damn glasses on....
  12. Cock Chestner Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 05:18 can break my neck..I FIGHT FOR A LIVING! now that is a mother fuckin promo. WOO!
  13. itsgalf Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 05:57

    awww shit....hilarious man
  14. UFC fan Says:

    Wed, 09/30/09 - 10:47

    "Thatsozay Says: Wed, 09/30/2009 - 12:53 I hear Chris Benoits son had decent stand up too, unfortunatly he couldn't defend a rear naked choke to save his life! Too far?" Nawww fuck it crazed idiots who kill themselves and take out their own genepool is ok with me that way none of that crazy bastards genes live to do some other stupid shit, I wish all crazy bastards would eat their children or something.
  15. Ritalin Boy Says:

    Thu, 10/01/09 - 07:57

    did somebody say "coconut"?
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