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Is Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anderson Silva Really Bad For MMA, Or Just Bad For The UFC?

(Always bringing his cock out at the most inappropriate moments.)

Here’s how badly Roy Jones Jr. wants to fight UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva: he’s willing to do it as an MMA bout, where his chances of losing are very, very good.  This, according to a new CBS Sports article in which UFC president Dana White admits that Jones has offered to fight Silva in the UFC Octagon under MMA rules, but White flatly refused:

"I could do it, make it huge, make money, but I could have done a fight like this when we were bleeding money [in the early 2000s]," White said. "The fight would make some money, but it hurts MMA in the long term. We don’t do that because we love the sport. That’s a Pride or K-1 matchup. It’s not what we do."

Honorable, right?  The UFC could make a ton of money on a Jones/Silva bout (regardless of what you think of Jones’ current appeal as a boxing pay-per-view draw, the sheer novelty of this fight alone would guarantee a better buy-rate than any other Anderson Silva bout in recent memory), but say they’re opting not to because it would be bad for the sport.  But how, exactly, does this hurt MMA as a whole?

The UFC’s objection is fairly obvious.  Jones isn’t interested in becoming an MMA fighter, as Brock Lesnar was.  He’s interested in this one fight.  He wants a one-off deal, and he probably wants a ridiculous amount of money for that one fight.  If the UFC were to give it to him they’d have a hard time explaining why they won’t give the same deal to Fedor Emelianenko.  Plus, there’s always the chance that Silva might try and prove his boxing skills, forgoing the ground game altogether, and end up getting himself knocked out by RJJ, thus diminishing his value as the UFC middleweight champion.

But would a boxer vs. MMA fighter bout really do serious damage to the sport?  Not really.  It would be a curiosity, slightly more spectacle than sport, but that’s nothing new. 

The UFC put Lesnar in the Octagon against a former heavyweight champ back when the big man had only one pro MMA fight.  They put Sean Gannon in at UFC 55 based purely on his underground “victory” over Kimbo Slice.  In other words, it wouldn’t be the first time the UFC capitalized on someone’s fame outside the sphere of MMA.  If Jones agreed to get one MMA bout under his belt first, competing on a small show somewhere so he could enter the UFC with the same 1-0 record Lesnar and Gannon did, would that placate Dana White?  Probably not, which should tell us something.

The reality is that a Jones/Silva bout doesn’t have enough of a benefit for the UFC to incur the costs and the risks associated with putting it on.  It has nothing to do with integrity of the sport.  Even if he’s getting on in years and isn’t the fighter he used to be, Jones is still a legend of the boxing world.  There are still plenty of people who would like to see how he could do in an MMA bout.  The answer, if Silva chose to use all his tools, would be terribly.  There’s no way he could stay on his feet if Silva wanted to take him down, and no way he’d survive longer than a minute once on the mat.  

But no matter how the fight turned out, a former boxing great against a current MMA great is still a legitimate enough match-up that MMA would emerge unscathed.  If boxing could survive Ali vs. Inoki, MMA could survive this.  It’s not a freak show.  It isn’t Jose Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi.  It’s a real (enough) fight that I’d frankly love to see.  The UFC just doesn’t want to stick its neck out – financially and otherwise – in order to make it happen, and that’s fine.  But let’s be honest, MMA has been through worse.



  1. nicey Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:51

  2. CAPS BF Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:51

    Roy has a nice cock
  3. rokabee Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:52

    i dont understand what just happened... nicey posted cock, but i posted something that actually had something to do with this article and it got marked as spam and flagged?!? hello?
  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:52

    I think Dana is afraid that Silva may loose. In this case he would loose a lot of money long-term. He is not really interested to improve MMa as to secure his business.
  5. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:53

    Boxing lost it's integrity when they let Rocky fight Thunderlips.
  6. nicey Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:54

    @rockabee c0cks totally has something to do with this article. and that correlation is...grundles.
  7. Rick Dickulous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:54

    you know... Dana put on Hughes vs. Gracie, which we all knew was bullshit, but it pushed his agenda, so it was ok. Danas god complex is un parralelled and I cant wait until he is no longer a part of this sport.
  8. mayhem420 Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:54

    Fights like this are what started the UFC. Hurt the sport... no... Hurt the UFC is Anderson were to lose an MMA fight? YES.... Dana is just looking out for Zuffa's investment. Once Anderson's contract is up he can do what ever the hell he wants to. Finish you current contracted fights then start looking to do fights like this.
  9. Dubya Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:54

    How is this bad for MMA? Dana's such a hypocrite! Take Brock Lesnar for example. Brock was a college wrestler. That's it. The only thing he did professional before the UFC was play grab ass in the WWE with a bunch of other wannabe's for a crowd full of Nascar watching hillbillies. Silva vs. Jones is a legitimate professional fighting matchup. Just make it happen Dana and stop being a pussy about it.
  10. Shane Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:54

    Would a reputable athletic commission even sanction this fight?
  11. Cap'n Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:57

    Just because MMA has been through worse doesn't make this matchup right. I agree with Dana, its stupid and makes MMA look like a circus. If RJJ wants to fight Anderson, then begin training MMA, fight a few guys, get some wins and then approach Dana as an MMA fighter.
  12. walrus Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:57

    hahahahahahah @ El Famous Burrito
  13. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 10:58

    You know exactly what Anderson has planned here. He wants to box Roy. Dana won't allow that, so bring Roy in and they'll have a gentlemen's agreement to not take it to the ground or kick. It would be a boxing match with 4 oz. gloves. Now, I'd love to see that but Dana has obvious apprehensions about that because I think that might be bad for the sport if you allow a boxer to come in and do that. But the other side to that argument is that Davis and Lytle pretty much already did this, so why not allow Anderson to do this with Roy Jones and make some serious bank off of it. Plus, I imagine Anderson is even more disgruntled now that Zuffa turned this fight down.
  14. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:05

    Dana White is everything that is wrong with MMA today.
  15. Herpes Legion Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:10

    Yes anybody with their hand up a Cock's ass is def bad for the sport!!
  16. Mat Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:10

    Just wait until Silva "retires" from UFC/MMA in a year or so. Then RJJ can do it in a Boxing style match and we will have our answer.
  17. Dubya Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:14

    I don't understand why people think this would be a freakshow. What's so bad about a professional boxer coming in the octogon and doing what he does best... BOXING? All these fighters have boxing coaches. He's offering to do it as an MMA fight. If Silva decides to have an agreement to keep it standing.. who gives a shit? As stated above.. other fighters have come to similar agreements. It's actually very entertaining when they do.. which is the whole friggen point!! This boils down to two things as stated above : 1. Dana doesn't want to do a one off. 2. Jones wants too much money. I say.. pay that man his money.. and Dana stop being a fag and get the fight done. While you're at it.. get Fedor too :)
  18. Derekrva Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:18

    MMA is still very young and trying to fully develop its identity. This fight wouldn't help develop that identity nor would it hurt how people perceive the sport. It's an interesting idea that probably won't be fleshed out any time soon. It's not a freak show. These are two talented fighters that obviously want to see how they measure up to one another. MMA is the only place where this can happen as Silva would be too limited in a boxing match.
  19. Rault Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:19

    You guys missed the whole point by believing that Dana White actually feels that way. Of course he's not going to come right out and say "We refused the match because we KNOW A. Silva and we KNOW he would try and prove something to himself and his fans by attempting to beat RJJ in the stand-up game and would be, scratch that, COULD MAYBE, POSSIBLY, be summarily destroyed, therefore crippling whats left of A. Silva's drawing power." OF COURSE this wouldn't hurt MMA but in the long run it could hurt the UFC. That is what Dana is (rightfully) REALLY afraid of. You should know by now that Dana White doesn't give a shit about MMA as a whole but by protecting the UFC SOMETIMES it might seem that way and that's what he's trying to go for here.
  20. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:20

    I don't see the New York Yankees letting Eli Manning start a game on the mound. Dana White knows a loss by who he calls the best pound for pound from an inexperienced boxer would not be good for business. Having said that, I would pay as much as anyone to see it.
  21. Rip Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:24

    dana white should be raped by a donkey, he always talks about hurting the sport but in truth the way ufc handles things is whats hurting the sport. doing everything in their power to stop other orginizations from fucking existing, firing fighters if they say something the ufc doesnt agree with, and lets be honest puting on some shity events as of late.
  22. The MMA Bowler Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:28

    OMG. Dana is being a giant pussy. Brock is no different then Jones. Infact Jones is more adapt for MMA then Juice neck Brock. If Jones wants to get tapped out let him. But if Silva get his jaw touched...? It would made the UFC look Very very bad.
  23. cr_trinity Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:32

    Rip has said one of the smartest things I have seen on this site for a while. And anyone with half a brain (which conversely rules out the vast majority of the quasi homosexual fanbase of this disgustingly obvious UFC Shill site) knows this is why Silva is fighting the way he is fighting as of late;to help build up credence in the eyes of boxing afficianados that his (A Silva's) level of striking is on the same, or even better level technically than RJJ's. And anyone with half a brain knows that Silva could expect to take home a purse bigger than all of his UFC matches if (when!) he eventually fights RJJ. That Fertitta Ass puppet Dana White knows he cannot stop this fight from happening, just as he knows that Silva will leave the UFC as soon as his current contract has ended.
  24. Jay Smith Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:36

    Silva used to box so, I can understand his interest in boxing RJJ. What I don't understand, is if he was to lose to Roy, how it would "diminish his value as the UFC middleweight champion". He would be losing to Roy in a boxing match, not an MMA match. Even if Roy knocks The Spider out in a "boxing" match, I'm gonna be tuning in to see who he defends the middleweight title against in his next "MMA" match, as I think all MMA fans would. Secondly, I can understand Dana not wanting to "open the flood gates" for these type of match-ups. You mentioned Fedor, and I think he should have given this guy a 1 fight deal a long time ago. Something without all the crazy stipulations that is keeping the Russian away from the UFC. More importantly, Fedor would have to agree to a non title fight. He can't just walk into the UFC with a 1 fight contract, take the belt, and never return............unless he says so!!!!
  25. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:43

    Dana is definitly holding MMA back with all his restrictions. I just hope the Fertitta's get fed up soon, stick his hand in a blender and lock him in a dungeon with Sloth eating Baby Ruth's.
  26. Levi Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:46

    They should make the bought at a catch weight so it's not for the title. If Anderson loses, he doesn't lose the title. Everybody wins.
  27. Jay Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:50

    Man I wish I coulda been there to see Paris Hilton spitting feathers while RJJ laughed maniacally.
  28. Calli212 Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 11:57

    Art Jimmerson Vs. Royce gracie anyone????
  29. Craig O Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:07

    from :::::::::: Strikeforce Agrees to Nick Diaz vs. Roy Jones Jr. After reports surfaced that Dana White had nixed the idea of a fight between Roy Jones Jr and Anderson Silva occuring in the UFC, Strikeforce founder, Scott Coker, agreed to make the fight happen in Strikeforce. Nick Diaz would be fighting Roy Jones Jr.under MMA rules. "We would absolutely set this fight up. Of course we would have to run it by Showtime for final approval, but I don't see why we wouldn't have this fight" -Scott Coker It now seems that the only hope of seeing one of the legends of boxing stepping into a cage will be through Strikeforce.
  30. Craig O Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:08

    also u idiots that think dana is hurting the sport, check your self into rehab ... just ask whitney houston about crack......
  31. fedor a million ankles Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:09

    This a dumb idea. While we're at it why don't we have Fedor play 18 holes with Tiger Woods? Roy Jones and Anderson Silva would dominate eachother at their respective sports.
  32. Half Amazing Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:12

    I didn't read the other comments but if this fight did happen I'd expect Silva to enter the fight with absolutely no intention of going to the ground to prove the legitimacy of his stand up. And as such, Roy Jones would knock him the fuck out and that would be bad for the UFC.
  33. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:18

    a fight is a fight! who cares how they set it up. mma rules boxing rules witch ever. if silva get the shit beat of him for not taking it to the ground he should of learned to box! if jones jr get killed on the ground maybe he should have learned to wrestle! plain and simple!
  34. TeQuila Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:19

  35. Armfarmer Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:19

    I understand in terms of pure boxing, but why does everyone think Silva would get demolished in a stand up fight in the cage? How prepared do you think rjj would be for his clinch, knees, and kicks, along with his hands mixed in? I think Anderson would put jones away pretty easily on the feet or the ground, so long as it's not a pure boxing match.
  36. TeQuila Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:20

  37. J-Dog Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:25

    It could possibly HELP the sport of MMA by getting more boxing fans to watch a UFC card, thus potentially converting them in to MMA fans. Kind of like getting Cock Chestner got a lot of pro wrestling fans to buy UFC PPV events.
  38. J-Dog Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:27

    My caption for this Roy Jones photo: Roy Jones, Jr. does his best impression of Brock Lensar
  39. Theslothman Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:27

    All this is about is the exclusive contracts Dard Lord Dana makes ALL UFC fighters sign(their life away).
  40. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:30

    I hear a lot of people comparing RJJ with Brock and the reason why that comparison isn't valid is that RJJ doesn't want to be an MMA fighter. He wants a one-off. Brock at least wanted to pursue this as a career. Should he have gotten the fight with Couture? No. But he would've been around long enough to possibly get some wins and earn a title shot. RJJ doesn't care about his legitamacy as an MMA fighter. He'll just say anything to get the fight with Silva. RJJ's position is no where near the same as Brock's. No comparison
  41. J-Dog Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:47

    My comparison between RJJ and Brock Lesnar was in regards to converting fight fans and fake fight fans (WWE fans) into MMA fans by getting a crossover audience for the PPV. I totally agree it's a different comparison between the two people because yes I agree that RJJ doesn't have MMA aspirations for his future. But still, just getting boxing fans to sit through three hours of exciting MMA action may get them to come back for more even after RJJ leaves (most likely via gurney after fighting Silva). And my comparison of the picture was the COCK in front of Roy's CHEST. Thus, doing his best impression of Brock Lesnar. ZING!
  42. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 12:57

    @j-dog I agree with your picture comparison for sure. Quite good. Your RJJ and Brock comparison is also throughly valid as well. The only problem for the UFC to convert fans is that the Superfight between RJJ and Silva would have to be on a stacked card to ensure action, which as of late hasn't been much. I think even boxing fans, who are used to 6 to 7 rounds of unactivity would be bored with the recent cards. Last year's year ending card would've been a good candidate
  43. J-Dog Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:01

    @Anonymous: Agreed 100% on all counts.
  44. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:01

    Stop talking shit on Dana. He spent millions marketing Anderson, what he is just going to throw it all away for a random match he doesn't control. Think guys. If Roy really wanted to join the UFC he would be in. This is isn't real.
  45. Tbiz Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:06

    Roy Jones Jr. - Can't Be Touched.. Can't be moved... Can't be stopped.. Ya'll must have forgot! RJJ via round 1 TKO!
  46. ballsofbeans Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:09

    Just joined the forums today Anonymous Says: Wed, 05/06/2009 - 12:30 I hear a lot of people comparing RJJ with Brock and the reason why that comparison isn't valid is that RJJ doesn't want to be an MMA fighter. He wants a one-off. Brock at least wanted to pursue this as a career. Should he have gotten the fight with Couture? No. But he would've been around long enough to possibly get some wins and earn a title shot. RJJ doesn't care about his legitamacy as an MMA fighter. He'll just say anything to get the fight with Silva. RJJ's position is no where near the same as Brock's. No comparison this is my post
  47. Dojima Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 01:45

    the only thing that RJJ vs teh Spider would hurt would be the UFC... MMA as a whole would benefit, with increased exposure to the sport.. The UFC's game is being the top-level MMA league in the world, bar none... They issue the only meaningful belts in the sport, and to promote something that is less than top-level MMA diminishes the value of what the UFC tries to stand for...
  48. Danal White Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 02:23

    I have no problems with WORLD class martial artists like Xande Ribeiro and Roger Gracie doing MMA, nor K-1 kickers or world class wrestlers like Matt Lindland or Kurt Angle so why would I care if a world class boxer wants to give a try instead of jackoff from Bumfuck, Idaho who has his blue belt in BJJ. Meaningful fights? Please. The organization that puts Leben and Cote as main events has no qualms. What was Leznar before he was a fake wrestler? A college wrestler. No striking, no BJJ or judo takedowns, no muay thai. Nothing but fake wrestling and real wrestling. Who is more ready to get punched in the head between Jones and Lesnar on their first fight? Cmon, this is the Ultimate FIghting Championships, where grappling is considered teh gay and people want to see two guy whales away. Hell, they could do like the Irish Homo who agreed with the other jerkwad that they would take it to the ground. I mean if the UFC can stand by when such agreements take place, then they should have no problems if Spider and Jones decide to use their fists... you know, like men.
  49. Chicka Chicka YEAH Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 03:09

    I think that maybe Anderson Silva is sick of the ufc hence the shitty fighting. I think he is just trying to finish up his contract so he can go elsewhere. Just my thought
  50. Chicka Chicka YEAH Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 03:10

    and by the way i dont blame him dana white is a fuckin cock juggler.
  51. Silva Sucks Ass! Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 03:28

    Dana White is a fucking asshat. Anderson Silva is pussy. Roy Jones Jr. would kill Silva. Knock his ass out! Ping!
  52. don edwardo Says:

    Wed, 05/06/09 - 09:15

    most people have thought this through and came up with too many reasons a fight like this wont happen. if rjj gets a chance to fight an elite mma fighter it wont be anderson. if he realy wants to fight someone it has to be a fighter who is not under a contract. besides that if he does fight under mma rules id like to see it
  53. The Cynic Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 01:23

    One of the original draws to the UFC back in the day was to settle the point once and for all as to which style of fighting is the best. You had boxers v wrestlers, grapplers v strikers etc. Now MMA is a fight 'style' in its own right.... so its natural people would ask... how would an MMA professional fare against a boxer? Its a fair point. Boxers will go on about how lame an MMA fighters hand positions are, or their movement. MMA followers will say that a one dimensional boxer stands absolutely no chance against a well rounded hurting machine. The UFC can't claim to be the best in the business and have the best fighters if they get all scared and refuse to sign fighters / fights whenever the fear their fighter may lose.
  54. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 07:35

    Great point, Roy should fight one mma fight and then Dana should let him fight for the UFC Title.
  55. Left High Kick Says:

    Thu, 05/07/09 - 07:48

    how dare him. how dare that pussy faggot for using Pride and K1 as an organization(s) to point fingers at as if they weren't in it for the love of the sport. PRIDE FC is still hands down the best MMA fight org. to ever be established. period. The only reason I even watch the ufc is to watch the Pride Fighters and Joe Rogan is a silly bitch who I admire as a comedian. and besides . . isn't Dana a woman's name?
  56. slapjaw ackrite Says:

    Fri, 05/08/09 - 12:45

    cock shit cunt fuck ass. wanted to see if cursing was no longer allowed
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